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  1. Yeah, I have to sleep because my characters stamina drops to practically zero. I'm shuffling away from zombies while mashing the Shift-key, and he's struggling to carry a butter knife. If passing out is ever a thing, it needs to be realistic. Like, if you're being chased by a horde of zombies, you're not just going to pass out and let them eat you. Adrenaline is a powerful chemical, so if you're panicked, sleep is the last thing your body will do (willingly or unwillingly).
  2. I didn't see this in the commonly suggested suggestions. The title is pretty self-explanatory, but I'd like an option to walk up to a window and right-click "look below". That way when you're taking a sheet rope down, you don't land on a pack of hungry Zeds that would have been easily noticed if you would have just popped your head out the window and looked down. Just using the focus button can see out of a window, but not directly below you. Considering how hard it is to shake Zeds off of you with the new animation, it would be a huge help and I can't see how this wouldn't be realistic fr
  3. Hey Hydro, any chance of making cardboard boxes burnable? I have piles and piles of them from all the crafting and looting I do, and the only way I have to get rid of them is to put them in a corpse inventory before I turn them into charcoal (VERY cool idea to get rid of corpses, BTW). Is it possible to add a trait to them so they add burn time to a campfire, similar to what books do? At least then, all those boxes can help me cook and purify water. Thanks!
  4. The original police station? or is that a hint there is another police station on the map now?
  5. Anyone have any spoilers on new police stations/guns stores/ammo caches? I'm assuming that the prison has an armory, but if someone could confirm, that would make the trek over there more enticing.
  6. haha, um, just kidding hydro....I figured it out? it works, you rock, disregard. Large Junkyard is up and running.
  7. I tried searching for this and couldn't find anything, so I hope this isn't a repeat. There's no option to craft a ring mold for steel rings (used in crafting a chain). I read the book and have all the required materials, but can't create the mold. Right now, the only option I have to find a chain is the "search junk" and "search for metal" actions.
  8. Ok, so I did a quick search and didn't come up with anything, but I haven't had time to look through this whole thread. Sorry if this has been posted elsewhere. I'm not sure if it's a bug, so I wanted to check if anyone else is having this problem. First off, I didn't have mods turned off, so that might be the issue right away (anyone using hydrocraft, can you confirm the below also?) EDIT: I just saw someone just posted about this about 2 hours ago. But I can confirm what Sick Boy noticed. I can build the wall frames without issue, but it seems like I can't build
  9. Mike280


    Hydrocraft is so easy to install, there's really no excuse not to do it. The gameplay extension from the mod alone is worth weeks of time (I'm going on 500 hours in-game). Literally every suggestion in this forum is in the mod, or is probably planned to be added. Want to make gunpowder? It's in the mod. Want to compost? It's in the mod. Want to make a solar farm to recharge batteries? Yep. Hunt with dogs? Beekeep? Smelt metal? Mine ore? Yes to all! Seriously, go into Steam, subscribe to Hydrocraft, wait for download to complete, and then get lost in a new world of PZ
  10. What if we could re-read books? Right now, books disappear when you read them. What if we could read a book again, but each time you read the book, your boredom moodle gets refilled less? It would still reduce stress, but at a certain point you don't get a boredom moodle boost. There's only so many times you can read Jurassic Park before it's really boring (but hey, then you just toss it in the fire to give you a few minutes of cooking or warmth!).
  11. OMG, loving the new update! Started a new game: Looked around, all the window curtains were already closed (awesome!). Picked up a radio ("hmm, never seen one of these before, what's it do?"), turned it on. *Zombie crashes through window*. Ran around like crazy trying to find a weapon. Found a baseball bat (Hooray for sports that I dont play!). Bashed in the head the zombie. 10/10, would turn on the radio again. Wandered around a bit and found another house. Went in, and looked around. Empty, *phew*, started going through the stuff in the house like Link in a pottery store. Wen
  12. I just had this image of someone swinging away at a bunch of zombies and them all staggering back like.
  13. As fun as people might think this is, remember that we're in a zombie apocalypse here. The unintended consequence is that you'll die more times than you ever could image as you pass out/fall unconscious around LOTS of zombies. Or...not lots of zombies, just one. Just imagine how sucky it would be to fall from the second floor accidentally (it happens), and you pass out from the pain. One zombie comes across your tender unconscious butt and makes a meal out of you. You're unconscious, so assuming you were in so much pain that you passed out, being eating isn't going to suddenly wake you up
  14. I only build floating bases in SP. I rather enjoy the "I am Legend" feel of making a huge home completely by myself. As big as it is (probably around 3000+ nails at this point), it would be too big of a target.
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