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Found 42 results

  1. please let us have the option to add protection (like the welder's mask) in the character design part of sandbox mode
  2. with the help of @Fenris_Wolf I've made a little mod that further customizes the way loot is spawned. I made that for the gameserver project-zomboid.de, but of course everyone can use it. Right now it's pretty much in the testing phase and I therefore could use your help. You can Download the mod from github: https://github.com/DrCox1911/CoxisLootSpawn The way this works: With the mod there ships a "CoxisDistribution.ini", where you can define loot modifiers for categories and for special items. If you don't define a loot modifier for a category the one set with the normal sandbox options will be used. This mod needs the CoxisUtil mod, which you can download from github here: https://github.com/DrCox1911/coxisutil Steam Workshop
  3. It would be cool if we could be able to choose how many days water and electricity will stay in solo player. We can choose it when we create our own server and if we could also choose it in SP it would be great (we could choose between a random amount of time like it is now, or a specific amount of time like on the server). And vice versa with the MP server, where we could choose to put a randomized amount of time
  4. This has probably been suggested already, but i searched and couldn't find anything on the subject. Anyway, I think it would be cool if there was an option in sandbox to choose what level you want your characters skills to be at at the start of the game. You can set the EXP multiplier really high but it affects all skills. I usually just set it to max because I hate the idea of grinding just to get certain skills up. however this makes the game too easy and id like it if i could just set my skill levels prior to start and have the rest go up as they would normally. for example I like to run around the entire map a lot, including player made maps, so I want to have a high sprinting level. Also I like ortmans gun mod so i like to have my aiming level high because you cant shoot anything unless you use a shotgun when you are at low levels. So really I just want to be able to set these 2 skill levels high and keep the rest normal to keep the game a bit more challenging. tl;dr in sandbox give the option to set skill levels before starting a new game
  5. First of all, I wasn't sure where to put this, so if an admin wants to move this to a better fitting category, that'd be great. So I, like many of you probably did, made a mistake when choosing Sandbox options for the first time for a playthrough. Maybe you didn't choose enough zombies (guilty as charged), maybe you just want to tweak a few settings. Whatever. Well, on discovering that the Save Editor mod didn't work, as it was for an older build, I was slightly disappointed. My big fort would have nothing to be tested with. So I searched around and found bits of information that allowed me to finally come up with a temporary solution (temporary as in, until in- or post-game editing is added to the game, if it will be). So without further ado... Step 1 Make a new game with the options you want, the character you create doesn't matter, as it's your "main" character we want. Once you made it in game, save and exit. Step 2 Navigate to your Zomboid folder. Mine is in C:\Users\*User*\Zomboid where User is your Windows User. For Macs, I'm sorry I don't know, but I'm sure there's one, you might have to Google around for it. Go into the Sandbox folder (and be careful here) and grab the newly created world folder and your main world folder and back them up somewhere, the desktop is fine. Somewhere where you know where they are. Step 3 I hope you didn't close your Zomboid folder, we still need it! Go into your main world folder and copy the map_p.bin file, it should be at the bottom if you filter by name, a-z. This is your player file. Copy that player file to your new world you created, and replace the other map_p.bin file. You've successfully transferred your player to a new world! **Below is an optional step for replicating the world if you've interacted with it in ways you want to keep the same.** *If all you wanted to do was transfer a character, you can stop reading and go and play with it in his/her new world!* But wait, I had stuff on the ground, stuff in storage, a fort! Where is that? Well, for that you need to do one additional option Step 4 From your main world folder, you need to copy all of the map_####_###.bin files, all of the map_ files that have numbers trailing them. These are your edits to the world, whether by you, the erosion mod, zombies or whatever. Copy all of them. The best way to do it is to select all (control + a for windows) and then deselect any files that don't say map_####_### (the amount of numbers may vary, but that's how they look to me) Copy those files to the new world you made with the new settings. Make sure if you moved your character when checking if it was in the new world that you don't start the new world up and become stuck in your fort or something (again, guilty as charged). If you ever want to make everything the same before all of these steps, then you would navigate to those backups I told you to make, copy the map_p.bin and the map_####_### files (if applicable) and paste and replace them in said world in the Zomboid folder. If you made those backups (which you should have, because I specifically said to) you will never lose your character and world, they'll always be there if you make a mistake or wish to return immediately (obviously if you interact with the new world but then choose to go back, if you copy and paste the backup, those actions wouldn't have been done. An alternative would be to copy the map_p.bin from the new map as that would be the "latest" character. This could be pretty exploitative, but it's up to you how you want to play your own game. Perhaps you want a new character to replace the old one (because of the Build 31 professions update), why not drop everything on your current character, create a new world with a new character and just copy the old map_####_### files over so you get everything your old character had? Really sandbox is just that: a sandbox which you create your own rules, your own story, your own game. Why be limited at the start? Enough rambling, hope you guys have fun with your new settings, new world, refreshed zombie spawns e.c.t! I hope your fort gets tested to its full extent and you get rekt! Or whatever your new plan is for the new world!
  6. I'm a bit confused why this isn't already in the game, given the point of Sandbox is to let us set things up however we like. We can set 'Instant' but not 'Never' for when water and/or electricity gets shut off right now. Would it be possible to please add a 'Never' option for water and electricity, so we could have them never shut off if we wish? Obviously this would *only* be a Sandbox option, not something for regular difficulty modes or challenges! Hopefully this would be very easy to implement and give the player more choice in setting up their Sandbox games as they wish (for roleplaying terms, it could be that your game area is in a 'quarentine' zone where power and water are suppied from outside since the rest of the world is uninfected).
  7. Hello fellow survivors! I have made a simple program to edit the sandbox parameters of a save in Project Zomboid. Initially it just started out as a little poking around as I wanted to change when the water and electricity shut off, but I made it into a full program. Check it out if you are interested, I could do with some feedback if there are any bugs with it (please post on the issue tracker on github). https://github.com/BytesGuy/ZomboidSaveEditor To download it (or the source code), visit the link below. It will only run on Windows Vista/7/8/10, sorry no OS X or Linux support (yet)! https://github.com/BytesGuy/ZomboidSaveEditor/releases This project and code is distributed under the terms and conditions of the GNU GPLv3 License.
  8. Name: Sol-Ark Genre: «Sol-Ark» - is an indie-project focusing on 2D space faring real-time strategy/sim (RTS) with some Rogue-like and Sandbox elements. It’s an old-school hand-made flash project Short description: Sol-Ark is a 2D Space RTS with sandbox and rogue-like components. Expect gameplay mechanics designed with player choice in mind and an immense universe to make those decisions in. Missions and storylines drift from seriously somber to hilariously violent with every new area explored, and random events punctuate these encounters to create a dynamic experience that’s part procedural generation, part astrotechnic action puzzle battle-scarred deep space handcrafted indie celestial celebration A few of Sol-Ark's Features: Crew morale systemOne of the most interesting mechanics we've introduced is a morale system for NPCs, consisting of varying degrees of four moods. These moods affect how any given NPC will perform a task. Ask a happy NPC to switch out a reactor core and they might do it in half the time, whistling all the while. Ask a depressed NPC to do the same task and they may open the airlock and jettison themselves, and other crew members into the unforgiving void of space. Random eventsThe game will feature dozens of events ranging in class and severity. You'll encounter pirates, miners, derelict stations and celestial phenomenon that will alter your crew's mood, send you on quests, and engage you with ambushes, full frontal assaults and other intergalactic shenanigans. Expect naturally occurring lasers to sever your ship, and be wary of the allure and intrigue of alien-infested cargo adrift in space. Sandbox Style ConstructionYou'll be building your ship from frame, to floor, to wall and ceiling. You can shape and build the ship to your own liking and compartmentalize its systems however you see fit. Do you want your ship to look like a massive triangle of death, surrounded by torpedo turrets, lasers and cannons? Go for it. Want your ship to be shaped like a massive cat head? Please give it a shot, and send us some screenshots. Last video: Approximate release date: middle/end of 2016 Technology: ActionScript 3.0 with AGAL, API - FlashDevelop. Platform: Multisystem Language: English, Russian Inspirations for developers: “Faster than Light” (FTL), “Dwarf Fortress” (DF), “Ancient Domains Of Mystery” (ADOM) and “Laser Squad” (LS) projects. Project's beginning: May, 2014 Status of project: pre-alpha version, preparation for Steam Greenlight campaign Sol-Ark's official website Press-kit Official blog (devlogs) Page on Steam Community Page on IndieDB Pages in social networks: Facebook Twitter Instagram Music: The game has its own OST (examples here). Composer - Eugene Guliugin. Team: Main core of the teamAlex Sayenko (Ukraine) - game-designer, producerJustin Hellstrom (USA) - second game-designer, writer/scenaristDmitrii Demenkov (Ukraine) - lead programmerEugene Guliugin (Russia) - composer, sound-designerEugene Usmanov (Russia) - lead 2D artist, concept-artistOlga Petrovskaya (Ukraine) - web-designer These guys helped us in their free time Tomas Seniunas (Lithuania) - second programmerLuke Bourne (UK) - third programmerAlexander Horiakov (Ukraine) - community-manager More info about the project you can find on the Sol-Ark's website and on the Sol-Ark's blog with devlogs. Special thanks (indie helps indie): 1. HASTE project's team for their assistance and consultations.2. Indie Games Developer group on LinkedIn and its creator - Julian Ross for his mentorship3. EmpiresInRuins project and its team leader - Emiliano Pastorelli4. UMOGA platform for team searching and its creator Maxime Lutin
  9. Currently we have these files for altering sandbox-settings (especially looking at MP): SandboxVars.luazombies.iniservertest.iniSandbox PresetsSetting this up for MP is kinda stressful, especially there are a couple of settings in more files. IMHO it would be way easier if all the sandbox settings are only set within the Sandbox Presets. With this system you could alter the settings right ingame and save the preset, copy the file to server and you´re pretty much done. Wouldn´t this be easier for the devs too? Only one place where they have to worry about the settings, one way of exporting them, one way of reading them Would definitely get rid of a whole lot of confusion out there.
  10. Reverse Decomposition, or Composition if you will. Essentially add an option for zombies to get stronger over time. 3 options ideally. Time increases: Speed, up to runners. Strength, up to superhuman. Or both, up to death incarnates. We already have an option to stop decay, so why not have an ever increasing threat. And on that note, a modifier to determine how long until 'max' decomp (Or comp) effects are reached? Like 1 week, 1 month, 6 months, 8 months, 1 year, etc. I'm doing something similar in sandbox and it's pretty fun. I'm using the respawn to (If I did it right) start with no zombies and by day 100 I should have Class 4 populations of zombies!
  11. Basically when you start a sandbox mode allow a check box which allows you to change aspects of the current save. Let me again say, this is for Sandbox Only. The mode made for making things exactly how you want (Even no chance for infection is already in), basically this is just expanding on how much you can change to increase the enjoyment this mode can bring. I am in no way suggesting this for the legit modes (Survival/story) of this game, because that would ruin the spirit of the game proper. would allow access to a set of 'Scenario Modifiers' which you can enable/disable before game start like: (Kind of like disabling 'proper zombies' and then changing their stats, but you would change things like:) 'Item transfer speed'1-1000% faster/instant, (Instant: Like when PZ was 1.5) character HP (1%-9001% or invincible if you fancy it,) Character STR/SPD/AWR (1%, play as blind, slow and weak - 1000% you are the literal equivalent of 10 people, 100% being normal PC) NPC's(When added): always friendly/always evil or change %'s of evil/good, NPC stats, etc, Action speed: 1%-1000% faster/Instant (For when you want that fortress now) Whether or not cheats can be turned on (Like spawn items, teleporting, etc, accessed via ESC menu) more/fewer points for traits (Up to unlimtied) allowing you to make the perfect character (Or the perfect Role-playing character, both are different or same) meaning you could take ALL the positive modifiers without any of the negatives or just the exact pos/neg's you want for a RP character without worrying about point totals. Would be extra fun when NPC's get here, basically have them all eating out of the palm of your hand (Or eating lead if they don't) Event Rarity: How often do events occur (For now that would only effect how often random noises attract Z's, but later would change how passive/aggressive the future director will be) Hazard Rarity (After director): increase/decrease the amount of random destructive events (Like lightning strikes causing fires, malfunctioning electronics while power is still on, etc) the director throws at you. Also expanding on current options: Rain: the normal option, but also : Severity. Example: Low/rare rain with very high severity would be rarely raining, but when it does it rains for 3-4 days straight. Zombie respawn rate: (From what I understand it will always bring the population back to day 1 numbers over time? I might be misunderstanding how that works) The current options plus: Density increase : Over time (Choose an interval) an additional 1-1000% of Z's will be added to the maps population permanently. This could effect the current respawn rules making the rule respawn 10% of the new population instead of the day 1 population, which would allow the zombies to ramp up over time. Maybe each month the number of Z's double, or every day they increase by 1% slowly building into an insurmountable force from hell! Water shutoff: so the water shuts down in 0-2 months, what if it shuts down but keeps running? It just gives : Tainted runoff: setting for an additional 0-2 months (Or more). The pipes are still full but the purification process isn't working anymore. Stats decrease rate: Give an option for individual stats (Food/water, sleep, boredom, depression, etc) Instead of all the stats combined Infection Chance: Currently bites are 96% (I think) infection rate and scratches are 25%. It is a slider that allows you to change it from 0%-100% chance. (For instance make bites 100%, and scratches 90-100% for hard, or 10% and 5% respectively for easy) And more options too, I probably have only scratched the surface of it. Also I did a quick search but didn't find anything directly related to this, so if I missed something let me know if it is a copy of this idea. And if people have good ideas I will add them to the list under edits below: EDITS: 01/07/2015 Under needs you could turn some on/off or adjust rate (I just played multi-player and sleep/fatigue is off or really low, it was super fun)
  12. Long time ago I've reported it as a bug on the tracker, it never got fixed so I fixed it for myself, I decided to share this with others who might be interested. The problem is this, Canned Food is not affected by Food Rarity setting in sandbox, it's affected by Misc Rarity. I like to play with high amount of misc items, tools, clothes etc. and with Very Rare food, I never could because I always ended up with a stockpile of canned goods. With this mod Canned goods are properly treated by the game as food items (Don't worry, you can't eat the can, you still need to open it). So if you want to play with Very Rare food but keep other settings above Very Rare you won't end up with a ton of canned goods, especially since we had a ton of new ones added in Build 31. Download: http://pz-mods.net/other/CannedFoodFix/ Warning: Load when starting a new game, don't use with your current saves, they might break! The game doesn't seem to like when item categories are changed from save to save very much and that's what this mod does. Required Version: Project Zomboid Early Access Build 31.13 Compatible With: Project Zomboid Early Access IWBUMS Build 32 EDIT: All of my smaller mods can be found in this thread, leave feedback there.
  13. I would love an option that add photophobic zombies in sandbox mode. That would be awesome with the combo Sprinter + Photophobic! I am Legend - zombie like, if you saw that movie.
  14. hi i just registred to ask for assistance id like to have a sandbox mode where i can build my character freely. wich means i need a mod that puts trait points to a choosen number or even better: character creation ignores trait points. its just a guess but i think its done quite easy to make a mod like this. could anyone do this for me and my mates please? i find it quite harsh to fix a positive to a negative in a way where positives are so expensive. live doesnt treat everyone equal. some people are talented, clever and sportsman with barely any sideeffects.
  15. Hello, this is my sugesstions: ZOMBIE LORE: (new) Zombie horde mode: on/of -will sometimes attack a group of zombies, which over time will become very big Speed: Zombie mix: (10% are sprinters 70% fast Shamblers 20% shamblers) (you can also mix other features zombie creating poor sprinters And crawling Up Strong etc.) Transmission: - Only blood - Only saliva - Infected meat (see below) Infection Mortality : 2-3 days (You have a 20-30% chance to survive) 2-3 days (You can survive if 'll survive 2-3 days) 1-2 weeks (You have a 20-30% chance to survive) 1-2 weeks (You can survive if 'll survive 1-2 weeks) ( can also be given antibiotics to cure zombification which are very rare) Infected meat: When you use " forage " in the forest you can find meat infected by zombies (rabitts, deers, etc)
  16. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NQ9_J-h7DbI You awaken to the dawn of a new world. It's streams are clean, the forests lush and the local wildlife is hungry. You're cold and in need of shelter as you hear other voices on the wind. You are not alone. Your Quest: Establish civilization and explore the new world. Your Quest is a casual 2D Strategy/RPG with progressive gameplay where you gather resources to construct a village, craft new weapons and armor, and try to survive the depths of a procedurally generated dungeon under the surface. Can you explore the entirety of this new world? Help us get Greenlit on Steam! Vote Yes Here Current Features Turn-based CombatBuild a village the way you want itCraftable Armor and WeaponsProcedurally generated dungeon (accessible via Cave) with 10 levelsResources: Wood, Stone, Fur, Meat, Leather, Cooked Meat, Herbal Medicine, Iron, Steel, FishJobs: Lumberjacks, Stone Miners, Hunters, Tanners, Cooks, Foragers, Iron Miners, Coal Miners, Fishermen, SmeltersBuildings: Home, Houses, Quarry, Lodge, Tannery, Mess Hall, Herbalist, Iron Mine, Blacksmith, ArmoryMisc: Campfire, Roads, Flowers, Torches, Fences
  17. Simple, a Sandbox option that would make zombies immortal, as in, revive after customizable amount of hours\days unless their corpse is burned. Just like players who died from infection. With additional option of only having random zombies revive while some stay dead for additional paranoia. It would be a nice option to have. That is all.
  18. I suggest adding a [Advanced] checkbox somewhere in sandbox menus. If checked it would allow setting certain things not by presets (High, Very High etc.) but by numbers ex. Very High spawn rate is 4.0, such option would allow a player to set it to anything they want like 10,0 or 0. It would be a very nice addition to the game for those who want to customize their game to the max without hackish mods.
  19. I just thought it would be nice to have some profession specific starter kits when that option is enabled in Sandbox examples: Lumberjack: Axe Gardener: Trovel\Shovel, Random Seeds Police Officer: Pistol + Box of Ammo Doctor: First Aid Kit Chef: Kitchen Knife + Random kitchenware Park Ranger: Hunting Knife Carpenter: Hammer, Saw, Box of Nails Etc... There could be another checkbox under Starter Kit like 'Profession Specific'. It think it would be nice for both SP and possibly some RP servers.
  20. So here is what I want to do. I want to be able to locally have my sandbox game with my wife on split screen but we want to make multiple characters to switch between to play as. But the first character can't be switched out eg. I make Bob she makes Jill we quit reload make other characters, Bill and Jane, but now the screen is split into four and Bob is now sitting where I left him last. So I want to be able to start the game and and make Bill be on the left and Jane on the right and have the screen only split in two. Any help would be appreciated.
  21. Hey everyone, I stumbled across this awesome game series a few years back called Hegemony Gold you can find it on steam. I will provide links. You can Find Hegemony Gold and Hegemony Rome on Steam. That said they are running a kickstarter campaign right now to fund their next title. It looks awesome! They did a live preview a few days back. Which you can find below. That said this is not StarCraft in the sense that it is a fast paced RTS. But more a thinking mans RTS where you have to capture / raze settlements, establish / maintain Supply Lines, Think about troop placement and play to your troops strengths. They even have mod support in the form of an editor (Which will be made available to modders) and a bunch of other stuff. With that said they have a large scale map of the Italian Peninsula. Set prior to the rise of Rome. You can find the Kickstarter here Have an awesome holiday season. - Headclot
  22. Hey everyone! With all these new sandbox settings coming in, and seeing the "8 months after the apocalypse" preset, I got an idea. So you know how you can choose your settings right when you create a world? Well what if you could enable a "timeline" of settings. Let me explain. Let's say NPCs are out and I want to make a simulation of 12 hours after the breakout of the virus. I set the NPC count extremely high, loot high, zombies low, erosion 0%, abundant locked doors and alarms, etc. But in reality after about 5 days the survior and loot count would shoot way down and the zombie levels would skyrocket. So what if we could enable a "timeline" at the creation of a world, where we could customize the sandbox settings to change after a few days or weeks. So day 1 has this set of settings, day 3 has this set of settings, and so on. You could customize each day's settings or just customize each week's settings. Thanks for reading, feedback is appreciated!
  23. So last night I was finnaly able to get my server running and had 3 other friends join it. Before starting the server I did a lot of looking around and reading about how to set those sandbox variables for my server. I found the tool to generate the file ( SandboxVars.lua ), I changed all of the settings to my liking. Since this was our first time ever playing I wanted it to be easy so we could at least learn the game without dying to often. I made the loot abundant, made the water/electricity shut off 0 to 5 years and made the zombies very easy, and also made it so that we wouldnt get infected. I then proceeded to place that file here... C:\Users\Erick\Zomboid\Server\SandboxVars.lua and in here as well... Steam\steamapps\common\ProjectZomboid\media\lua\shared\Sandbox\SandboxVars.lua I read a couple of conflicting posts and went ahead and put it in both places figuring that it would cover everything. I also sent my friends the .lua file and had them place it in... Steam\steamapps\common\ProjectZomboid\media\lua\shared\Sandbox\SandboxVars.lua After reading another post mentioning that we must have the same file. When we played some of the settings seemed to have taken effect, but some didn't. The zombies were slow and when we got attacked we didnt get infected. The loot did not seem to change and the water/electricity went out really early on. What am I doing wrong? Since the water / elec was set to 0 to 5 years is it possble that it got 0 years and that's why it shut off? Also the loot did not seem so special just regular clothes / food / mele weapons. Any tips or advice for me?
  24. A sandbox editor mod would be amazing. It would be nice to have something where we can edit zombie lore and all that stuff during gameplay.
  25. Here's a random idea I came up with. It would be very cool to implement into the game, but it would be very hard, and would require a lot of time. It would also have to come out after NPCs are implemented. Here it is: In the Sandbox options menu, there would be a "Start from the beginning" check box. (I can't really think of another way you would go about starting something like this, other than that.) When you check it off and finish setting up sandbox and hit play, WHAT HAS HAPPENED, I SAY? You have spawned into your jobs building in the map. (Police: PD. Security guard: Bank. Unemployed: in an alleyway or in a cheap house. etc.) The next thing is that there would be human NPCs walking around the map, doing their normal business. You may think this is strange, but no. "Start from the beginning" means beginning of the OUTBREAK. Or however else the zombies came to Kentucky. After about 10 minutes of being in the game, the NPCs would start talking about how some strange virus is going around, and then that triggers the game to infect about a third of the NPCs currently alive on the saved game. After however long you set on Sandbox for the virus to take effect, the population will start turning and CHAOS HAPPENS! Summary: Basically, it's a mode where you get to see the outbreak start and consume Kentucky. I think this would be AMAZING, because seeing people zombify, and have chaos unfold unto the citizens of Kentucky... That's just something you usually don't see in a zombie game.
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