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  1. It does seem like they've overslept. I am sure they've stayed up way to late playing PZ and don't want to make any mistakes while groggy. Or maybe they think that 41.77.9 rounded up is 41.78?
  2. These certainly are fantastic, and thanks for the effort you have put in. The "level change" tiles alone are magic. If you are still creating tiles and are taking requests I'd like to make one which I thought would have been addressed by now. Made beds. Sheets, pillows, maybe a comforter?
  3. I know this is an older thread but... do you have any instructions or information you can share on this not that difficult activity? I know editing existing maps is fully technically doable - the game decodes the maps files, thus so can an editor. Knowing the manual method would go a long way toward creating tools to make things easier.
  4. You can also take a look at something like this script I put together and roll your own. APEXMAKER
  5. I was using Bedford Falls as one of my sanity check tests, but it was beyond me why the Eerie Country stuff wasn't working. Bedford Falls includes a static png image in \ui\LootableMaps, which was throwing me off. Obviously a lot of work was put into creating the custom images, so I believe they worked at one point. Anyway... Things that don't matter: lotpacks/bins/lotheaders existing restarting world (don't need to for testing) whitespace in paths or filenames location of png files legend, lootMapPNG, badge or other designations Would be nice to know the layer priority for these though, for layering things over the base map, without me having to do more testing. Key bit to add to mental notes as of 41.68... The two files named worldmap.xml and worldmap-forest.xml must exist in media/maps/MAPNAME. There doesn't have to be anything in them... I just created two blank text files and named them appropriately. Now that you have those two blank xml files, make your life a bit easier on image placement without having to spend time resizing/tweaking placement, start at 0, and use your image dimensions: -- (0, 0, ([image width in pixels] - 1), ([image height in pixels] - 1)) mapAPI:setBoundsInSquares(0, 0, 2499, 2499) -- Eerie Country map images are 2500x2500 pixels overlayPNG(mapUI, 0, 0, 1, "lootMapPNG", "media/ui/LootableMaps/Eerie A.png") The "--media/maps/MyMapMod' - this should be where your maps worldmap.xml file is'" comment hinted at the required existence of the xml files, but didn't make clear that they must exist. New behavior? Wondering since the xml files do not exist in the Eerie Country or Lake Ivy Township mods, and their fancy maps do. Anyway, some information for future generations.
  6. So I jumped and did a test (many tests) with Lake Ivy Township, which has a static map png and the xml files to generate the in-gamp map. Went through all that various configurations again using Lake Ivy. While it would generate the in game map from the xml info, it did not display the png in any configuration. Am I going out on a limb to say maybe something broke static png's with the latest mapping system update?
  7. Tried all the combinations... mapAPI:setBoundsInSquares(25*300, 45*300, 32*300, 52*300) overlayPNG(mapUI, 25*300, 45*300, 0.666, "lootMapPNG", "media/ui/LootableMaps/Eerie A.png") -- mapAPI:setBoundsInSquares(25*300, 45*300, 32*300, 52*300) overlayPNG(mapUI, 25*300, 45*300, 0.666, "lootMapPNG", "media/ui/LootableMaps/Eerie A.png") mapAPI:setBoundsInSquares(25*300, 45*300, 32*300, 52*300) -- overlayPNG(mapUI, 25*300, 45*300, 0.666, "lootMapPNG", "media/ui/LootableMaps/Eerie A.png") The PNG lives at: \media\ui\LootableMaps\Eerie A.png The distribution & item files are working fine, can spawn & find the map objects in game - just nothing on them when I read them. Not even the outline from when it's attempting to generate a map from the xml files (which I don't think it should be doing anyway?).
  8. So I lost what was working on due to a hard drive failure, and I can't for the life of me seem to get it working. Short story, I'm trying to use an existing static image as a map. I was using Eerie Country part A because that map has some nice static png images for maps. So does Lake Ivy, but I digress. I have no issues getting the map items into the world, and spawn lists, etc. The ONLY issue is getting the dang image to show up when reading the map. Here is what I think *should* be working as a MapDefinition file, and yet, no go... LootMaps.Init.EerieALootMap = function(mapUI) local mapAPI = mapUI.javaObject:getAPIv1() MapUtils.initDirectoryMapData(mapUI, 'media/maps/EerieA') MapUtils.initDefaultStyleV1(mapUI) replaceWaterStyle(mapUI) -- mapAPI:setBoundsInSquares(25*300, 45*300, 32*300, 52*300) overlayPNG(mapUI, 25*300, 45*300, 0.666, "lootMapPNG", "media/ui/LootableMaps/Eerie A.png") MapUtils.overlayPaper(mapUI) end Tried with/without setBoundsInSquares commented out. Tried with/without overlayPNG in both combinations with seBoundsInSquares. item EerieALootMap { DisplayCategory = Cartography, Type = Normal, DisplayName = Eerie Part A, Icon = Map, Weight = 0.1, Map = media/ui/LootableMaps/Eerie A.png, WorldStaticModel = Map, } Lootmap item also points to the png. Any assistance, tips, pointers, and other input appreciated. What am I missing?
  9. Here you go... Workshop Map Detals Download as .xls, sort, filter, arrange and choose maps to your heart's desire.
  10. Thanks RingoD123. My apologies for the oversight. As yet untested, but I spent a good bit of the day incorporating in-game maps for 71 maps I making a personal pack for. Somewhere around half & half as regards procedural generation vs provided static png image due to lack of xml files. Thanks again for this How-To, it certainly made my day more productive.
  11. There seems to be some additional revision needed. When discussing the folder structure... >textures >>worldMap These folders are no longer used from what I'm reading of the How-To as it currently is. Am I missing something?
  12. You can find these in Kentucky: Probably less rusty back in 1993.
  13. Gave a shot, but no go. I went through again and tested all the combinations, this time using my local machine IP (192.168....) and the default port (vs a custom port) and that combination worked. Why it didn't before *shrug*. Thanks for your input EnigmaGrey, it was the right amount of motivation to get me to re-test.
  14. Just in case anyone comes here in the future.... setaccesslevel "NAME" none Wow, Feb 9 seems so long ago.
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