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  1. Key bindings problem with 106/109 keyboard layout: It works fine in the 41.50, but after the Fmod (41.51) version, all keys above 102 keys (not the 102 keys standard) won't work and can't be bound anymore. I'm using Japanese 109 keys. All key bindings are default, except the Pan Camera. When you change a key binding, then click the "BACK" button. No matter what you click on next. It will always apply the changes. (But if you change language, and then click No. It won't trigger the Lua reload.)
  2. Reton

    Cook Bug

    번역기를 사용해서 죄송합니다. 요리에 문제가 있습니다. 갈증 성분을 사용하면 갈증이 비정상적으로 증가합니다. 커피는 커피 한 잔을 만들수록 갈증이 늘어납니다. 이 경우 커피 한 잔이 떨어지면 다시 처음으로 돌아갑니다.
  3. So I've built a shelter off away in the woods near a lake. Isolation was key - therefore I built onto the lake and isolated part of the base as a sort of island. The base's store room (2nd floor) sits on top of the garage. The garage is completely accessible to normal terrain while you must take a rope to get up to the 2nd level. The store room then leads further onto the lake to the "home" which is divided by some doors. All in all, the construction was quite simple. I ran into very few issues getting walls up other than what might be expected when building on water. I'm making this thread as
  4. I have been using it and then i put it on the floor, after that i wanted to water my plants again and tried to pick it up(it is on the floor), sadly i can't.Tried moving the chair that was obstructing the way, destroyed a floor beneath it and rebuilt it, can't grab it via UI.How to fix this(I need my watering can)
  5. If you cook a stew, eat any of it, but not all (1/4, 1/2, 3/4) and than create 4 bowls of stew the stew bowls will actually divide the original stew value and not the current one. For example if you make a stew with with 100 hunger and eat half ---> cooking pot of stew now has a hunger value of 50. Now if you make 4 bowls of stew each bowl will have a hunger value of 25, instead of 50/4 = 12.5. I haven't tested if the same happens for soup but it might just be the case. I just always cook stew in my game :D. This might be a duplicate but I couldn't
  6. Hello there, I checked but didn't find this issue in bugs. So I'll describe it. I set in car on passenger seat and start reading book that are higher than my skills. The character says that nothing is clear, and he cannot get anything useful from it. And I can't do anything, move, change seats, get out of the car, throw out the book or stop reading it. Even the zombie who came and slowly ate me, could not distract me from reading the book. The same problem without a car, I can't do anything with the book, only run with it, then he stops reading it. Hope it will be
  7. Is that a bug or did I do something wrong? Context: I decided to make my base in the "Isolated House - Muldraught" I did that I destroyed all the walls of the house to make it bigger but this problem appeared or bug? Eso es un bug o algo hice mal ?? Contexto: decidi hacer mi base en la "Isolated House - Muldraught" hací que destruí todos los muros de la casa para hacerla mas grande pero aparecio ese problema o ¿bug?. My entire base is already covered with a wooden roof: Toda mi base ya esta con techo de madera:
  8. Hello, I am having a problem regarding chain link fences in the most recent patch of Build 41(and have been since the B41 update). I've noticed as of Build 41 that it is very janky now trying to shoot zombies that are close to the chain link fences, as it'll not target them even if they are the only zombie there. I had no problem shooting any zombies not sharing the same tile as the chain link fence and those attacking the fence on the tile. Below are some screenshots to show you what I mean. As you can see, I am aiming at the zombie that is walking along the fence(Inside my cheated in b
  9. As the title says, I can't leave the car anymore. I just drove on the street and did hit the fence, it catapulted me into the air, landing on a burned car. Now Im on top of it and can't do anything about it. See the Video Link for details.
  10. Store counters in some shops, in both official and custom maps stopped working. You can walk to them, open the inventory, but they dont appear to be usable, you cant click on them either. https://map.projectzomboid.com/#0.5452936920217037,0.2943764042593244,411.36488720959557 this is the example of a shop with broken counters
  11. I have bug with textures on Macbook Pro (mid 2012, i7 3615qm, gt650m)
  12. This car that I stripped for parts was in the parking spot when I was working on it, as you can see by all the broken parts I've left behind. One time I came back and noticed it was halfway up the sidewalk area, and now it's over a full car length west. I've not pushed it or towed it, and it's done all this without tires. It's been maybe 24 hours since I took it apart, so it's drifted that far in quit a short amount of time.
  13. I'm sorry for my English, I'm Brazilian and I'm using the translator. My system: i5 3330, Graphics onboard, 4GB RAM. My problem: My game is crashing on the normal Build 41 and IWBUMS (I don't know the difference). When I open it for the first time, it still crashes on the menu, the second time it usually crashes on the map loading screen, when you finish loading and the map appears, a 5 error message will also appear in the lower right corner of the screen and the third time it crashes while playing, after a few moments. He just stops responding, and closes. It also features some graph
  14. 1. This shirt cannot be ripped into rags and blood is not displayed: Police Trooper T-Shirt - Base.Tshirt_PoliceBlue 2. Blood is not displayed: Police Trooper Hat - Base.Hat_Police 3. Blood is not displayed: Police Deputy Hat - Base.Hat_Police_Grey
  15. I just found out that if you have already built a rain barrel (at least the higher level one) then you cannot build a wall next to it. See the screenshots attached below.
  16. Hello there! This is my first post, but I encountered a bug, looked it up and I don't think it's been talked about before. Please correct me if I'm wrong, tho. Long story short, I started doing fitness, minimized the game to open spotify, popped back into the game and got absolutely stuck on the ground with every moodle going up except exertion (Didn't go either down or up, as it was stuck on moderate). I got quite scared since I could not move at all and I started to die (I spammed every possible key) and solved the bug restarting the game. But I tought there was no harm on reporting it
  17. Vanilla zomboid with no mods, IWBUMS Build 41.47 version as of December 2nd When driving, if you're in a forage area you can right click and get "Forage" context item. If you do that directly under your character's seat (have to get it perfect) you can start foraging and collecting items while in the vehicle, and you can drive away and continue to collect from the spot you started. This bug is repeatable and easy to recreate. I cannot provide a video but I will provide a screenshot that show the speedometer proving the car is moving, the context menu forage option, and the forage win
  18. I was watching a streamer called "Wilsonator" playing Project Zomboid & while he was driving to Muldraugh he hit a tree in not so high speed and started spinning in the sky. I'm pretty sure that is not possible so I'm reporting this bug. Here's the clip: https://clips.twitch.tv/InnocentFurtiveKeyboardWoofer
  19. Just updated to latest version of IWBUMS and the back seats of the vans are missing along with all items on said seats: Please note that I use no mods, on windows steam edition.
  20. Some of my clothing items have issues due to holes/patches Where I can see the environment behind the article of clothing. Here are some example pics where you can see the white of the bed around the arm patch on this ranger jacket, and then the white is gone when I stand where the patch has the wall behind it. By the Bed and then one where you can see the shoulder patch showing the white of the bed behind it, while the rest of the patches have the very faint brown of the wood behind the character: The foreman vest with a hole, where the right side you can
  21. Hello, the game freezes when I take some dirt, then dropping the Dirt Bag on the floor afterwards. Build 41. The game autosaved before i took some dirt, but when I loaded that autosave, my Sack was no longer in my inventory. I used a Trowel to dig up dirt if that helps.
  22. I found 2 game mechanics which are really expoitable and im sure they are not intended. First is, that you can get rid of your Stress- and the Depressed-Moodle, by smoking 1 Cigarette and instantly canceling the Action. The Cigarette doesent get consumed, but your Anxiousness is gone. In a high pressure Situation, where u are surrounded by zombies it gives you so much more time to gain more accuracy within 1 second or even less. You can also repeat this as often as you want to get rid of your unhappiess, if you have picked the Smoker-Trait. This exploid
  23. Ran into a bug when reloading the M9 pistol with a magazine and it disappears from my inventory.
  24. Hi, I just encountered this weird situation. Every container was stocked with multiple rolls of toiletpaper, even the stove. Also, I found 2 copies of HottieZ in the same bookshelf and 5 minutes after, another one. (In 2 different houses) ProjectZomboid64 2020-10-31 20-30-54-359.mp4
  25. I've been playing project zomboid build 41 for a couple of hours, but after I play again, the error at the bottom right corner been popping up whenever I click "continue" or "load" on the menu I even tried to play a new game, restarted the game or reinstalling.
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