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  1. I know it's a joke but do you guys want a tourney just for shits and giggles or do you prefer prices?I originally thought it woul dbe just for fun and didn't plan for prices beforehand.Do you want some? If so, what would you be interested in?
  2. I'm in, this goofy fucker here with a warning point does know his way around a chess board quite well. I wonder how many of you I could beat in as many turns as fingers I have on one hand (excluding the thumb).
  3. Yeah I believe the goat going in reverse back up through the windows was a reference to Dead Island
  4. I am having an issue with loading, it comes up with the usual loading screen for SP but when I check what is happening with the coding it just repeats itself and refuses to load visual, I can hear the music you hear upon first loading into the game but that is it.
  5. Yeah changing tiles depending on how frequently it's walked on or how many travel along the route at any given time. Also I agree with you on the single player section, I've had a mate who is terrible with direction, some kind of trail would be most beneficial to him. It would be difficult to accomplish, but I think it would add a lot of strategy into the game. Hmm yes, jobs, I overlooked this, thanks for pointing this out, I agree park ranger should be much more efficient at seeing these trails whereas builders would find it difficult.
  6. Not an actual record, but maybe one cloth every 50 steps or a discolouration in the grass, and it would be wiped clean once a softwjpe is used.
  7. This idea came to me as I was sitting on the toilet (obviously) as the title entitles, the ability to track players and animals. I find this fun enough on multiplayer servers following trails of dead zeds and broken windows, but it makes it rather difficult. If there were drops from clothing and being ability to follow the trail, would be interesting for hunting other players down. Also being able to see slight variations in grass or bush where players have made trails. It could even have it's own skill, tracking living things would increase the skill, so finding pieces of torn clothing, blood
  8. There is. question number 2:doens't this make this topic obsolete? It does...
  9. This makes sense to me for some - although not all- weapons that are currently in game. To kill a zombie we have to disable the brain - I doubt I could smash through a human skull wielding a baseball bat (for example) with one hand. An axe is a maybe, but holding an axe one handed would be unwieldy and muster significantly less force than two hand, so iot would probably be less ttha 50% effective at best. I'm on board with this, in principle. Then we would need to separate the melee weapons into categories because as stated, several melee weapons would be ridiculous to be impaired due to needi
  10. This might work, but if you use a hammer as a weapon, it's much more effective as a single handed weapon than a two handed weapon. The smaller the blunt weapon, the more ridiculous the thought of needed two hands for it are...
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