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Reduce composter time

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I tried to make compost and two months not enough to have fertilizer.
Do you think it is possible to reduce the time required?




Réduire le temps du composteur


J'ai tenté de faire du compost et deux mois non pas suffit à avoir de l'engrais.
Pensez vous qu'il soit possible de réduire le temps requis ?

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5 minutes ago, roix said:


Too long ^^

I haven't played with composting, yet, but given the time compression for other things, like the breakdown of concreat and growing of vines or even gardens, composting should take more like 1/10 - 1/6 this time to be in line with the rest of the Zombiverse.

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5 hours ago, RobertJohnson said:

Real composter take up to 1 year to produce some stuff :D


3 months is maybe too much, I think i'll go for 2 months or something... It can take long, remember it's something that require almost no assistance from you, just throw your rotten food in there and wait :D


I found a about compost box bug, zombies seem can't attack compost box.



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