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  1. EraZer

    Thunder Bug

    oh, didnt know that ^^
  2. Yea, i noticed some of these things you mentioned too. Like you said, lets hope for a little sound overhaul in future ^^
  3. Hi, this is not a real problem and shouldnt be on the priority list, its just something that i noticed and wanted to share. (english is not my main language so sorry if its hard to read ) So, i noticed that the Thunder Soundtrack was recorded inside of a building or something like that because you can hear water dripping on the ground right after a thunder if you listen carefuly. (imagine a broken pipe from where water drops down on the concrete inside a building, while you listen to the rain with a open window) Its not that big of a deal, but if you are walking outside of a building, like a forest or so, and hear the water drop on concrete, it will sound odd. I mean you can clearly hear that sound, and i analysed it for some time now so thats why i'm making this post. It would be great if the Team could like "remove" this backgroundsound from the Thunder Soundtrack or something like that. (sory for this strange post lol)
  4. EraZer

    Thunder Bug

    Hello! I just found out that when you let the time pass on the fastest speed while its thunders, the thunder sounds will all overlap and it will sound like an airstrike lol
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