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Found 11 results

  1. Пластырь весит до 0,1. 10 пластырей - это целый килограмм. Они должны весить столько же, сколько картриджи, это простая ошибка и требует небольшого изменения конфигурации.
  2. Devs, So with those "magical lunchboxes" that, no matter when you found them in the timeline, would have fresh sandwiches? This was a bug that was fixed, buuuuuut, maybe we could utilize that former bug to make dead mice & rats not always be rotten beyond day 7 or so? Pure food for thought. And food for my starving PZ character who is eyeing rats.... Perhaps it'd be plausible if we revived the magical lunchbox code for rats? Example: have rats spawn in garbage bags, and have garbage bags use the old Magical Lunchbox code. Or have a container found in cabinets called a Straw Nest. In the Straw Nest, spawn in rats/mice. - a fan
  3. I suggest: - Remove the ability to climb over fences with peaks; - Reduce the likelihood of climbing the fence in the rain; - Increase the load for lifting the rope; - Make it impossible to climb the fence, climb the rope (with any overload). P.S All the things that I indicated in my opinion will benefit the realism of the game.
  4. So some of you might have a problem from time to time with your map loading cells looking like this: If that's the case here's something to try. Go to WorldEd Preferences Tilesets Directory - Then point it at your Tiles folder (wherever you downloaded the Tilesets too). Make sure to select Tiles not the folder inside it. Mine is saved too C:\Users\0\Downloads\tiles So I picked Tile Directory as that. When it's set and fixed it should look normal again like this: If for some reason you cant find your Tiles folder go here : https://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php?/topic/23217-latest-tilezed-worlded-and-tilesets/ and download where it says Tiles - Tileset Images. Make note of where you save/extract it too, as that is the destination you should direct WorldEd too. Hopefully this helps people in the future when they have problems like this! Happy Mapping!
  5. Long time ago I've reported it as a bug on the tracker, it never got fixed so I fixed it for myself, I decided to share this with others who might be interested. The problem is this, Canned Food is not affected by Food Rarity setting in sandbox, it's affected by Misc Rarity. I like to play with high amount of misc items, tools, clothes etc. and with Very Rare food, I never could because I always ended up with a stockpile of canned goods. With this mod Canned goods are properly treated by the game as food items (Don't worry, you can't eat the can, you still need to open it). So if you want to play with Very Rare food but keep other settings above Very Rare you won't end up with a ton of canned goods, especially since we had a ton of new ones added in Build 31. Download: http://pz-mods.net/other/CannedFoodFix/ Warning: Load when starting a new game, don't use with your current saves, they might break! The game doesn't seem to like when item categories are changed from save to save very much and that's what this mod does. Required Version: Project Zomboid Early Access Build 31.13 Compatible With: Project Zomboid Early Access IWBUMS Build 32 EDIT: All of my smaller mods can be found in this thread, leave feedback there.
  6. Getting My Fix I'm back with more hyper-real ideas. But, I don't feel like fucking around with an intro today. So let's just get into it. Complicated Healing There should be more to it than just, slapping on some bandages, and choking on some chicken. Bandages. I feel, different body parts, should have different healing requirements. Like Bandages. . . for example, maybe you'll only need around 2-3 bandages for your arms, but for your body, you could need anywhere around 5-10 bandages (depending on the specific locations and your size of course). But, if you don't have any tape, or safety pins, etc., then you should have to tie the bandages together. But, no matter how you apply the bandages, you should always be able to add more tape. For more durability (that, we'll get in to later). Health & Infections. Food's healing ability should also differ on different parts. And as a matter of fact, we should have health indicators on each and every body part (that you are willing to do). Full health meaning: Healthy, and No health meaning: Infected. However, if it's a Zombie infection, or just simply, a Bad Wound infection, both will kill us the same way. By spreading to our heart, lungs, and/or brain, but the Zombie infection always does it faster, plus, it can't even be treated, it only gets worse (that's how we'll know). So, even if it's just ONE, of your hand's (or even finger's (depending on how far you go)) health indicators that has completely depleted, that, will start depleting the next connecting indicators, and so on and so forth. So, if the infection is in your arms or legs, you're savable with proper amputation. But, if the infection is in your body, neck, or head, you're fucked. More Complicated Healing Now, unlike the Zombie infection, Bad Wound infections are obviously treatable. So let's dig into that. Step 1. Wound Cleaning. Rivers, streams, pools, baths, showers, sinks, and even toilets, should all be able to be used to clean your wounds at least, assuming they are all clean of course. But if not, you can boil it. That is, if you can't find any alcohol, good enough for sterilizing. Application would involve, pouring the water or booze all over the wound, and/or pouring it on to a rag, bandage, or whatever, then wiping down your wound. Step 2. Stop Bleeding. If you're Bleeding BAD, and you have a belt or something, you can just strap on the pressure, easy peasy. But, if you have nothing that can handle wound applying pressure, then there should be two options. One, put a bandage in one, or each of your hands, as in, put a bandage in either the the Primary and/or Secondary slots. Then allow us to apply one, or both hands with pressure on to one or two wounds, max. Only what's doable obviously, I wouldn't ask to be able to apply that kind of pressure with my left hand onto your left arm or whatever, wouldn't make sense. But when it comes to option two, it's the same as one, exept it's just your bare hands instead. But, with your bare hands, it can be more unsanitary. Step 1 & 2. Cauterize. Got a fire? Got a sturdy piece of metal? Good, then you can go ahead skip Steps 1 & 2. No need to clean it and squeeze it, just sear it shut. Which means you'll save time, but you better have something to bite down on, because it's gonna suck. Plus, if your character screams a lot, you are definitly gonna wanna smoosh you face into a pillow or something. Step 3. Rebandage Periodically. Through time, the bandage will get dirty. So you'll need to change it from time to time until it's healed. And allowing us to change our bandages, can force us into a situation like, you simply bandage it when you're on the go. Then clean it when we can get to water or booze and safety, and then rebandage, stuff like that. Other Stuff Wear & Tear. I think more than just your weapons should have a durability. Like, your clothes, your bags, and your bandages. Whether we get badly hurt, or not at all, each injury can be taxing on our clothes, bags, and bandages. So we'll probably need to get good at Sewing and stuff. Solid Wood. If you break a solid piece of wood, like a 2x4, a branch, or a baseball bat. You should be able to use the broken end you're holding as a quick stabbing weapon, but then still have to find, or make a whole new one. Except for the bat, bats always break in that way that allows you to screw, nail, and bolt the other piece back on. But first, you have to make sure you don't use the handle end as a stabbing weapon too much, even though it would make a much stronger stabbing weapon than the 2x4 or the branch. And second, you'll need to grab the other end of the bat, and then get a hammer and some nails, or a screw driver and some screws, or for the sturdiest repair, a drill (or a hand drill) and a wrench and some bolts. But, once the baseball bat has been repaired, the next break, is permanent. B & R. We should be able to take the good parts out of other guns, and put them in the place of the shitty parts in our guns. And with the proper tools, materials, and skills, maybe we could even make our own guns and ammo. And same idea for all the different types of melee weapons. I feel, every Role Playing Game, should thrive off detail. Especially when Graphics, are not what they're maxing out. But, that's all I got so far, I love you all, peace. P.S. Are you planning on adding surgery to the game?
  7. The setting of zombies speed " Sprinters " are glitched a bit, becouse they sprint fast, okay, but they have same movement speed as a player, so player cant run away from them or loose in a corners of city. By the way, when they reach you they just STOP like on a millitary command and slowly bite you, then again they sprint very fast, and when they reach you, they stop and slowly bit you. It should be fixed, they should have more rage, like in really 28 days later movie
  8. ahh. ive gotten this far with what i believe to be failed ideas but if you guys don't like this idea i have in plane, i don't wont know how to impress you. so here is my new idea. (please dont talk about how the programmers would be able to do this and how hard it would be. its just a suggestion. but please reply away) relationships what i would love to see is a new ribbin icon for npc chat called relationship. this is where you can increase or decrease your relationship with that npc. it could be giving them a gift, or doing a personal mission for them such as getting there teddy bear etc. you have a releationship bar for each character that you meet. most being neutral at first. but robbing or stealing there stuff for example will make them give you a negative view. not allowing you to buy stuff off them or let them join you. on the other hand being very good for them can open more dialogue options such as flirting, embracing, high fives and getting drunk can improve your relationship with an npc. these will help create a full choice of becoming friends, romantic partners, or just plain friendly companions. these will allow your character to get benefits such as having social friends, companions, guards, traders, or just loyal acquaintances. their will be other benefits such as free gifts etc. family you can start families with romantic partners by having intercourse. although their are some requirements= need to know RI for at least a week, need to be near a bed to do the action, need to have the RI as a companion, need the companion to agree (some may disagree randomly if not ready) it will fade black until the time you have mated for. usually a day or two later, your ms will become pregnant and will have you collect some items to help with the pregnancy. Note you need three friends to help with the birth. you will have to collect some milk, towel, pillow, book, surgical scissors, drugs etc. (may change depending on NPC). when the child is born (probably a week) a cotton will be spawned next to the bed you mated in, (make sure you have intercourse in a safe area or base). baby while the child is in the cotton you will have to go on supply runs to collect milk and apple sauce to feed it. if not fed for two days your child will die from starvation and your romantic interest will look towards you as negative and might even try and kill you. you can feed your child once a day. interactions will be made that will allow the user to interact with the baby. such as adoring it, hugging it and tickling it it will take a week for a baby to turn into a child child when a child, you can teach him to read by gifting him dictionary etc. you can also teach him anything you can be taught in a more fartherly way such as teaching him fish, read, cook, hunt, use weapons etc. if zombies are nearby and you are in stealth, your child will succumb and freak out scrunching up on the floor, in these cases you will have to pick him up and run to a safe area, or tuck him in bed. it takes two weeks for a child to turn into a teen teen when a teen all the skills you have taught him will go in affect. he will be able to defend himself, survive in extreme cases and become your companion were you can the same skills but now you can teach him firearms. allowing him to get better will benefit you both in the game. you can choose what he wears and equips. teen is the oldest your child can get and will stay this age for the rest of your game play added feature that dosnt need to be in if you dont want to this is when your characte dies. you could choose to reload your last save or continue playing as your child who will automaticly become a man and you can custimize his characteristics etc. note that the skills you taught him will be on his character info when played.
  9. Description I am new to coding and this is my first real post, i am unsure if other people have been having this issue but when ever i open the inventory panel all the things that use a Condition bar are always messed up and not aligned with the actual item, this fixes that. i hope this gets to Lemmy or one of the Devs. because it is an easy fix and they can incorporate this into the new patch, which makes it a lot easier for me because then i don't have to keep on updating the Code So here you go! [] - [] condition bar alignment fix.zip [] condition bar alignment fix.zip [] condition bar alignment fix.zip *remember this is a fix not a mod, so you install it the way you use to before you got version PM me if you have any ideas, fixes, or updates that i should do.
  10. Just recently I decided to purchase Project Zomboid, because I've always been into ANY type of "Zombie" or survival of the fittest type of games. I really had a lot of fun playing for the first hour, but one of the things that I realized that was quite buggy (I KNOW IT IS IN ALPHA) was the click registration. I spend almost 5-7 minutes just trying to get the sink options to come so I could fill my pot full of water, and recently I have kept coming across this problem over and over again. Honestly I am just curious as to if this 'problem' will be fixed in the nearby future? ~HawkenGaming
  11. [vent] I HATE ITEM BLOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!! [/vent] Hi everyone, just venting. Spent the last two hours trying to figure out why my items aren't working (If you have something wrong or invalid it will turn into the item "Blooo") and I stillhaven't made a dent . Just venting while I take a break.. Blades mod is looking nice though. Though nice to me may not be nice to others. But it's nice!! Edit: If modders are coming across their own item Blooo, post here to help each other fix what's wrong. Some values can't be set to certain things or it will Item Blooo.
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