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Food and drink safety prompt

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This mod adds a confirmation dialog for situations where the character is about to consume something that is potentially harmful to their health. Currently this includes anything that is:

  • Dangerous when uncooked, and hasn't been cooked yet
  • Rotten
  • Poisonous (bleach)

The bleach check is currently hardcoded since there's no function for checking whether a given item is poisonous. Should a new PZ version be released that has other poisonous consumables than bleach, someone please post in this thread to let me know, and I'll update the mod.


Install and download instructions

Place the folder contained in the mod .zip file into your C:\username\Zomboid\mods folder or equivalent. Select the mod from the ingame mods menu and restart the game.

You are permitted to modify and redistribute the mod files as long as the original author is credited.
Thanks to EnigmaGrey for inspiring the mod, and RoboMat for scripting help.
Version history
V1: 27th Dec 2013, initial release.

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This mod should be part of the base game. I hate accidentally eating rotten foods in game. In real life, we'd immediately recognize a rotten fruit or burnt food and stop consuming it.

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sounds very interesting. I have an idea to contribute to that... maybe if there was a moodle besides sickness that could indicate stomach ache or something... it would also lead to sickness though. mmh. welp, nevermind...


I like the idea of how the player would normally not eat stuff like that and it should have more effects than just a sick stomach...

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