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Camping mechanic revamp

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Tent mechanic always was a pain in my ass, because you can use it only for sleep with no spare time between entering and sleep

I suggest to make some interactive with this, like:

1) you right-click tent

2) you see standard interact screen which contain: pack, get in

3) now we will have animation, so we can make an animation of entering, character get in and have a protection from rain +some heat bonus

4) after that we right-click the tent again and see action like sleep, get out

This will give us a possibility to eat, rest, read books, heal, craft etc with protection and some safety

Maybe even add container slot that appears when you get in tent and disappear when you pack it with items dropped on the ground 

Also you can make/found different types of sleeping bag with different sleep quality parameters


Hope the devs look at this post and give some feedback!


Thank you for the game!

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