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An accident happened as a result I could not get out of the car.

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Ability to get stuck in car between a "wall" and another "car" (applies to all examples here, to some extent) is already logged in TIS bug tracker and (hopefully sometime in the near future) it'll be resolved.


In the meantime, avoid such situations if possible, drive carefully and use the tips in the post above to get out of a "pickle" ;) 

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It happened as follows: I got into the car and, as in the second video of this topic, I couldn’t get out of it, I had no choice but to leave the game, in the hope that it would help me. Then I went into the game but nothing has changed. I asked a member of the faction to overtake the car. He received an answer from him that he could easily get in and get out of the car. Further, I logged in and was also able to get out of the car! But whenever I was away from the car, “Groundhog Day” happened to me. Only after the car was transferred to another place, I stopped teleporting to it.

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