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Found 7 results

  1. Hello Everyone!!! How are you? Fine, Thank You!! 😺😺 I was remembering Project Zomboid just now and came up with an idea for a very interesting negative Trait that could make the game more mysterious and frightening: Schizophrenic Trait!!! Some exclusive features of this trait that could be added: 1 - Metagames: False Metagames events, where some of the off-screen events do not attract or direct the zombies in the game. New exclusive Metagame events, like ramdom voices, whispers and screams, also can have sounds of footsteps. 2 - Moodles: There is also the possibility of randomly adding one of these moods to each metagame related to what is happening in the game: Unhappy, Panic, Stress, bored or Fadigue. With this also comes the chance to add new moods, such as: Fear and hallucination (which can bring many possibilities, such as scary black zombie shadows appearing and disappearing quickly on the screen or order many mini-events). 3 - Cure: This trait has no cure, but it can be controlled by the use of Antipsychotics, which can drastically reduce the effects and the rate at which it occurs, making it a very rare debuff, each pill lasts about 40 hours, which means that you can take a single dose a day and reach equilibrium in 5 days. 4 - Points: I believe that because it is an incurable trait and has a considerable number of disadvantages, +10 points would be a well-balanced number. This is all just an idea of what could be applied, changes or additions would be widely requested, since all this is just a draft of an idea that could become one of the best, most immersive and most game changing traits in the game.
  2. Hello ! I always loved the concept of the metagame events in project zomboid, and I'd dearly like to have some more implemented into the game. Here are some suggestions (as usual, they are worded like wiki articles as it is easier for me to formulate them that way). Some of these events are linked to my Falling Skies (Crashed Aircrafts) suggestion. Unique metagame events : Landing Cesna : During the early days (days 0-3), a cessna will fly in from the north and attempt to land at the abandoned airfield south of valley station, attracting nearby zombies. It is a relatively small and minor event, to avoid overwhelming the player from the get go, and could serve as a warning/prelude to the helicopter event. A few hours before it arrives, the same warning on the emergency broadcast that is given for the helicopter is sent. Transport plane crash : During the 4th day, a transport plane will fly to and crash north of Muldraugh, causing quite a ruckus and attracting many of the zombies in the surrounding areas. Jet interceptors : An hour after the helicopter event has ended, jet sounds can be heard from presumably a fighter aircraft. A few hours afterwards an explosion can be heard, presumably the news helicopter being shot down by the military. Exclusion zone overrun : During the 5th day, the exclusion zone's primary checkpoint is overrun during the morning, as the sounds of a riot lure in the infected, which causes a massive firefight, which can heard even from very far away, luring in even more zombies and causing the military to fall back. Military helicopter crash : An hour after the firefight of the exclusion zone overrun event has ended, a helicopter will make its way to the military homes, part of the exclusion zone border south of Louisville, and crash in the suburbs north of said homes shortly after taking off again (~3 hours after originally coming in). Bomber crash : On day 6, with a cataclysmic detonation that can be heard map wipe, a B-2 Spirit bomber crashes south east of Louisville with its entire payload, causing it to detonate and create a massive crater. Bridge destruction : On day 7, in the evening, the military opens fire with artillery and uses demolition charges to destroy key bridges, causing a distant rumble that can be heard from most of the map. Depending on where you are positioned, the sound will come from, and attract the zombies to, the nearest bridge. Spy plane crash : On day 30, in the middle of the night, a U-2 reconnaissance spy plane will crash south of riverside, in the woods between riverside and doe valley. Repeatable metagame events : All of those events are effectively alternatives to the current screams and gunshots metagame events. Explosion : A loud explosion, like that made by a heavy bomb, can be heard, with jet engine sounds heard briefly before and after the detonation, presumably a military bombing run. Grenade barrage : A series of small explosions, presumably grenades, can be heard, causing the zombies to migrate. Sirens : Before day 9, sirens can be heard in the distance, attracting the zombies. Sustained gunfire : Sound from a sustained gunfight, like a full on battle against the infected or even other humans. Can last for up to an hour before stopping abruptly.
  3. Not sure exactly how to implement the following suggestion, but here's my beef. When baiting traps, I find myself relying on the wiki to figure out where I place my traps and what I place in them. It would be great to have an in-game item that could be used for reference (such as a "trapper's help guide" or something distinguishable from books and magazines), or to have the information revealed gradually through trapping experience. The goal being I can learn everything I need from the game, without breaking immersion. Similarly, treatment of wounds is something players need to know, but are never told explicitly. While it may be common sense for some that a deep wound requires stitches, common sense for others might not cover this information, especially if they don't know suture needles exist in the game- some sort of "first aid help guide" could be used to provide basic instruction on actions that are otherwise hidden without the correct wound and item combination. Stretching the idea further, I think the crafting interface could use some refinement or smoother integration into the game. Digging through the menus which sometimes contain an exorbitant amount of mundane recipes (I'm looking at you, Farming) feels tedious and is sometimes misleading due to the omission of many capabilities (world-object creation via carpentry/metalworking, treatments with first aid, etc). I'd ask you to entertain the idea of presenting all recipes through additional help guides, perhaps grouping "help guide editions" as they appear now in the crafting menu (carpentry, survival, fishing, etc) or by some other means ("Log Work," "Primitive Tool Making," etc). tldr; What if immersion were streamlined with literature documents in-game that provided "tips" information to players while having no mechanical function (no XP boost or stress reward)? Great idea from Dr_Cox1911 reads:
  4. I think it would be great if zombies were able to set off house alarms, creating another sort of Meta Game Event. Not exactly zombies that spawned in the house, but zombies that are trying to break in to get to you, or etc. It would be spooky spawning into a fresh world and a few minutes later hearing a distant siren going off and many zombies going towards it. Speaking of spookiness and Meta Game Events, a few days ago I heard a freaking female scream when I spawned. The I quit the game. 2spooki4me
  5. I had this in the back of my mind for a long time but never decided to suggest it, until I posted on another suggestion today which sparked it up. I hate making TWD suggestions but I do think this should be added one way or another. The suggestion: It's basically to add more stuff looking like people rushed away from the place, maybe knocking down chairs, maybe someones oven was still on, plates could be broken on the floors of some houses. Stuff like that would add a lot to the game and make it feel more realistic in the sense no one cares anymore. Tables could be overturned, some cupboards could be open (seen-in game) canned food could be found on the floor, broken plates and knives could be on counter-tops. As far as the game can handle, is as far as I would hope you guys could go. I know that there is plans for abandoned buildings to be implemented but sheets and barricades is very little in terms of making it feel like an apocalypse and it starting to show. It could be randomly generated per building. Maybe the Sadistic AI director could make it slowly happen the longer you survive. Currently in the game every interior looks intact and is untouched, which shouldn't be the case when surviving long-term. I'm pretty sure the game starts straight after the apocalypse begins, so at that point there shouldn't be too many houses looking run-down but after a while it would begin to show. I know that you are considering implementing something like the erosion mod in the vanilla game so I think this would be a welcome part of it. Every building should have it, except the ones that are used more, they should look a bit more intact but with a mess here and there. Here's a few pics of something I'd like them to look like, eventually getting really bad if they were completely abandoned. (Had to link them) Just examples, individual rooms' look and stuff could be taken from these examples. This would look like some of the early houses you'd encounter: http://gyazo.com/2b871a403b395c30e766416eedb298e0 This would be further in maybe a few months: http://gyazo.com/7bb7299e875d0273c2086ee49568f758 And this could be in to almost the year long mark, which would eventually start combining the above: http://gyazo.com/1e78dbbc19b990767f99694b5a6db764 It could be activated when virtual AI's are near the houses and aren't setting up any bases. There could be 40 or 50 presets (or more considering the map size) for every house type so it wouldn't get very repetitive. It could also be hazardous to your character if he/she were living in conditions like those. Thanks for your time and I hope this is a welcome suggestion and can be implemented. I would be severely disappointed honestly. Bug squashing first, this is way down the line. Thanks.
  6. When you lovely developers have the time, why not add a sandbox setting thing that takes that sweet metagame thing you wrote and scales it back a little, try and make it more realistic in that zombies won't magically seek you out after a time. Plenty of people have gotten miffed about how the zeebs still manage to find y'all after a bit; why not offer another experience to add some additional variety and still stay close to the lore you're going for? I definitely don't mean to ask you to do this right now or add it to survival or anything. <3
  7. I know this might sound silly, but I've mentioned this before in a few posts. I know they're meant to be a playable story, but wouldn't it be great to also stumble across them in your escapades to loot for things? Imagine walking into their house and seeing Baldspot cooking some soup, and he starts rambling about how he doesn't want any trouble, or maybe you see their house ablaze, and watch as Baldspot makes a desperate attempt to carry Kate out of the burning building. And of course, there's being able to intervene against the raider, Bob's klutz nature burning down the house, helping heal Kate... Or shooting them both and stealing all their shit. Not really a suggestion, more just a "what if" kind of thing.
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