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  1. When you create a fully undressed character in the "Customise Character" screen, save it and then reload, the clothing section displays random clothing items although your character doesn't wear any clothing. The problem occurs for me without any mods enabled. Here is the precise way how the bug occurs for me: 1. Go to the Customise Character menu and completely undress your character so that every box in the clothing section shows "None". 2. Save the character you created in step 1. 3. Press the Random button to create a new random character. 4. Load the character you created in step 1. Your character appears fully undressed as intended. However, the clothing section displays various random clothing instead of "None" everywhere. ----- Possible solution: I was able to enhance the described save/load behavior by inserting the command "self:updateSelectedClothingCombo();" after line 458 in the function "CharacterCreationMain:loadOutfit" in lua/client/OptionScreens/CharacterCreationMain.lua in the vanilla code. But just an idea...
  2. When a male character wears a mini skirt in combination with "sweater" type torso clothing, there occurs a graphic glitch which makes a small part of the mini skirt disappear. For female characters, the problem does not seem to occur. Moreover, other types of skirts seem to work fine (on male and female characters). The problem only seems to occur in the combination "male + mini skirt + sweater". The problem is visible in the character customisation screen as well as in game. To produce the bug, I played in sandbox with all clothing unlocked. (Otherwise, the mini skirt and sweater are not available during character customisation.) No mods enabled. Here is the precise way how I can produce the bug: 1. Enable "All clothing unlocked" in the sandbox menu. 2. When in the "Customise Character" screen, choose a male character and completely undress. 3. In the clothing section, equip your male character with mini skirt and a sweater clothing item. In the example screenshots below, I used a hoodie. 4. As you see in the screenshots, there will be a small section in the upper part of the mini skirt which is not displayed correctly. It simply disappears. ------ What I've learned so far from modding, these types of problems might occur due to suboptimal "uv-mapping" but not sure if this applies here...
  3. Hey there folks! Im new to the Community and the Game, i really love the game but you guys & girls have to help me out here: I made a simple Hat mod. i made the Model in Blender and exported it as an .fbx, imported the texture to the mod-folder, wrote the script and .xml up to this point everything worked great BUT now comes the Problem: if the Hat gets Dirty or Damaged the texture will get mixed up and wont return to normal until its cleaned. i really cant figure it out.. Anyone of you got some ideas? Im thankful for any advice! Greetings from Germany -Mooreiche
  4. • Version: 41.65 • Session mode: Multiplayer. • Server type: Dedicated. • Has mods? Yes. • Reproduction steps: 1. Follow the discord bot integration setup post to initialize the integration. 2. Make sure everything is okay and start the dedicated server. 3. Sometimes you will see something in the logs like {username=servertest, password=null, somethingsomething=null}. 4. If you saw step 3's log, your Discord Bot name will be renamed to your server's name (by default: servertest). If not it will be kept as you configured @ discord's app developer page. • Commentary 01: I'm not 100% sure this is a bug, but it is definitely annoying to have to go back to the Discord's App Developer page just to rename the bot's name to the name you set up initially. If this is intentional then please, do ignore this report as it is not critical by any means. • Commentary 02: Also, it is sending duplicate messages from discord room to game after reconnecting the bot [?] jan. 11, 2022 11:42:17 AM de.btobastian.javacord.utils.JavacordLogger info INFORMATION: Websocket closed with reason null and code 1000 by client! jan. 11, 2022 11:42:17 AM de.btobastian.javacord.utils.JavacordLogger info INFORMATION: Could not resume session. Reconnecting now...
  5. Version: 41.65 Singleplayer Local Mods: Yes Reproduction steps: 1. Turn off "Damage Construction" in the games Sandbox settings. 2. Build a Barricade over a Window and, or Door 3. Watch Zombies destroy it.
  6. Hi all, here's from a client player on a "host" server in the latest build: "The car was stuck on a corner not where you guys even were. And the zombie slowly broke the window and killed me. And I couldn't get out of the car because it said it was moving." From host and other clients' perspectives, he was sitting in the car with us at a location down the road until he died and his corpse appeared just outside the car (a long ways away from the position he was seeing). Anyone else seeing this kind of thing? Playing current stable branch, half dozen UI mods. Server log here and will update with his client log if/when he sends it to me. 03-01-22_19-02-42_DebugLog-server.txt
  7. How to reproduce it: 1. Take any car, vanilla or mod 2. Do some damage to the front 3. Remove the hood, the whole frontal damage is gone, install the hood back on, the damage is back Same bug was observed by multiple users on different zomboid installations of b41.65. Also, the rear door of ambulance has a wrong mask so only break lights are removed when the door is uninstalled.
  8. • 41.65 • Multiplayer but the second one can probably be done on SP too. • Dedicated. • No important mods that could affect that (Skill recovery journal and Axe's recrafting[B41]). • Reproduction steps for the first bug: 1. Go to sleep in a specific tile near the stairs. 2. Wake up by pressing D to move. 3. You're dead How to replicate the second bug is shown in the video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-DTdE5XFlLA 1) Death by stairs - on multiplayer - after going to sleep on a tile near stairs and waking up by pressing move button your character moves towards the stairs at accelerated speed and dies, does not happen with other angles (tried sleeping one tile lower and didn't die). Location is the 3 house compound in south louiseville in the house near the lake. 2) We tried to make a fence with bar counters so you can't accidentally fall off the roof while sprinting, when we tried to rotate the counter this happened. Video doesn't show my perspective but I tried to check whether the counter will prevent me from falling, and it did not.
  9. 41.64 Multiplayer Host No. Reproduction steps: Just driving a car, I don't really exactly know, but while driving the character will sometimes just remove the key and refuse to start the car (I think it happens most often after motor dies) I've seen this happen a couple of times in my multiplayer server with my friends where the car will not start moving. Sometimes it's just due to engine failure, but I've noticed that when you try to start the car again, they key disappears from the keyhole and even when you put it in, the character doesn't rotate it and the car just can't start until you step out and in or after a couple tries of rotating the key.
  10. • Version 41.65 • Singleplayer • No mods • Reproduction steps: While first holding melee attack (left mouse button), and then also spamming the Push button (space bar), allows for reliably increasing the weapon swing speed to be the same as the Pushing speed. Seems to work for any weapon regardless of how slow you would swing it normally due to various factors (fitness, weapon type, etc.). While spamming Push when swinging allows for matching the speed of the weapon swing to that of the Push speed. Of course, you still occasionally do an actual Push every once in awhile but for the most part the continuous weapon swinging at an increased rate is not all that difficult to maintain.
  11. So if you right click to deconstruct a destructible object and someone destroys it before you finish, it drops the materials from the player destroying it and also from you deconstructing it successfully. (this is in update 41 btw)
  12. I feel like I'm either stupid or I'm the only one encountering this "bug(?)" but for some reason, I can't drag 'VHS - Home' into the VCR of the TV in "Device Options". Am I missing something here? All other VHS tapes work fine except 'VHS - Home'.
  13. I think it's linked to the deaf trait, playing a MP Game with around 5 friends, one of our friends picked the deaf trait and when they drink the audio will constantly loop not sure if there connected or not however it's happened every time they logon on 2 different server settings. P.S Is anyone else having issues with sledgehammer spawns? I searched about 5 warehouses and didn't find a single one B41Multiplayer
  14. While my meat cleaver casually passed through a zombies spine who was climbing over a fence and did NOthing/had no effect on the Z at all, his buddy on whos back I was standing on MENAGED to TRIP me with his hands alllllll the way upfront puting me in a slow lazy-ass character animation where he gets paused mid anim to do who knows what and obviously the corpse who can ignore my attack stood up and got me lacerated without a problem, it was so smooth, the meat cleaver nocliped throug him the same way a zombie noclips through his buddy in front of him when he gets hit, just woosh. It's such a dissapointment that devs left combat unfinised/unpolished for LV and multiplayer, but now since both of them got released I hope now that they could spare some time for combat, well hitboxes in general.
  15. I decided to spawn in muldraugh Found a good car drove straight to New map Louisville while i'm in the middle of Valley station The FPS started to drop to like 10fps and then the game will freeze for about 3-5 seconds after while i was lagging I thought it might be the new map causing issue for first time Exploring so i decided to go back and see if the Lag will disappear if i kind of left the range of that new map( just test ) there was no sign of improvement then the game crashed came back the next day which is now and i looked at my map and it was back to 0. Also please add a way to resize the note and map symbols. that's all for this report Loved this map system just what i needed.
  16. After Hotwiring (or Failing to Hotwire) a car, the Hotwiring Sound effect constantly plays and repeats over and over again to other players but not on the client who performed the hotwiring action. This Noise follows the player who hotwired the car until they leave the server, and then plays on the spot the player left at.
  17. FULL FIX GUIDE https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2681173441 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ It happened twice now. I got my server up, fully modded, spent some hours in it, until suddenly, mods get updated on my client when a new version is released on the workshop, but it seems the server won't react the same way. Then, the typical error pops up whenever I try to boot the server after updating: "Workshop item version different than server's", which means the server is outdated. So here I am, trying to figure out a way for the server to "force" the update on these mods. It's truly a pain in the ass. P.S.: Yes, I've already tried wiping out all PZ workshop files from my PC and also unsuscribing/resuscribing to them. Like I said, it's not a client problem, but a server's one.
  18. First of all, let me say that me and my friends are very happy to be playing together on this build. Finally after years we can play coop again. So, to the point in question. I encountered some type of bug that keeps repeating the sound like short-circuiting a car, drinking liquids and other actions the player makes, even after the act is done. It seems to be stuck to that player, so if you move away from him it stops, and moving closer starts the loop again. It is annoying, but didn't cause any one problem. We also encountered a bug that, when trying to cook with a stove, the sound of it starts looping ramdomly and after some seconds it's just "clicking". Our hosted server (not dedicated) also crashes after some time after turning on the stove and listening to the sound of food beying cooked. If i remember correctly we tried an assortment of foods prepared in a cooking pan and frying pan on a greenish stove. We didn't check the microwave or any other barbecue stove for the same inconsistency. Curiously, the server sends a message that it was correctly shut down and the progress in general is saved, but it seems to load things before the stove was turned on, so the container with food is still inside it, just uncooked. Hope this feedback helps and good luck to you devs!
  20. quando esco di casa o di qualsiasi struttura nel bel mezzo di un temporale, posso starci a lungo senza mostrare "sei bagnato" è come se la pioggia non fosse bagnata il carattere, come se non piovesse
  21. hi, I report serious bugs regarding excessive temperatures. when I am inside a garage in November it tells me that the temperature is 22 degrees (impossible). when I get into the car inside the garage the temperature drops to 4 degrees. look at the pictures
  22. my friend and I noticed (both in singleplayer without mods) that fishing doesn't work. it is not possible to catch any fish in the lake or in the water
  23. So, when I saved, exited the game and then when I continued the run, all the zombies in the 360 view just full on disappeared. For a test, I sprinted a bit further away from where I logged out, there were only very small amount of them (this was in west point). This happened to me a few times before. I've got quite a few mods enabled, yet no idea on which one might cause it, or if mods are even associated with this bug.
  24. A misplaced red pixel appears on sheep ropes that hang cardinal north (toward top right of screen). This only occurs with Double-Sized Textures enabled. Double-Sized Textures ON Double-Sized Textures OFF
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