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[SOLVED] RemoveOnRotten lua script

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1 minute ago, Berdryn said:

Yeah I know it would be pretty awesome, did you ever hear of a game called Ultima Online? It was a fantasy isometric mmo which is still going. There's a ton of artwork in it and available for examples. Using blender, I thought I could make some nice textured walls like stone, wood, sticks, etc. It would save a ton of time that way and look so much better in game than drawing pixel by pixel.

I wanted to include a section of my iGod mod with a small map not connected to the main map, which was sort of like a iGod only area, it would look like space but with dark age stone temple like stuff where you can hang out and rp as gods, using a teleport or portal system as part of the iGod miracles section. UO had a magic system, portals and gates and a ton of other stuff ripe for experimentation lol

Holy shit man, this is exactly what I was thinking. There could even be "dungeons" on sections of the map not linked to the main one. And I think I have a pretty good idea of how this would work with accessing those blocked off sections. I don't know if PZ will allow sections like that though, completely separate from the rest of the map. There are work around though, like setting in impassable terrain.

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12 minutes ago, tommysticks said:

Dark ages, dude that would be sick. I actually made a plate armor 3-D model set and started working on a castle tileset. Yeah, I can fuck around with it more.

medi bob.png


I just recently got into 3-D modelling, so it's not the best, especially my texturing. However, the way the models are rendered in-game kind of negates some of the shittiness.

Thats awesome, yeah I just got into using blender but there are tons of tutorials out there and I have some background with 3DS Max back in the day. 

That looks pretty good to be honest, It took me about an hour to make my little container block man but now that I am familiar with the tool somewhat, I think i'll be working more on it over the next couple days. My health isn't the best, which is why I have so much free time. I figured something epic should come out of all this so if I can bring the dark ages to PZ, maybe that would be worth the effort to code it all.

You can make a 3d model as elaborate as you like and because it renders out as pixel art, it has no impact on the game. There are shadows and stuff already done for you, I think it would be ideal for a set of dark age tiles. I can make them look good too (I hope lol)


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