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v1.1.30 for Build 30 (works with Build 31, too!)

By Dudeman325

Download at PZ-Mods

--- Install ---

1- Extract the rar to your mods folder (shown in-game in the Mods menu)
2- Enable "FlourCraft" in the Mods menu
3- Eat and survive!

--- What does this mod do? ---

This mod adds new recipes and food items made primarily from flour. Get more variety out of your ration stockpile by making pancakes and noodles, or survive on simple gruel as your stomach rumbles for more palatable fare...

--- The recipes and foods ---

Bowl of Gruel
-15 Hunger
+30 Unhappiness
+30 Boredom
Recipe: 2 Water + 1 Flour + Bowl
Not very appetizing, but is simple to make and still fills you up.

Bowl of Sweetened Gruel
-15 Hunger
+10 Unhappiness
+10 Boredom
Recipe: 2 Water + 1 Flour + 1 Sugar + Bowl
Tastes a little bit better, but not much.

Homemade Pancakes
-20 Hunger
-10 Unhappiness
-10 Boredom
Dangerous uncooked (Cook 12min / Burn 17min)
Recipe: Bowl (keep) + 1 Water + 1 Flour + 1 Sugar + 1 Yeast + 1 Egg or Wild Egg (foraged)
Just like Mom used to make! (Before she became Mombie)

Dry Ramen Noodles = 1 Water + 1 Flour + Rolling Pin (keep) + Butter Knife or Kitchen Knife or Hunting Knife (keep)
I know this is a bit simplified compared to real noodle making, but is workable for the time being.

The numbers listed for Water / Flour / Sugar / Yeast are the number of uses, not the number of whole items.


--- Changelog ---



-fixed pancake cook/burn times. They still cook/burn quickly, so keep an eye on them!


--- Permissions and Credits ---

FlourCraft was made by Dudeman325
Please attempt to contact me via PM before redistributing this mod, either altered or intact. You are, of course, more than welcome to alter this mod for your own personal use without permission. I will make a point to change these permissions if I am not able to keep this mod up-to-date with the current version of PZ.

Have fun, and PLEASE post here if you have any questions, comments, or bug reports! Thanks!

(Sorry if I'm stacking up too many threads in this section. Maybe I should consolidate any mods I may make in the future into one compiled thread...)

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