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Found 9 results

  1. I was wondering if there is any way to edit interior doors so they can be locked? I am designing a large apartman building and its just odd for all doors to be open.
  2. I was wondering if there is any way to edit interior doors so they can be locked? I am designing a large apartman building and its just odd for all doors to be open.
  3. ORIGINAL POST BY: basedpraetorian I discovered this after I created the compound in the attached image. Upon coming back to base I would find that the double door that I left out of would sometimes be locked for a time. For example, it could be locked on both sides for a few in-game hours, then function as normal.
  4. You ever had door where you cant find the key for? Why do we have to tear down the door and build a new one to just change the Key for a door? It would be nice to just exchange the lock/door knob of a door instead of the entire door.
  5. nolanri

    Lock Crafting Mod

    Description: Adds two recipies to the game. With level 8 Carpentry and a Screwdriver, you can take a door knob and alter it to match any key so it can be locked and unlocked with the key. Or you can do the opposite and alter a key to match a doorknob that already has a lock. Which means you can make multiple keys for one door knob and or multiple door knobs for one key. http://undeniable.info/pz/LockCraftingMod.php
  6. I find it to be rather dumb that doors are locked from the inside. But I actually like the idea of keys, but you should be able to open any door from the inside as I have never seen a door that could not be unlocked from the inside in my entire life. I hope this is just a bug and will be fixed in a patch.
  7. You can open them, you can close them, you can lock them, you can brace yourself on them to resist the zombies, you can look through them with a peephole or through the glass which shouldn't be impossible to look through Zomboid Door Overhaul It'll be the latest thing I'm hoping that within the decade half of these things can get implemented
  8. Multiplayer is fantastic, but the constant fear of someone walking in to your 'home' is ever present. In a future update the ability to lock a door would be awesome (like Rust). Doesn't have to be complicated, opening a locked door requires a preset password so your fellow friendly survivors could enter. Thanks!
  9. Kurruk

    HUD lock

    Hello there people of the forum. First post and straight to suggestions. Haven't noticed that anywhere else, but you never know. Now that we have 23 in beta and position of windows are stored with save (shame visibility isn't), there is only one thing that really bugs me. What I'm missing is lock (ex. an lock icon below heart). That way one could move things around and once happy, lock it, so that it won't be possible to move windows by choice. I was just stung far too many times with accidentally moving window when trying to move things from one container to another. Couple of times found
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