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Found 13 results

  1. I think there should be a welder the player can carry to weld stuff in addition to or instead of the propane torch. See the thing is propane torches aren't used for welding they're used for brazening so having one for welding in the game is inaccurate. Welders are used for welding which mainly involves a spark of gas and electricity rather than a simply flame of gas like a torch. There should be dedicated welder the player can carry with them to realistically weld stuff. It could be something like this: https://www.bigiron.com/Lots/1993MillerMillermatic250MigWelder Basically it could either fit in the player's inventory (albeit weighing a lot) or you'd have to lug and place it around like a generator. If the welder exists in addition to the propane torch instead of replacing it there should be some pros and cons to using it instead. Welding machines require electricity so you'd need either a battery, a generator or the still working power grid to power it. Okay so that would be a con compared to using the welding torch (which you just need a propane for) so what would be a pro? Well the welder could use a lot less fuel than a propane torch. Plus it could weld really fast. Also could be more durable than the welding torch. Maybe you could even gain more experience with it per use than the propane torch! I guess if the welder were to replace the propane torch it could be modeled and textured differently as well as renamed. Maybe it could function the same or function as I suggested above. Welders would be found in factories, auto shops and some garages.
  2. I am unable to craft small metal fence even though all the requirements are met. Wire says 1/1 with what I am currently carrying. I tried with an unused (full) piece of wire and it would let me but I am not understanding why I can't craft with what I am carrying.
  3. I've noticed that butchering a Dead Rabbit increases the number of calories from 373 to 969 (as well as increasing the other stats). Also when building a Double Fence Gate, the only materials consumed are the hinges, making it easy to spam walls of it, if you have the hinges.
  4. I am unable to build the Big Double Pole Gate (option is red) even though I have all the listed materials: However I decided, oh well, I'll make a Double Fence Gate instead, and grabbed some Wire. Lo and behold, I can now build the BDPG: Update: it doesn't actually use the wire, it just won't work without it! Update2: OK I just realised it didn't use ANY of the ingredients to make the gate except the two hinges! That could be a bit of an exploit... only requires level 8 Metalworking
  5. I had never built a metal roof until today, and having always used wood floors as roofs, I assumed by the description that the metal roof would be placed above me, not at my feet... It's interesting because the new(ish, for me anyway) system for picking up items is so much better than the building system, it's a shame the same ideas weren't carried across. It's especially difficult to get placement right if you're on a high level and want to line up with a structure below. With the devs saying they're adding underground levels sometime, it makes sense that the building system is upgraded to show more clearly what level you are building at. I suggest the current one-tile highlight is expanded vertically into a sort of wireframe column, with the ghost of the piece you are building at the same level as the player model. There should be keys to rotate or raise/lower the ghost before building. If the column is over the player, the player should be highlighted to indicate that the column is on the same tile, so if you're on a higher level it's easier to get oriented. The section of the column indicating the underground level could be in red, whilst those above could be varying shades of green to indicate height. Also, the same system that's used for destroying with a sledgehammer should be used for painting, as it's easy to paint through the wall you want to paint and paint the wall behind, even though you have no physical access. Some items - such as the aforementioned Metal Roof - should by default be placed at a certain position, i.e. above. Please just add wooden roofs too! It's not clear for example where wooden columns (under Walls) can be placed, sometimes they work and sometimes they don't, depending on whether they intersect a fence at a certain corner or something, I haven't worked it out. Maybe some info in the tooltip? Also, could there be an option to pause while building, so you can get the placement right without wasting time? THIS: (where is it going?) vs. THIS: (a bit clearer)
  6. As I was patiently spamming "Remove Grass" from a large field, I thought, wouldn't a lot of these nice homes have lawnmowers to do this job? Maybe just a cheap push job (that is tiring to use but makes little noise) or a gas-driven model (that makes a ton of noise). Maybe a big house might have one of those fancy ride-on mowers, which might be a bit quieter than the push model - but I'd need to know a lot about mechanics to keep it going. While I'm thinking about the grass, I'm wondering if putting up barbed fences will slow down the zombies [still not implemented??]. If I had a spare mower and a decent level of skill in making traps and wiring stuff up, I could use the blades to create a zombie trap - with a motor, maybe even a nasty spinning blades job I could install in my base in that bottleneck... Now if I was a real expert, maybe we could get all Mad Max on this town and stick some spinning blades on my truck's front bumper... EDIT: oh yeah, the ride-on mowers are rare, but the best bit is, you can't lift them into the back of your truck... you have to drive them home
  7. Scrap Metal is listed in a number of Metalworking recipes but it's not used up when you build the items. Before build: After build:
  8. I just used a full propane tank to fill up a nearly empty torch - there's about a third left in the tank afterwards. This has to be a bug: considering how many tanks I've come across and how little metalworking I've already done, I don't see how I'm going to be able to use half the metal I've collected, if I have to constantly find heavy tanks. (The tank weighs 20, the torch 0.3!) If I run out of gas next time I'm better off finding a new torch than trying to find a tank. That's silly.
  9. I would like to request that we be able to Soup Up our vehicles. That is, we should be able to make modifications to them mad max style ( but Yeah, not that extreme). This would make metal working really come into it's own. Also, there is a balance feature in that metal materials are hard to come by. Some ideas: Ram Prow: basically a metal hunk attached to the front of your vehicle for ramming deadites. Does extra damage and less damage is done to the vehicle while ramming (I assume that vehicles will take damage when running over zombies ( or survivors...) takes damage over time Extra armor: adds durability to your vehicle. Heavier armor slows your vehicle and burns more fuel Mounted guns: mount guns outside your window so you can shoot more accurately(?) while driving. Can be Mounted on driver or passenger side
  10. Not sure if this is a thing, I'm playing a metalworker and just thought that i should be able to take my metal bar and my knife and weld them together for a spear. maybe make a slower saw out of sheet metal, and a metal tube.
  11. Hey guys, I was just checking RJ's twitter and noticed he has uploaded a new picture of upcoming metal walls! Any thoughts on what may come with these new things? Props to RJ!
  12. Seeing some of the pictures from the metalworking stuff it seems like the fences and things you build are professionally made? Even a trained smith wouldn't have the tools or skills to make a black cast iron fence/gate. Those kinds of tools are used in factories. The metalworking fences and things should look more improvised. the bars in the fence wouldn't be very straight and they couldn't be as nice looking as they are. Far too pretty. Devs are too good at the art in this game.
  13. The Anvil With metalworking coming and the need for an anvil, many feel it would be rediculous to be able to make one. I agree with that, and also feel it would be rediculous to find one as well. Thus, I have discovered a solution. Steel I-beams (google it) are found in construction sites at Muldraugh, West Point, and McCoys currently. With a welder (more on that soon), one could noisily cut through one of these beams to create a makeshift anvil and carry it back to your base. This would involve a risky, realistic solution to the issue. Edit: I decided to google and see if people have used I-beams for an anvil and sure enough they have. Apparently they aren't the greatest though, and ring very loudly... But it would still work. Welding As for this, making an Oxy-Fuel welder be discoverable in some garages and warehouses would be a good solution. They can be fueled by an oxygen canister (not sure where we could find these) and gasoline, and have interchangeable torches for welding and cutting. This welder can cut through several inches, and even a foot or two, of steel. They are fairly slow however, but that adds to the challenge. On top of this, they aren't that expensive, so it wouldn't be rediculous to find them around. Maybe they could be found in the car mechanic shops in Muldraugh and WP. Here's a wiki page to Oxy-Fuel welding and cutting: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oxy-fuel_welding_and_cutting So there you have it, those are my suggestions. As for things to make with metalworking, I'd really hope for a lot of makeshift welded tools, weapons, and gadgets or traps. Whenever cars come around, it would be cool to modify them with metal spikes and sheet metal as well, if that's not too crazy.
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