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new ways to generate Power: wind and battery banks

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I know there are parts of this in hydrocraft; but I personally think HC is way too convoluted and unneccesarily complex. 
which is great for loads of people, just not for me and I guess I am not the only one. 

si what about an additional way to provide power for our bases.

the main idea being battery banks. it would allow us to combine car batteries (with a max limit of maybe 5-6 batteries) into on big battery assembly that stores energy and can sustain a base like a generator does. difference being no gas is used up but the actual energy itself. 

to be able to build this you would need to maybe read a book and have electricity skill level of 4-6 to make it harder to achieve. 


I could mod the recipe to build such a thing myself, but that would be it and there´s plenty of stuff missing then.

so the battery bank would be a new tile / item. 
it would check if connected to a grid and if power is provided. if so, it would charge at a certain rate. 
if connected to grid but no poqwer available, it would decharge. bonus would be adjustable decharge rate dependiong on how many appliancer are connected. 


additionally ; I would love to see a wind-turbine. being able to provide power like a generator, but with a weaker output. so that we would need like maybe 2-5 turbines to fully charge the largest battery bank in a day. 


you would need to have carpentry, metalworking and electricity skill to be able to build this as it combines several skills. 

and small sheets, planks, electical wires, parts..  


would this be possible at all ? 
would anyone be willing to try to do this ? 

thanks in advance


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