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  1. Eh... Experience is slow on purpose, to force people to specialize, give more value to xp multipliers from traits and skillbooks, and in general to stop the very situation you are trying to create where a player can master every skill in just a couple months. I'm pretty sure Guard gains XP any time a zombie tries to attack you, even if you move out of range of the attack, so training it purposefully shouldn't take much more than leading a few zombies around in a circle, getting close enough to make them lunge and then backing off.
  2. Good luck! I haven't bothered looking into Steam integration for my mods as I personally just don't like the Workshop (a few bad experiences where it automatically updated some Skyrim mods that broke my saves...), so I can't be much help there, but it seems to be a fairly straightforward process.
  3. I wouldn't consider it cheating, but I do think it detracts from my personal entertainment to make an area that is 100 zombie inaccessible, so I don't do it.
  4. You may be interested in my Fur Clothes mod, which allows you to skin rabbits and squirrels (as well as rats and mice with high enough Trapping skill) for fur to make some warmer clothing to get you through a cold winter. Feel free to tinker around with it if you want, just let me know if you plan on uploading it somewhere. As far as editing a base recipe, I haven't found a way. The way recipes work allow for multiple recipes of the same name, so there isn't a way to edit base recipes without editing the base files. You just have to add a new one.
  5. Scientists and engineers aren't generally very good at parties...I disagree, scientists throw the best parties because they know all the good formulas for... punch. Yes, that's the ticket. Did you pass the test?
  6. Would love if that were the case, but sadly it isn't. There is an option for "Clock Format" but this only changes the order of Month/Day or Day/Month, and has nothing to do with time.
  7. I'm almost positive that 99.9% of all civilian clocks in Kentucky in 1993 used the 12-hour AM/PM format, yet our characters are forced to a 24-hour clock even if they are not in military service and would find it very disorienting. #JustGonnaBeThatGuy
  8. I'm fairly certain that's not included at this time. I've played a few games through the winter, never noticed my food in storage turning blue like they were in a fridge, or that they lasted any longer than usual. The only changes to food temp I've ever noticed is from refrigeration and cooking heat sources.
  9. Very cool! This was one of the big realism hurdles for me, that you have to equip a pack to access it when it really would be much more likely to put a pack down before rummaging around in it. I also like the gameplay balance implications that to recieve the weight reduction from a pack you have to equip it and lose the ability to manage its inventory, while to load / unload it you have to deal with the extra weight and speed loss until you are done.
  10. I'd suggest downloading a few other mods to see how they've been packaged so that this can be installed as a proper mod instead of requiring edits to base game files. I'll see if I can write something up that's a little more clear as time permits. -- EDIT -- So here's the basics for formatting a mod properly so that it shows up in the mod menu, and doesn't directly edit base game files. 1. Open the "User\Zomboid\mods" folder. Make a new folder "Too Many Plastic Bags". Inside this folder make another folder "media" and inside that another folder "scripts". 2. Make a new "TooManyBags.txt" with contents shown below (copied from your code, but with a slightly different header) module TooManyPlasticBags{ imports { Base }/****** Recipes ******/ recipe Make Plastic Garbage Bag { Plasticbag=4, Scotchtape/DuctTape=1, Result:Garbagebag, Time: 5.0, }}3. Go back to the "Too Many Plastic Bags" folder, create a new .txt file, and rename it to "mod.info" (make sure you are changing the file type when doing this). Open this file with your .txt editor of choice, with contents similar to below. name=Too Many Plastic Bagsposter=poster.pngdescription=Too many plastic bags? Make them into garbage bags! -TypoDemonid=TooManyPlasticBags4. Go back one folder to the "mods" folder and open the "examplemod" folder. Copy "poster.png" to your mod's folder. OR make your own .png 5. Now you can package your mod's folder into a .rar file with winrar (or something similar) and upload it to a site like http://pz-mods.net/ with instructions to extract to the "User\Zomboid\mods" folder so that it can be downloaded and enjoyed by all! Welcome to the world of modding! As to the subforum, this may be better suited to the Items subforum
  11. I'm almost positive this is already planned to be included in Build 32's crafting update.
  12. MMOs have been issuing full-game bans ever since MMOs existed. I don't think there would be anything to worry about as far as "consumer rights" backlash is concerned, as the precedent has been set for a decently long time already.
  13. Maintenance skills gain XP as the weapon you are using loses durability, and reduces the chance of the weapon to lose durability per level. Repairing is based on the Carpentry skill and has nothing to do with Maintenance.
  14. Try editing the Pistol's ClipSize stat instead of making changes to the magazine.
  15. I'm assuming EasyPickins wrote it, but I wouldn't consider it official as its just an example of some new code. I'm curious, though, would it matter who wrote it if the code was the same?
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