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  1. An update broke me? My PZ Steam version just did an update when I opened steam, now when I hit 'play' nothing happens. Literally, nothing. No momentary windows open or anything. I've tried opening through steam, the regular way, compatibility mode, opening the actual App in Finder (not through steam, but steam opens and then nothing again. Not even a crash. I'm on Mac, and I've played a far few hours perfectly fine until this autoupdate happened today. Any help, or feels? I've tried Steam both online and offline modes back and forth, nothing.
  2. Should be able to Throw up bleach into a toilet/sink. Or at least keeping very well fed to stabilise health and taking pills until the poisoning passes. Just so I can let my character attempt to kill himself and then go through the ordeal of surviving it, to teach the prick a lesson. Or incase someone changes their mind after trying to die... or for noobs to grasp for the second change after a spastic mistake.
  3. I was drinking it to help my character feel happy, thinking that surely, surely if it's actually gonna kill me it'll say, surely. I'll only drink two bottles, it'll be fine, surely. Immediately after I was eating my entire fridge trying to stabilise health, eating all the pills I had (I'd raided a clinic earlier). ...There is no cure for Bleach poisoning.. I wanna suggest an option to yak it all back into the toilet, or flush it of your system somehow.
  4. Strapping a pillow to the end of a pistol for a few shots to act as a silencer. Only for 3 or so shot's per pillow, and need string or some 'rare' crafting material to attach it. (Takes two hands.) Damage reduced and pillow is destroyed after a few shots just to avoid over-advantaging. (normal pistol remains after.)
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