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Server moderator roll adjustment.

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For those that don’t know, there are currently 5 server mod rolls.

(Observer, GM, Overseer, Moderator, Admin)


The Observer roll (lowest) has the following permissions:

  •   Toggle invisible (on himself only)

  • Toggle god mod (on himself only)

  •   See players connected (/players)

  •   Teleport to a player (can't teleport a player elsewhere)

  •   Can toggle noclip (on himself only)

  •   Teleport to coordinates

  •   See server options

  •   Can open locked doors

  •   Can go inside safehouses

  •   Can't be kicked if too laggy

  •   Can always join server (even if full)

  •   Can talk even being invisible

  •   Sees invisible players

  •   Can't be hit by players

  •   Log directly invisible/invincible

  •   Can see players stats (name, skill, traits...) with click on player -> Check Stats (but can't modify them)



I would like to raise the idea to remove the following permissions. Making the roll a more Helper roll. This would allow server owners to assign rolls that general players can use and still play with.  Having the extra permissions (below) makes the player over powered.


  •   Can open locked doors - (remove)

  •   Can go inside safehouses – (remove)

  •   Can toggle noclip (on himself only) - (remove)

  •   Can't be hit by players – (Change to toggle)  or (Remove and just use the PvP toggle option)


Add permission:     

  • View And reply to tickets




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Doh.. spelling

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Little bump, hoping RobertJohnson or a Dev turns their head this way.

Orig post




    On 11/7/2016 at 12:46 PM, Cithanor said:

Definitely awesome. It'd be BETTER if we can customize what each level can do, but FAR better than what we have now. Thank you so much for your help!

    On 11/7/2016 EnigmaGrey said:

That should be the case in the future.






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