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  1. Had a similar problem in build 41.31 that was solved by adding walls around staircase on the top floor. Hope this helps!
  2. Found a piece of annotated map that is missing some information.
  3. Alright, I see what is going on then! Thank you! Do you know what the difference between a unit and use is perhaps??
  4. That's a really good idea! I don't think it is unrealistic at all. Maybe you don't get that much thread from each piece of clothing or some clothes have unusable thread just to have a limiting factor. But using a seam ripper and some basic know how it should be doable! Also maybe you can get less experience from taking thread from an item at first but the higher the tailoring skill gets the more thread you are able to recieve.
  5. I am unable to craft small metal fence even though all the requirements are met. Wire says 1/1 with what I am currently carrying. I tried with an unused (full) piece of wire and it would let me but I am not understanding why I can't craft with what I am carrying.
  6. The amount of pieces of thread is far too uncommon to find. I'm currently 6 months in and have found about 15-20 spools of thread from looting every building in the areas circled in red and the major buildings, stores and warehouses, in the area circled in green. In comparison I've found 8 generators and 12 magazinez for the M9. I'm running with the lucky trait and have found 5 sewing kits containing nothing at all. The current amount of thread makes it far too hard to level up your tailoring which I've currently leveled to just short of level 2 with having to use 12 spools of thread with varying amount of thread(uses) remaining and have also been removing patches. I get that it is not supposed to be a breeze leveling up but currently it is faaar too grindy and unreliable to the point where it feels like it is not even worth investing time in. I feel like every 1/5 houses should have some pieces of thread laying around or a sewing kit with around 3-4 pieces of thread.
  7. I am experiencing the same thing all over the place, mainly sticking to Riverside and the area going to Rosewood from there. I think it is happening a lot more frequent around pools of water but it needs more testing.
  8. The choke tube full won't allow you to fire at zombies and the aiming outline doesn't show unless the zombie is pushed to the ground. The aiming outlining only shows for about 0.1 of a second like a flicker and doens't seem based on anything. Tested with other weapons mods such as the ammo strap and improved choke and in various configurations to see if the bug occurred with them attached but that is not the case. I don't know if this bug is specific to the 41.31 patch and if this is a high priority bug fix since the weapon does not seem that popular in the community.
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