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  1. I just experienced an event, going to loot in another city I found a road closed by two police cars and four policemen, I kill them and leave the useful things dropped on the ground so that they can pick them up on the way back, including pistols, shotguns, helmets and bulletproof vests. It turns out that after two days in the game, I went back along the same road to pick up the loot and I realized that the helmets weren't there, they had disappeared (at all this I checked my entire truck to see if I hadn't already picked them up, but no), only weapons and bulletproof vests were found. I did something quite strange since the objects do not usually disappear from the ground (the game is in sandbox but remember I did not modify anything about the objects that are on the ground disappearing). To all this I remember that in a house near my refuge he had killed other policemen who were wearing police motorcycle helmets, so I went back there to verify if they had disappeared or not and it turns out that they also disappeared. I don't know if this is a bug in my game or someone else has already happened to it, I currently have some mods in use but none that modify the game's clothing, I remember only one that adds a sling for weapons. For now I only noticed it with police motorcycle helmets and riot helmets, I don't know if it happens or it happened with some other object since at this point in the game I usually drop several things on the ground but I don't think I've ever had a problem like this. ps: there may be spelling errors, I'm translating from google translate hehe. Greetings from Argentina and I hope you can give me a hand to clarify this issue. ps2: - 41.71 - Singleplayer - I have mods - It happened in an already created game, I don't remember if it was in version 41.69 or 41.71 - kill a zombie with a helmet throw his helmet on the ground go somewhere else far away for +48 hours go back to the zombie and the helmet on the ground disappeared logs.zip ps3: I just tried this error in debug mode. I first did the test in a new world with the mods I have, it turns out that the problem with the helmets is still present. then I did the test without the mods in another new world, again the helmets disappear again when I walk away for about 48 hours.
  2. I tried disabling the mods, but it did nothing, it's just stuck like this
  3. I first downloaded the game and enjoyed a few days of play (max settings) with 0 problems, i decided to try install some mods to make it a little more interesting. Game worked fine the day i installed the mods, but then the next day my game just kept crashing randomly after i played for a little while (2-10 minutes). I uninstalled the mods (deleted the folder and unsubbed) and tried again but same problem, i tried a fresh install, same problem. I even factory reset my computer, and manually updated all of my drivers. Seemed to fix the problem, but after a little bit it began crashing again, i even put my setting the the bare minimum (Found posts about that topic) but still nothing is working. https://pastebin.com/fEAbLY7U Here is a link to my Console.txt file. https://pastebin.com/AHkWKR10 Here is a 2nd Console.txt file after i did a Sandbox game and turned rain down to it's lowest settings (In all these logs there appears to be a weather log right before crash). I've tried most of the common solutions but can't find anything that'll fix the problem, i can't get past the 1st day without it crashing. Edit 1: Here's a link to my post about the same topic on reddit (Looking through event viewer logs) https://www.reddit.com/r/projectzomboid/comments/v161dy/game_stopped_working_after_20_hours/ianawva/?context=3
  4. Hey, im using a dedicated server that uses a couple of map mods (~60). I'd like to use some more maps but the problem is that there is a size limit on the amount of memory the map mods need which leads to a java.nio.BufferOverflowException. I think it is between 2 and 4 GB but i cannot confirm. As im not willing (nor allowed) to decompile the Java code and change it for myself I want to suggest it in this forum. Please increase the ByteBuffer used in zombie.network.GameServer.receiveRequestData() to allow the usage of more map mods. Since I'd say that this is not a bug I'm posting it here in the suggestion forum and not in the bug forum. Thanks!
  5. • Version : 41.71 Stable • Singleplayer/Multiplayer? : Multiplayer • Host or dedicated? : Host • Mods? : None • Old or new save? : New So read this up... There is this glitch that involves fast moving vehicles, if you are a passenger in one that is very very speedy and your frienddo driver speeds it up (doesnt even need to add max speed on server settings like i did, as it happens with defauilt configs asswell) the Cells start to Vanish into a black void and they start to get closer, as soon as they reach you (EVEN IF YOU ARE THE HOST [as a passenger]) you freeze and the game breaks, only way to fix this when it happens is by rebooting the game. • Reproduction steps: 1-Get a car | 2-have a friend(or yourself) that enters any passenger slot of thy car| 3-speed up | 4-keep speeding until the cells unload behind you and enter the void. BEFORE you awnser me saying it a "Connection issue" i ASSURE you its not because it happened to me as a host and i tested it with modded vehciles and also with ZERO mods, and it been happening since 41.59. It may have to do with the way cells load/unload while you're in vehicles, since it only happens when you are fast enough. ~Pupper
  6. • Version: 41.65 • Session mode: Multiplayer. • Server type: Dedicated. • Has mods? Yes. • Reproduction steps: 1. Follow the discord bot integration setup post to initialize the integration. 2. Make sure everything is okay and start the dedicated server. 3. Sometimes you will see something in the logs like {username=servertest, password=null, somethingsomething=null}. 4. If you saw step 3's log, your Discord Bot name will be renamed to your server's name (by default: servertest). If not it will be kept as you configured @ discord's app developer page. • Commentary 01: I'm not 100% sure this is a bug, but it is definitely annoying to have to go back to the Discord's App Developer page just to rename the bot's name to the name you set up initially. If this is intentional then please, do ignore this report as it is not critical by any means. • Commentary 02: Also, it is sending duplicate messages from discord room to game after reconnecting the bot [?] jan. 11, 2022 11:42:17 AM de.btobastian.javacord.utils.JavacordLogger info INFORMATION: Websocket closed with reason null and code 1000 by client! jan. 11, 2022 11:42:17 AM de.btobastian.javacord.utils.JavacordLogger info INFORMATION: Could not resume session. Reconnecting now...
  7. - 41.68 - Singleplayer and Multiplayer - Host and dedicated (Allow the internet or not, this problem persists) - No mods - Any save file - When drop so much stuff on the ground, or just take in my inventory (Like bullets or anything else we can get into our inventory in large numbers) It starts lagging and freezing so badly (maybe because of the inventory system or some optimisation issue and I don't really know if it's due to me but my friends and others had this problem) I know It is normal for the game to freeze when there are too many items, but even though these items are in our inventory, this freezing continues. I hope you understand and take care of it. Love you
  8. • Version: 41.70 • Singleplayer/Multiplayer: Singleplayer (but I assume this also happens in multiplayer) • Mods: Nope • Old or new save: New save • Reproduction steps: 1. Start new game. 2. Wait for music/OST. 3. Open the Map (Press M). 4. Music stops and won't play after you close the map
  9. I've been playing on the newest version of zomboid and I have noticed randomly that car Wrecks respawn even after dismantle, This only occurs in loaded chunks. I am currently in a world with no mods with no loot respawn, I highly doubt this is intentional but if it is how do I disable it in the settings.
  10. Found some Cars looking like this. Really annoying because when it happens it also breaks my UI. All buttons unload and appear white until you hover over them, you get permanently stuck in combat mode and are unable to escape it unless you equip and attack with a melee weapon multiple times. Also cannot properly load Health UI or car UI (which means I cannot drive a car that I was using). Restart is required. Happens in both single player and Multiplayer. Is believed to be Host side because I host the server that my friends and I play on, and it doesn't happen to them unless on my server. Also causes the server to be hosted indefinitely unless everyone quits and I kill the program running it. Top picture is single player, bottom is multiplayer.
  11. Map Coordinates: 8285x10050x1 (level 1 and level 2 actually) • Version - 41.68 • Singleplayer/Multiplayer - Singleplayer (probably MP as well) • Host or dedicated - N/A • Mods - No • Reproduction steps: 1. Start game in Apocalypse mode. 2. use carpentry to build stairs inside the werehouse at level 0. 3. visit the level 1 using the new stairs (only happens if you use the stairs) • Why its important: Because of that, at level 1, the game thinks you are outside (Screenshot 02), temperature and rain goes inside and destroys the idea of using the two floors of that building (probably it happens for all buildings, rooftops isn't much "solid" in PZ).
  12. The wall rendering error appears when I switch the lighting quality setting from very low to any other. Build 41
  13. Hello everyone! Unfortunately I'm not good at English, so I'm using a translator, sorry if it's wrong. I built on the concrete part, and when I demolished it, the concrete was gone. After that, I tried in vain to put any kind of floor on it, but it didn't work. I also tried to pick up the dirt but I can't do that either, is there any solution to this? Thanks in advance for your answers!
  14. I have a dedicated server setup for a small group of buddies as I tuned the sandbox settings to suit our gameplay. However, after changing the loot rarity settings, I don't seem to notice any difference in the loot spawns as I can easily find weapons/guns in houses or police stations. After resetting the world and double checking the sandbox settings, I tried it again and to no avail I can find the same amount of loot I did previously. The strange thing is I know the sandbox settings are working as I also changed the zombies spawn/behavior, I tested the zombies first and they're definitely behaving correctly according to the sandbox settings. I want to assume loot distribution is borked slightly as I did see an issue similar to mine back in December 2021 where loot rarity didn't change with sandbox settings, though It could also be me being a bone head. If anyone has suggestions | fixes of any kind please let me know, I'm not running modded at all.
  15. As far as I know, I'm not the only one who has this type of bug. It's true, I have to emphasize something. I don't speak English, so this is being translated, so if I don't express myself very well, excuse me. Here I attach the images of the error.
  16. Hello I'm having trouble with plastering walls. Cannot do it if there its a metal counter installed. The command works fine, but it just wont let me click on the wall. Any way to bypass this other than having to pick it up and install it all over again? (Sink has 25% chance to be broken ) Thanks. This also happens with Gray Garbage Bin and Industrial Fridge. I didn't tried on other containers. I also tried to walk and click on the wall from further away. Added Pictures
  17. When you create a fully undressed character in the "Customise Character" screen, save it and then reload, the clothing section displays random clothing items although your character doesn't wear any clothing. The problem occurs for me without any mods enabled. Here is the precise way how the bug occurs for me: 1. Go to the Customise Character menu and completely undress your character so that every box in the clothing section shows "None". 2. Save the character you created in step 1. 3. Press the Random button to create a new random character. 4. Load the character you created in step 1. Your character appears fully undressed as intended. However, the clothing section displays various random clothing instead of "None" everywhere. ----- Possible solution: I was able to enhance the described save/load behavior by inserting the command "self:updateSelectedClothingCombo();" after line 458 in the function "CharacterCreationMain:loadOutfit" in lua/client/OptionScreens/CharacterCreationMain.lua in the vanilla code. But just an idea...
  18. When a male character wears a mini skirt in combination with "sweater" type torso clothing, there occurs a graphic glitch which makes a small part of the mini skirt disappear. For female characters, the problem does not seem to occur. Moreover, other types of skirts seem to work fine (on male and female characters). The problem only seems to occur in the combination "male + mini skirt + sweater". The problem is visible in the character customisation screen as well as in game. To produce the bug, I played in sandbox with all clothing unlocked. (Otherwise, the mini skirt and sweater are not available during character customisation.) No mods enabled. Here is the precise way how I can produce the bug: 1. Enable "All clothing unlocked" in the sandbox menu. 2. When in the "Customise Character" screen, choose a male character and completely undress. 3. In the clothing section, equip your male character with mini skirt and a sweater clothing item. In the example screenshots below, I used a hoodie. 4. As you see in the screenshots, there will be a small section in the upper part of the mini skirt which is not displayed correctly. It simply disappears.
  19. Hey there folks! Im new to the Community and the Game, i really love the game but you guys & girls have to help me out here: I made a simple Hat mod. i made the Model in Blender and exported it as an .fbx, imported the texture to the mod-folder, wrote the script and .xml up to this point everything worked great BUT now comes the Problem: if the Hat gets Dirty or Damaged the texture will get mixed up and wont return to normal until its cleaned. i really cant figure it out.. Anyone of you got some ideas? Im thankful for any advice! Greetings from Germany -Mooreiche
  20. Version: 41.65 Singleplayer Local Mods: Yes Reproduction steps: 1. Turn off "Damage Construction" in the games Sandbox settings. 2. Build a Barricade over a Window and, or Door 3. Watch Zombies destroy it.
  21. Hi all, here's from a client player on a "host" server in the latest build: "The car was stuck on a corner not where you guys even were. And the zombie slowly broke the window and killed me. And I couldn't get out of the car because it said it was moving." From host and other clients' perspectives, he was sitting in the car with us at a location down the road until he died and his corpse appeared just outside the car (a long ways away from the position he was seeing). Anyone else seeing this kind of thing? Playing current stable branch, half dozen UI mods. Server log here and will update with his client log if/when he sends it to me. 03-01-22_19-02-42_DebugLog-server.txt
  22. How to reproduce it: 1. Take any car, vanilla or mod 2. Do some damage to the front 3. Remove the hood, the whole frontal damage is gone, install the hood back on, the damage is back Same bug was observed by multiple users on different zomboid installations of b41.65. Also, the rear door of ambulance has a wrong mask so only break lights are removed when the door is uninstalled.
  23. • 41.65 • Multiplayer but the second one can probably be done on SP too. • Dedicated. • No important mods that could affect that (Skill recovery journal and Axe's recrafting[B41]). • Reproduction steps for the first bug: 1. Go to sleep in a specific tile near the stairs. 2. Wake up by pressing D to move. 3. You're dead How to replicate the second bug is shown in the video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-DTdE5XFlLA 1) Death by stairs - on multiplayer - after going to sleep on a tile near stairs and waking up by pressing move button your character moves towards the stairs at accelerated speed and dies, does not happen with other angles (tried sleeping one tile lower and didn't die). Location is the 3 house compound in south louiseville in the house near the lake. 2) We tried to make a fence with bar counters so you can't accidentally fall off the roof while sprinting, when we tried to rotate the counter this happened. Video doesn't show my perspective but I tried to check whether the counter will prevent me from falling, and it did not.
  24. 41.64 Multiplayer Host No. Reproduction steps: Just driving a car, I don't really exactly know, but while driving the character will sometimes just remove the key and refuse to start the car (I think it happens most often after motor dies) I've seen this happen a couple of times in my multiplayer server with my friends where the car will not start moving. Sometimes it's just due to engine failure, but I've noticed that when you try to start the car again, they key disappears from the keyhole and even when you put it in, the character doesn't rotate it and the car just can't start until you step out and in or after a couple tries of rotating the key.
  25. • Version 41.65 • Singleplayer • No mods • Reproduction steps: While first holding melee attack (left mouse button), and then also spamming the Push button (space bar), allows for reliably increasing the weapon swing speed to be the same as the Pushing speed. Seems to work for any weapon regardless of how slow you would swing it normally due to various factors (fitness, weapon type, etc.). While spamming Push when swinging allows for matching the speed of the weapon swing to that of the Push speed. Of course, you still occasionally do an actual Push every once in awhile but for the most part the continuous weapon swinging at an increased rate is not all that difficult to maintain.
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