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Found 9 results

  1. There's a table that's facing a wrong direction in Muldraugh here: https://map.projectzomboid.com/#10760x10214
  2. Steps: Options Go to the Sound tab Click Advanced Audition any music Click close You can't get the BGM back until you start the game.
  3. Blue Hospital Curtains such as the ones in Rosewood Prison: https://map.projectzomboid.com/#7681x11874 currently require Electrical for pick up which doesn't make sense. By the way, instead of having 4 different items it would be cool if you could switch between states similar to how sheets on windows work, though I guess it requires extra work for it to work
  4. There are 2 variables in makeshift ham radio: frequency range and range. Both depends on elecrical skill level of player. Range works fine, but frequency range is lower, the higher your electrical skill.
  5. When you choose "Wash Yourself" near a water container, the game displays 16 water required but will consume ALL the water in the container (e.g. 80 water left in a tub and only need 16 water but no water left after use; same result for a 160 water rain collector, 16 required, then all used up).
  6. When you remove a bait from a trap, you don't get the invested food back anymore (at least that's what it does with trap crate and/or cabbage as bait).
  7. Is this supposed to work like this? I can disassemble sink through a wall.
  8. Some walls never clears and shows, what's next to them. Very hard to play, when still exists such walls. There might be a zombie and might be nothing. How can I know?
  9. Fences 1.mp4 Since the last update (41.49*) I believe, you can't hit/push zombies that are too close to big fences anymore (barbed ones at least).
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