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  1. Store counters in some shops, in both official and custom maps stopped working. You can walk to them, open the inventory, but they dont appear to be usable, you cant click on them either. https://map.projectzomboid.com/#0.5452936920217037,0.2943764042593244,411.36488720959557 this is the example of a shop with broken counters
  2. I have bug with textures on Macbook Pro (mid 2012, i7 3615qm, gt650m)
  3. This car that I stripped for parts was in the parking spot when I was working on it, as you can see by all the broken parts I've left behind. One time I came back and noticed it was halfway up the sidewalk area, and now it's over a full car length west. I've not pushed it or towed it, and it's done all this without tires. It's been maybe 24 hours since I took it apart, so it's drifted that far in quit a short amount of time.
  4. I'm sorry for my English, I'm Brazilian and I'm using the translator. My system: i5 3330, Graphics onboard, 4GB RAM. My problem: My game is crashing on the normal Build 41 and IWBUMS (I don't know the difference). When I open it for the first time, it still crashes on the menu, the second time it usually crashes on the map loading screen, when you finish loading and the map appears, a 5 error message will also appear in the lower right corner of the screen and the third time it crashes while playing, after a few moments. He just stops responding, and closes. It also features some graph
  5. 1. This shirt cannot be ripped into rags and blood is not displayed: Police Trooper T-Shirt - Base.Tshirt_PoliceBlue 2. Blood is not displayed: Police Trooper Hat - Base.Hat_Police 3. Blood is not displayed: Police Deputy Hat - Base.Hat_Police_Grey
  6. I just found out that if you have already built a rain barrel (at least the higher level one) then you cannot build a wall next to it. See the screenshots attached below.
  7. Hello there! This is my first post, but I encountered a bug, looked it up and I don't think it's been talked about before. Please correct me if I'm wrong, tho. Long story short, I started doing fitness, minimized the game to open spotify, popped back into the game and got absolutely stuck on the ground with every moodle going up except exertion (Didn't go either down or up, as it was stuck on moderate). I got quite scared since I could not move at all and I started to die (I spammed every possible key) and solved the bug restarting the game. But I tought there was no harm on reporting it
  8. Vanilla zomboid with no mods, IWBUMS Build 41.47 version as of December 2nd When driving, if you're in a forage area you can right click and get "Forage" context item. If you do that directly under your character's seat (have to get it perfect) you can start foraging and collecting items while in the vehicle, and you can drive away and continue to collect from the spot you started. This bug is repeatable and easy to recreate. I cannot provide a video but I will provide a screenshot that show the speedometer proving the car is moving, the context menu forage option, and the forage win
  9. I was watching a streamer called "Wilsonator" playing Project Zomboid & while he was driving to Muldraugh he hit a tree in not so high speed and started spinning in the sky. I'm pretty sure that is not possible so I'm reporting this bug. Here's the clip: https://clips.twitch.tv/InnocentFurtiveKeyboardWoofer
  10. Just updated to latest version of IWBUMS and the back seats of the vans are missing along with all items on said seats: Please note that I use no mods, on windows steam edition.
  11. Some of my clothing items have issues due to holes/patches Where I can see the environment behind the article of clothing. Here are some example pics where you can see the white of the bed around the arm patch on this ranger jacket, and then the white is gone when I stand where the patch has the wall behind it. By the Bed and then one where you can see the shoulder patch showing the white of the bed behind it, while the rest of the patches have the very faint brown of the wood behind the character: The foreman vest with a hole, where the right side you can
  12. Hello, the game freezes when I take some dirt, then dropping the Dirt Bag on the floor afterwards. Build 41. The game autosaved before i took some dirt, but when I loaded that autosave, my Sack was no longer in my inventory. I used a Trowel to dig up dirt if that helps.
  13. I found 2 game mechanics which are really expoitable and im sure they are not intended. First is, that you can get rid of your Stress- and the Depressed-Moodle, by smoking 1 Cigarette and instantly canceling the Action. The Cigarette doesent get consumed, but your Anxiousness is gone. In a high pressure Situation, where u are surrounded by zombies it gives you so much more time to gain more accuracy within 1 second or even less. You can also repeat this as often as you want to get rid of your unhappiess, if you have picked the Smoker-Trait. This exploid
  14. Ran into a bug when reloading the M9 pistol with a magazine and it disappears from my inventory.
  15. Hi, I just encountered this weird situation. Every container was stocked with multiple rolls of toiletpaper, even the stove. Also, I found 2 copies of HottieZ in the same bookshelf and 5 minutes after, another one. (In 2 different houses) ProjectZomboid64 2020-10-31 20-30-54-359.mp4
  16. I've been playing project zomboid build 41 for a couple of hours, but after I play again, the error at the bottom right corner been popping up whenever I click "continue" or "load" on the menu I even tried to play a new game, restarted the game or reinstalling.
  17. i use a google trad, i'm sorry Hello, I bought PZ to play with friend only here, when I launch the game on steam a command prompt window appears then,,, nothing? I hung out on some forums to get help, I saw that it needed java so I installed it but,,, still nothing! I have uninstalled/installed nothing, so I leave it to you and your precious help! cachedir is "C:\Users\exiwo\Zomboid" -- listing properties -- java.runtime.name=Java(TM) SE Runtime Environment sun.boot.library.path=C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapp... java.vm.version=25.121-b13 java.vm.vendo
  18. Hi guys, first time posting, not sure if I'm posting in the right place or properly, but here's what's going on: I'm on the 41.43 IWBUMS and had a few mods enabled, and was unable to pick items up. I'd double click them, the "picking up" bar would fill up and then go away and my character would be in the "picking up" animation for as long as I'd sit there, yet not picking up any item. I assumed it was from the mods so I disabled them one at a time until I had none at all enabled, and still am encountering the bug. Not sure if I can somehow get a log to post to show what's going on,
  19. Devs, So with those "magical lunchboxes" that, no matter when you found them in the timeline, would have fresh sandwiches? This was a bug that was fixed, buuuuuut, maybe we could utilize that former bug to make dead mice & rats not always be rotten beyond day 7 or so? Pure food for thought. And food for my starving PZ character who is eyeing rats.... Perhaps it'd be plausible if we revived the magical lunchbox code for rats? Example: have rats spawn in garbage bags, and have garbage bags use the old Magical Lunchbox code. Or have a container found in cabinets called
  20. Reproduction in 41.42: Enter Vehicle Toggle UI (V default, I believe) -> UI hidden. Exit Vehicle Toggle UI (V) -> UI shown Enter Vehicle Result: No Vehicle Dashboard on bottom of screen. Quit -> Continue required to solve. Please let me know if there is a different option to regaining the Vehicle Dashboard Or contact me if there are questions. I can submit screenshots if needed.
  21. Noticed multiple times, in different playthroughs, that zombies respawn even when the settings should prevent them from doing so. This is most noticeable at the Rosewood fire station and police station, where after killing all the officers/firemen, a few weeks later they will indeed reappear inside/around the building with fresh clothing. This is hugely unmotivating when the whole concept of your playthrough was limited zombies with respawns completely disabled.
  22. the built floor on the water disappears after falling asleep on it. You can walk on it as well as plant crops. google translation)))
  23. So I was testing out the new test branch 41.40 and after fishing it seemed to crash. Not the first time, but my second time fishing. Console Log: Also included video though it doesn't show much. Steam PC Info Report: PzFishingCrash.mp4
  24. Well, my problem is only with the version 41 of the game. It crashes all the time after open it and i dont know the reason, i can play latest versions with no problem. I think that the problem could be because i use the integrated graphic card of intel. Windows 10 x64, Intel i7 -4790 3,60Ghz, 16gb of ram, Intel hd graphics 4600 with 2060mb of video memory. I would like to solve the crash problem, i just waiting for this public beta for to long and i cant even play it, its so frustating, if you need more info to help me post something pls
  25. The game will suddenly freeze and crash in the middle of gameplay. I don't know if it's just my computer that's weak, but it's really annoying and i wanna see if i can do anything about it. Yes, i am using IWBUMS.
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