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  1. This is first time I noticed something so weird. That zombie did not attack me. I pulled a bunch of zombies from that window next to it and that zombie did not move at all.
  2. I found very strange glitch with zombie. If I'm far enough, I can see, that there is zombie. But when I come closer to kill it, it just disappears. I tried many times and that happened all the time. It's like floating above the ground.
  3. Ohh I see now. I never even looked at this stat. Strange that it can be so low, when condition is so good. But ok that's another story.
  4. Can someone explain, what it needs to start up car without problems? I have many cars with ~80% condition (like in example below). Engine is 75% condition in this case, but even with 80% I sometimes need at least 20 tries, to start up my car. Why and how can I make this better? I think with such condition car should start up at least after 3 tries, but it's not. And yes it's modded car, but I have same problems with default cars. I do not understand, how this works.
  5. What is wrong with this manikin? With jeans it's falling apart and without jeans it's standing. Is it broken somehow?
  6. Is this supposed to work like this? I can disassemble sink through a wall.
  7. Some walls never clears and shows, what's next to them. Very hard to play, when still exists such walls. There might be a zombie and might be nothing. How can I know?
  8. Yeah happened with me too. If too close to fence, can't hit zombies even if we both are on the same side.
  9. DMG

    Raven Creek

    You have very strange issues in one of the houses. There is a room, which is accessible, only by jumping from balcony to balcony. There is a door, but a wall blocking it. And if open that door from a room, simply falls to first floor and break bones. I'll add picture in attachment.
  10. DMG

    Raven Creek

    Can you please update map pictures? I see new places, that are not visible in downloadable map picture.
  11. Hello! I need help with mod Raven Сreek. I played all other maps and did not have any issues, but this map I can't even start. I disabled all mods except Raven Сreek and in single player spawn locations can't see new map. I even visited that place from different spawn location, but there is nothing. New city just not loading. I checked log, but there is no mention about issue with it.I tried to unsubscribe and subscribe, but that did not help. I tried even to reinstall steam and this game, but that did not help either. I don't know, what else I could check and do... Only thing that I see different from other mods are name of id. For me this is only mod, that uses space in it's id. I'm using linux, so maybe it can't find something because of that? For example working mod "Lake Ivy Township" has id "lakeivytownship". But I'm just guessing.
  12. DMG

    Death from nowhere

    Ok, did not know that. Thanks!
  13. 1. animations of jumping over a fence (small fence) often repeats. Character jumps over a fence and then animations repeats even if he already on other side of a fence. It's not happen every time, but happens and very often. Maybe if do not press any button after jump, it repeats. I will test this more. 2. can't cancel fishing, when fishing rod breaks. Happened with me just yesterday and even changing weapon do not cancel that animation. Have to exit game to stop this. 3. killing animation often is played in wrong time. For example with knife. There is that animation of killing in head. But many times happened with me, that it's executed when zombie going away from me. I mean it plays that animation, but zombie goes around me and bites me. I can't do anything, because animations is playing. 4. killing zombies on the ground. This is just annoying bug. When you hitting zombie on the ground he often rotates. How he can rotate, if my character stands on his head? 5. new big fences looks very good now, but please add same visuals to custom build walls. For example, if I build a log wall, I can't see anyone who is next to the wall. Game recovers only part of wall, what is next to the character. Have to go face to face to zombie to see him. 6. rain very badly effects on frame rate. Most of the time I want to stay home when raining, not because of rain, but because game becomes slow and constantly freezing when zoom out in rain. 7. in small corridors, when one door is in front of other door, I can't open door in front of my character with "E" button. Game instead opens door behind character. Imagine situation, when zombie is in door behind you and you want to open door in front of you. You die! 8. songs in this game are big mess right now. Some songs are quiet. Some are loud. And then there is that song, where zombie screams. How you can listen to something like that, when you trying to loot a house? Can't know, is that real zombie or just a song. Have to always turn that song off, to hear if someone coming. About mods I use: Food expiration date and bar Crematorium
  14. DMG

    Death from nowhere

    Yes, he died in the end. Now I do not remember, what was message in the end. But I still believe, it's wrong game play solution, when your character dies, even when health is ok and there is no visual wounds. Why he can't die faster, if it was from scratch? Why I have to spend even more time, to find out, that scratch from yesterdays or even many days ago now killing my character? I still think it's bad idea.
  15. Can anyone explain, what is happening (photos attached)? Not even a scratch and my character dies? Why? How anyone can play this game, when everything is so unclear? 😡
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