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pressing E while walking certain directions doesn't work

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this has been a issue for a long time, but i just never reported it cause i didn't see it as that big of a deal until today,

if your walking diagonally (WD, SD, WA, SA) you can't open doors. you have to click on them with the mouse in order to get them to open, i figured it wasn't a big issue as i always click on doors to open them. but after watching Ravenim get killed by the issue i realized it's a lot more of a issue.

it's funny because sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't, a few minutes before ravenims demise he opened a door diagonally the same way and it opened, but when he was trying to run away it wouldn't (should also include that most of the time it won't work if you are jogging, you need to be walking to open doors) i hope this issue can finally get resolved and people can run and open doors diagonally as well as vertically/horizontally (when i say diagonal i mean moving down and right or up and left)

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Generally, this is down to your keyboard. Many can only handle a certain number of pressed keys for each zone on a keyboard.


Though I’ll need to check if this is the case when jogging. 

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Spent about 30 minutes trying to get it to fail on my game PC and on a laptop that's not suited for gaming. 

I can't replicate this, unfortunately, though will keep an eye out.

We've had reports like this in the early days but it's always been a hardware limitation of some keyboards, especially older ones that have a low X-key-rollover, because manufacturers used to put many key regions of their keyboards on the same circuit in order to keep the cost down, pressing more than X keys would fail after the Xth key being pressed.

While this can also be a thing with newer keyboards, they are often laid out in a way where it is unlikely that users will ever run into the limitation, and the limits are usually at 4-6 keys for the circuit. Generally speaking, most keyboards of the last decade (or two) didn't include modifier keys like Shift or Alt in their rollover.
There are keyboards with N-key-rollover which allows basically all keys to be pressed at the same time as they're essentially all on their own circuit so to say, by and large a norm with a lot of modern keyboards.

I've tested running through various doors in Riverside, Muldraugh, and WP.
Not sure how helpful but you can see me going through doors diagonally without using the mouse button on the current IWBUMS here, maybe indicating that it's not an issue with the game (the input is overlayed):




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