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Found 7 results

  1. So, I was scouring the common ideas that are either N,V, or M and I couldn't see this on there, nor the first 5 pages on the suggestions. So I thought I'd post it here. What about pistol magazines as loot drops? I love to play the game with the reloading on hardcore. But I find it kind of annoying that the only way I can get more pistol magazines are by ejecting other pistol magazines. I know it's not a very big thing because it's limited to pistols, and only on normal/hardcore only but eh. I can see why it'd be kinda hard too as if they were available on "easy" reloading difficulty then
  2. When I played older versions of the game with the pistol was possible to fight the zombies ... now that I'm back playing is really very difficult to hit a zombie about to unload an entire cartridge without any hit which leaves the "pistol emergency "useless. My character is a police officer with level 5 of firearms. Can anyone just what I can do to hit the shots? by: Google translator XD
  3. I know the topic of duct taping a flashlight to a shotgun has been discussed many times, but what about the pistol? Not mounting or duct taping, but dual-carry? You could equip the pistol in the primary slot and the flashlight as secondary. The pistol is already a single slot carry anyways. You would take a hit to accuracy, since it's already dark, and your other hand won't be able to brace against recoil. There would probably be a longer delay between shots as you recover from the recoil slower. It would REALLY make those night loot runs a little more fun. I usually avoid looting/clear
  4. Strapping a pillow to the end of a pistol for a few shots to act as a silencer. Only for 3 or so shot's per pillow, and need string or some 'rare' crafting material to attach it. (Takes two hands.) Damage reduced and pillow is destroyed after a few shots just to avoid over-advantaging. (normal pistol remains after.)
  5. "Say Hello To My Little Friends" Bugs so far: Ammo is lost on conversion if it is loaded. Infinite durability because of conversion. Coming Soon (In order of me doing it): Durability to remove the infinite on conversion issue. Mod compatibility for more whipping. Swing sprites. Fix losing ammo on conversion issue. It's my habit not to include instructions on how to use my mods, until people figure out how to use them . Thank you Pezi for your feedback. *TIPS* Firearms now have a safety switch, which will jam upon activation.Unjam the safety switch with a screwdriver and hammer, a rat
  6. Can someone make lua for me that will only run when my recipe in the pistol whip mod that changes the gun to blunt weapon? This lua will need to run when the crafting recipe is started and will empty the gun of it's bullets, shells and/or magazine placing them in your inventory. So user clicks crafting recipe, lua keeps ammo, starts crafting recipe. And add disable recipe if durability is depleted. Edit: Ya know, Tumblr is going to lose a-lot of bandwidth because of us.
  7. Hi, I don't know how to use the secondary weapon. I would like to have a pistol in the secondary slot, but i don't know how to use it P: Oh, yes, I have keyboard and mouse. And Thanks!
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