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  1. Multiplayer Woes

    So still having all the issues which were previously mentioned. This issued popped up last night when trying to upgrade the Water Collecting barrels. Any ideas?
  2. Multiplayer Woes

    We are playing on 38.30 and have no mods installed. We have slightly altered the sandbox setting. We have enable sleep, turned off player names, changed nights to dark, enabled pvp and disabled pvp safety and show safety. The remaining settings are using the survival presets I can confirm that neither of these characters have the lucky trait. The item which the other player will find varies from newspapers to vitamins. Both the characters have survived without dying. There is a slight difference between my survived time and my friends due to me starting the game then sending him the invite and me logging off slightly after he does. I will video our next playing session to see if I can get some footage of the water container on the floor issue. One thing I forgot to mention about that is if we pickup the bucket/cooking pot etc when its full and place it in another container the water will remain, but will disappear in the ones which remain on the ground. Thank you for the reply, it's appreciated. Edit: YouTube link for water issue
  3. Multiplayer Woes

    Hi guys, I wanted to provide some more information to the problems i'm having with character loot on my multiplayer games. The original thread, which is now archived can be found HERE So the games are being hosted on my computer through the game with 5GB allocated to server memory. We usually change some of the server settings but nothing relating to loot. It's usually a case of allowing sleep, having pvp permanently on (without safety) and making the nights darker. So my problem lies with loot. Zombie loot, container loot, things we catch in traps, and even containers which we place on the ground. It usually varies for every person on the server. It's in no way tied to the lucky trait as are characters don't usually have this. So let me give you an example. Character A and Character B are walking down the street when a zombie suddenly comes from the trees. Character A kills it and checks it's corpse finding only dirty blouse, skirt and shoes. Character B then checks the corpse and finds the same as Character A plus an axe! Character A then rechecks the corpse and see the exact same thing as character B This is exactly the same for containers in houses, the logging camp, dustbins etc When we set traps and come back to them later, different character will see different traps sprung (see screenshots below) In this example Character A (6.30 a) set the traps and has the higher trapping skill, and character B (6.30 b) is untrained in trapping. We also experience problems with water containers placed on the floor in the fact that they will show full of water until we move to a different screen, then when we return they'll be empty. As you will appreciate in our multiplayer games there's nothing like "you loot the upstairs and i'll loot the downstairs" which is kind of a shame. I appreciate the game is still in development, just wanted to try and provide some more information on our issues in the hope of it getting resolved. The last two screenshots just show some random bugs we sometimes encounter. One shows the "last watered" on the vegetable info panel as a negative number and one shows a disappearing corpse which we sometimes get Thanks Guys!
  4. Reduce composter time

    My first bit of compost took just short of 3 months to produce.
  5. RELEASED: Build 36.4

    Hi There, Thanks for the update. Also getting an error every time I try to either dismantle something or pickup an object larger than 1 tile