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Better route?  

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  1. 1. Should I stay with 2D or implement 3D?

    • Better manually put together sprites and keep it 2D. It's more simple
    • Implement Faked Isometric using 3D, so that Z-Buffer can be used

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I recently started a little project of mine. I wanted to make an isometric project, not sure where I'm specifically going, but we'll see, probably more to the Fallout style. Anyway, I also stumbled upon the post: 

Well, first of all. I've currently made so that I only have to take a single flat texture and it will automically shift the pixels to match an isometric wall's mask, so - less textures and less tinkering around them, yay... BUT it's in 2D right now, so nothing hardcore here...


Now, the problem that I stumbled upon that I can't figure out is - How exactly PZ draws these 3d walls? Well, technically speaking, if I were to use 3D, but make the projection Orthographic, I'd get a topdown view, but that also would mean that I couldn't just use wall planes, because they would be invisible, meanwhile using floor planes would just draw a rectangle on a screen.  Maybe I can actually make a transformed floor plane/vector (romb, paralelogram), assign a texture to it and set depth relative to "-y" coordinate? Basically, it would be identical to as just placing sprites on top of each other in a 2d view, but in this case, it would be done with actual 3d objects and 3d draw ordering (z-buffer), I guess...


What are your thoughts, any ideas? What would be the best way to accomplish a 2d Isometric game, like PZ, Shadowrun Return, Fallout?



Thanks regardless,

E.P. Martin

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5 hours ago, Martin P. said:

How exactly PZ draws these 3d walls?


We *burp* don't. We just don't, M-Morty.


The 3D walls never had to be implemented because of optimisations elsewhere.


If my memory serves me right, the peeps from ustwo (Monument Valley devs) speak about how they made their game (isometric 3D) in here:


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