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  1. Thank you for the report. Could you please share more details, it will help us to figure out the culprit here. Are you the owner of the safehouse? Did you create exactly the same character with the same user name on the other server? Both servers have Safehouse set to true?
  2. This issue is under investigation atm. Thank you for submitting the report.
  3. Could you link us to the place on the online map or send coordinates?
  4. It's still a bug, though. Chars should actually freeze to death, leaving 1 HP untouched isn't intentional. Also "Pain" should be separated from the HP system, maybe, some time in the future
  5. There are meta events that occur during sleep. For example, neck pain removed around 5% from HP, thus, your character died.
  6. It requires a relog if you run a server using 'Host' option. Mods often mess up plumbing and isoregion for unknown reason.
  7. The issue was in the lighting vision changes which are a part of the next build, 42, so there was no a simple fix for this one.
  8. This is a known issue, will be addressed in the future
  9. The issue is that the folder's name contains a symbol "!": D:\Steam !\Steam\steamapps\common . Renaming this folder will help.
  10. You can follow the game changes here https://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php?/forum/35-pz-updates/
  11. Thank you for report, foraging is still WIP, some missing zones are still to be added
  12. Same as said above we need the Console txt file and video that captures the issue BTW, still not seeing any errors after following your steps, am I missing something?
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