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  1. Gold star boppers might be the rarest item I've found. No one else I've talked to seems to know what they are. I found them through foraging. Some other neat things I've seen: Boxing gloves/headgear/shorts - Weirdly enough the zombie wearing these was near a funeral home A tight fitting apron - Different from all of the normal aprons. This one layers underneath jackets instead of above them and visually looks different) Ghillie suits - Found them on zombies in the same area on multiple characters) Spiffo Suit - I've found a total of 4 or 5 but only ever one with the head one. All of them were found on zombies. Bunny girl suit - I've also found the bunny ears on their own through foraging Bowling shoes - Found on the zombies in the bowling alley in LV. Assuming this is a fairly consistent spawn All of the numbered jockey outfits - Similar to the bowling alley this one is also a consistent spawn. Just go to the horse racing track. Mining helmet - Not sure how common/uncommon this one is but I saw it for the first time in a hardware store the other day Both variations of leather pants - I make it a goal to hunt them down on all of my characters. I think in all of my time playing I've found 8 total? There's also stuff like the palette of gold bars (consistent location), all of the stuffed animals including the Big Spiffo, and golf bags, all of which are nice to find. And exploring after the 2 month mark will usually get me a handful of katanas. One of the items that I know exists but haven't seen is the Santa suit and its green variation. I also saw the other day that a bowling bag exists and I've never spotted one of those either. I don't play with mods, all of these are in the vanilla game.
  2. Version: 41.71 (I am pretty sure this existed in previous versions as well) Singleplayer/Multiplayer: I have only experienced this bug in multiplayer. I double checked with others and they experienced the same issue. Mods: None. I only tested on vanilla multiplayer servers. Reproduction steps: When putting up a tent on the ground and right clicking it while exhausted there is no rest option. I've been able to rest on beds and on other types of seats on the same servers, just not tents. I've also tried it in a locally hosted multiplayer session with no luck. I've only tested this on servers where sleep is disabled, not sure if that's relevant.
  3. Just double checked and this bug is still present in 41.71.
  4. Adding on to this, it looks like painted bar elements are not highlighted either. If the specific colors matter the two that I tested with were orange and gray.
  5. Version: 41.68 Mods: None. Reproduction steps: 10060x9568x0 are the rough coordinates, but it seems like all of the gray walls in this area never become invisible when you're near them. The character in this clip is deaf so I didn't hear the zombie lurking there either. I had to upload the clip to streamable since it's larger than 4 MB. Also tossing another minor thing in this post, the in-game icon for the garter uses the Spiffo suit tail icon.
  6. Was going to report this bug as well, but saw that there was an existing thread. Coordinates are here: 12576x1529
  7. Version: 41.68 Mods: None. Reproduction steps: 12196x1336x0 at these coordinates you'll find the spot in the attached video. When walking next to the wall the player is unable to see themself or anything that it obscures, including zombies. vis-bug.webm
  8. Version: 41.66 Singleplayer/Multiplayer: Singleplayer is where I experienced the bug. I have not tested it in multiplayer. Mods: None, completely vanilla. Reproduction steps: The coordinates 13540x1331x0 should lead to the spot in the mall where this bug takes place. If the player hugs the side of the escalator and walks forward they'll be stuck on it, and be lead into a small room. Zombies are able to follow as well. I've attached a video of the bug in action from when I first came across it. PZ-Bug-Report.mp4
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