destroyed plants in custom maps [40.43]

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Well, making a mod update i discover a basegame bug.
When a custom map have a destroyed plant tile, gives error.
The way to solve that comes from MOFarming.lua located in media\lua\server\Map\MapObjects
Function "NewDestroyed(isoObject)":
There is a line (42) that called:
ISPlant.initModData(modData) - this line needs to be changed to SPlantGlobalObject.initModData(modData)
and in the end of the function needs to add
modData.typeOfSeed = typeOfSeed to set properly the icon when players open the farminginfo window.

Also there is the same "ISPlant.initModData(modData)" inside of function NewPlow(isoObject) - (Line 33)
Needs to be changed also to SPlantGlobalObject.initModData(modData).

I patched it in my mod to see if it works.
Image that proves that patch working:


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On 5/5/2019 at 5:30 PM, Perkins47 said:

oyee que mod es ???


Este es el sector de reporte de bugs, cualquier información que requieras sobre mods puedes enviar mensaje a mi perfil!

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