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Found 11 results

  1. ** Tested on build 30.16, NOT backwards compatible with build 29 ** I play games like Project Zomboid because I like the semi-realistic scenario and challenges to survive. No other mod has given me the realism I've wanted when it comes to food preservation and most specifically, canning. Ultimately, for a game that strikes to immerse the player into the game world, canning food for prolonged preservation shouldn't be as easy as simply putting food in a jar and sealing it. So I decided to make this mod to enhance my own gameplay and that of those that seek more realism from food preservation.
  2. Homemade Bats (and clubs, too!) v1.4.31 for Build 31 (1.3.30 for Build 30 still available at the Nexus link for those not on IWBUMS) Coded by Dudeman325 Icons by WolfeClaw Download at the Project Zomboid Nexus Download at PZ-Mods Included in Hydrocraft with expanded recipes! Seriously, check it out! --- What does this mod do? --- Having trouble finding a weapon besides Planks and Spoons on a pillaged multiplayer server? Broke all your weapons after an extended survival? Make some decent weaponry from basic materials! This mod adds recipes to make clubs (1-handed) and bats (2-ha
  3. They're Crawling Out! PZ Mod v 0.1 Killed all zombies in the area? Happy with your impenetrable fortress? Bored with living in a backwater all your life, cultivating carrots and daisies? (grim laughter) The forces of darkness have risen coprses lying for many years below ground. The dead and buried come to life. They are emerging from under the ground, crawling out, searching for the only survivor, smelling fresh meat! The deeper their grave is, the longer their way out from down below, and the stronger they are. ------------------------- Well, enough pathetics The purpose of this m
  4. So I've used this nifty little mod once in a while. More or less for modding testing purposes but decided to clean it up a bit and release for anyone to use and so here it is DOWNLOAD(reference last updated to Build 30.16) INSTRUCTIONS:You know how you can now write stuff onto notebooks, journals, and doodles right? Well get yourself one of them to write on and then follow this simple instructions. 1) write this line "materialistic wish granting machine activate:" This activates the mod. 2) press enter, in the second line write "=itemID,quantity-" Replace 'itemID' with the ID of an item, look
  5. So I spent some time and updated a few mods to work with build 25. I figure a few people out there might get some use out of them before they are officially updated at least. I have gotten the following mods working: BasseriDriedFruit (link, removed until permission received. Updated version posted here anyway. Oh well.) CraftHelper (link, all credit to the original author: peanuts and Omegapl. Removed since Omegapl's version is updated and works) DestroyItems (Written by me. Special thanks to RoboMat for his mod tutorials) HideBodies (link,credit to johndough. This was a very early version
  6. Hello! This is my first mod release for PZ (Well any game actually...). Enjoy! Feedback/Bug reports are appreciated! Special thanks to forum user AnonPrime (http://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php/user/19537-anonprime/) for his tremendous help and insight on the ins and outs of PZ modding. This mod currently adds two lanterns to the game: - LED Lantern - Takes batteries. Lasts as long as the flashlight. - Gas Lantern - Takes gas (Petrol) and lasts about twice as long as the LED lantern. Uses a quarter of a can of gas to fill. Both are about as common as the flashlight. -
  7. FlourCraft v1.1.30 for Build 30 (works with Build 31, too!) By Dudeman325 Download at PZ-Mods --- Install --- 1- Extract the rar to your mods folder (shown in-game in the Mods menu) 2- Enable "FlourCraft" in the Mods menu 3- Eat and survive! --- What does this mod do? --- This mod adds new recipes and food items made primarily from flour. Get more variety out of your ration stockpile by making pancakes and noodles, or survive on simple gruel as your stomach rumbles for more palatable fare... --- The recipes and foods --- Bowl of Gruel -15 Hunger +30 Unhappiness +30 Boredom Recipe: 2 W
  8. Svarog

    Paint Mod

    A very simple mod I made for myself so I could upgrade my safehouse a little faster. I play on sandbox with every loot setting set to Very Rare so finding enough paint of same color is a pain, plaster, even more so but I still want my base painted. Not to mention, I could paint entire room in my house with one can of paint and before that, plaster said room's walls with two bags of plaster. I hope someone can find some use for this. Features: - Paint 20 walls with one can of paint - Plaster 10 walls with a single bucket of plaster. Mediafire Download Link http://www.mediafire.com/download/3
  9. I finally found the time to edit the profs and traits to my liking. I´m still not finished with my overhaul, but it is working pretty well already and gets rid of a bunch of not working traits. So what does the mod do? Adds 3 new professions, each starts with a level in the according skill:FisherDoctorFarmerRemoves some traits that aren´t working right now:PatientShort temperedBroodingLight drinkerHeavy drinkerCurrently two languages (english and german) supported, detects the gamelanguage automatically How to install? Simply unzip the file below and copy the "CoxisProfs"-folder to your "Zom
  10. Fur Clothes v 1.3.31 for Build 31 (1.2.31 still available at the PZ Nexus for those not on IWBUMS) Coded by Dudeman325 Icons by WolfeClaw Download at the Project Zomboid Nexus Download at PZ-Mods --- Install --- 1- Extract the rar to your mods folder (shown in-game in the Mods menu) 2- Enable "Fur Clothes" in the Mods menu 3- Show off your fancy new duds! --- What does this mod do? --- Want to stay a bit warmer during those cold winter nights, but sweaters and pants aren't warm enough? Put those trapping skills to use and make some warmer clothing! This mod adds new recipes fo
  11. BinxB


    so the first thing right off the bat I feel there needs to be a Doctor career for the game when build 30 is official. maybe a boost to first aid skill or naturally better bandages tho I feel the simplest thing could be just spawning with a first aid kit if you choose to be a doctor/EMT. i mean I know alot of people are gonna say thats OP to jsut find one but thats the point of a career to start with something you wanna specilize in
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