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Forget Antidepressants. Grab those Cigarettes! (Exploit)

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This exploit allows the player to cheese boredom, stress, and sadness, removing the depth these functions add to the game.


If you run while smoking a cigarette as a smoker, you can interrupt the process while still getting stress and sadness reduction.

This can be abused over 5 times per cigarette. Imagine living off worms and never getting sad.




Below photos show, before and after, half of a cigarette eliminating severe depression. 


The caveat is the lighter/matches will be the limiting factor since they are used after each interruption. Stress however becomes insanely easy to manage since it disappears after each occurance.


The "smoker" becomes a positive trait with free points and eliminates the value given by antidepressants.


I imagine a decent solution is to delay the positive mood buff until after the cigarette is finished. This should balance this exploit.





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Also there is a vast amount of cigarettes at toolsheds u can find up to 120 cigarettes, office desk could be a better spawn area so the offices could be a point of interest there is nothing useful currently there, also construction and office zombie should have a better chance to have cigarettes and lighters.

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