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  1. The color selection problem in character customization is minor but definitely annoying. Like you said, if you want a different color of glasses or something, you have to click on the panel multiple times to find what you want. I found this also applies to pants. I've had to do that to find the right pair of denim jeans I like to use on my characters. It would be nice to see this somehow fixed in the future, as well as adding a color selection option for glasses and hats.
  2. I'm very happy with new build! I love it. So many new additions I wasn't expecting, so they were a fun surprise to find. The animations/movements felt very "heavy" and sluggish at first, but I got used to them after a few minutes of playing. It would be nice if it was quicker or felt "smoother" to turn around to look behind you while walking, but I'm fine with what we have right now. I'm also having a hard time getting used to the player walking up to the container/object you're looting, if that makes sense? I usually stand next to containers and use the mouse wheel to scroll through them while standing still, but it's kinda hard to do that now.
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