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  1. those arent sad sad games. they are happy
  2. Thanks for the update Robert. stay awesome man.
  3. i apologized if you did not read all of it. I accidently read another guys post on windturbines and thought it was yours, then it glitched out and i was typing on here instead. but could had called for such things. sorry for saying you where being negative, i was trying to say that to cornflake for the attitude he was giving me. thought it was you, sorry RJ didnt mean to say that
  4. okay. where are the spolier tags
  5. Meryl ain't got shit on Mike Rowe literally!!!! HAAHAHHAHAHA
  6. true, true but im not taking it in that perspective. say you where to absovieate a more analytic area in such a game and add some key features that relate to nothing in that game. then you take it away (without postponing any graphic design) then flirt out with all these animations. i know its hard, im not telling them to do it. Its called suggestions because you suggest an idea, not FORCE THEM TO DO IT. im giving key features here, and helpful hands. im sorry if i was being rude but i like to be straight forward. I love this game and you should too, wouldnt you. that means that we both like this and should make up. Its good to disagree but when you guys take it to the point where its awkward i start getting cranky. you are an awesome guy robert and i thank you for all your shout outs, but with a little less negativity and i think this forum will run a bit smoother. wow very sorry Robert i was reading a different post and accidentlally thought it was you. some stuff there i think i will keep on you but most of the stuff at the top you shouldnt worry about. got changed through posts randomly.
  7. Sorry *starts crying* well at least i.............DONT WATCH PORN. any way Nasko its alright, im just trying to fit in with the 21st century. Still learning to be.......SOCIAL. understanding behaviors like yours but its alright i will tell robertjhonson to clean and ask if i have taken the posts to far. you dont have to get rid of threads for me you now get out of here little fella have a good one. and also i was it you who tried to send me that message cause it isnt showing up. *scruffs around Naskos hair* i didnt know we where roleplaying.
  8. what. DRAGONS. aint no body got tie for dat. Interactions first.
  9. okay here are the best emotionall games (and essentials that you must play before any indie) also try anime seeing that there are more and because they are just like playing games heavy rain farenheit beyond two souls ( i know the first three are all quantim dream) the last of us bioshosck games i guess watch_Dogs ( just because its awesome) katawa shoujo Cause of Death fable (not really but more emotion than fallout) anime is this a zombie attack on titan future diary elfin lied death notw Bioshock 2 and Infinite made me kinda sad. They'd be nice choices, at least for me. I'm not sure of what else. Drious is right, in a way. Definitely left me a bit empty. yes they where very sad. Booker was such an amazing character and i want to more to his story. I loved how he came back to life after the credits and remembered everything. BEST ENDING EVER i also fogot the GTA 5 and 4th games. those touch my heart at there saddest. trevor and micheal for instance if you guys know what i mean oh AND dead space. i cant forget that series. highly emotional with issacs story of blood and love. oh and if you love TWD you will love heavy rain and beyond and farenheit. THose are choose your adventure. THEir are billions more choices than TWD. and they have endless endings, so much i still play heavy rain from 2009. the games flow on the choices you make. a character you play dies and the story goes on. really, no one said nintendo.
  10. wow, didnt mean to spam. i didnt know i was sending it. yes.........some. any way eating essential, even before combat. but i understand what your trying to say like how most sims are made just to be able to interact realistically without any bling
  11. hey, dont hate the player...........hate the game
  12. well I am here to brighten this place up. HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY.
  13. like daryl from Walking double D series. geeze that mans dirty, any one seen the tralier for s5
  14. I know this isn't facey book but like this if you got the Joke in the title Any back to business. I've briefly pointed this out in another STD...I mean SGT and I told you I would make a post about this later on, so enjoy and make some comments about this. (I'm sorry for saying that I will not post a suggestion today but got to excited anyway...) I've been playing this game for far too long with fallout 3 Interactions/animations that my character holds against every little thing he stuffs in his mouth, opens up or basically does. I hate the feel that some creepy ghost is my characters best friend who opens doors for him, eats his food and holds all his stuff, SERIOUSLY. They developers have time to make the character hold weapons but can't even have a backpack on to hold them. I've hated this since morrowind and fallout 3, but at least for fallout 3 had an excuse. I literal pretended that my lone wanderer had shrunk and turned every thing he had into energy which he held inside his pip - boy. I mean come on, the developer's have time to make animations for hoping inside houses and opening windows but don't even have a believable inventory system. Please all you would have to do is make every inventory increased item the same sprite and have it placed on his back like Joel's (the last of us). ive loved this game even without this and would even love it more with this. Don't forget about the food. Even in mine craft (which is a pixalated game) had the time to make eating animations. I would love your character to actually pull out some whiskey and drink it or pull out a soup and scoop it into his mouth. This game has so much potential and so much to fill in that it should be essential to have interactive animations. thanks for reading and hoped you injoyed this post. very small one i know but who gives a dam. this is Tsukune Aono logging out (not literally).
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