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  1. I know it's a joke but do you guys want a tourney just for shits and giggles or do you prefer prices?I originally thought it woul dbe just for fun and didn't plan for prices beforehand.Do you want some? If so, what would you be interested in?
  2. I'm in, this goofy fucker here with a warning point does know his way around a chess board quite well. I wonder how many of you I could beat in as many turns as fingers I have on one hand (excluding the thumb).
  3. Yeah I believe the goat going in reverse back up through the windows was a reference to Dead Island
  4. I am having an issue with loading, it comes up with the usual loading screen for SP but when I check what is happening with the coding it just repeats itself and refuses to load visual, I can hear the music you hear upon first loading into the game but that is it.
  5. Yeah changing tiles depending on how frequently it's walked on or how many travel along the route at any given time. Also I agree with you on the single player section, I've had a mate who is terrible with direction, some kind of trail would be most beneficial to him. It would be difficult to accomplish, but I think it would add a lot of strategy into the game. Hmm yes, jobs, I overlooked this, thanks for pointing this out, I agree park ranger should be much more efficient at seeing these trails whereas builders would find it difficult.
  6. Not an actual record, but maybe one cloth every 50 steps or a discolouration in the grass, and it would be wiped clean once a softwjpe is used.
  7. This idea came to me as I was sitting on the toilet (obviously) as the title entitles, the ability to track players and animals. I find this fun enough on multiplayer servers following trails of dead zeds and broken windows, but it makes it rather difficult. If there were drops from clothing and being ability to follow the trail, would be interesting for hunting other players down. Also being able to see slight variations in grass or bush where players have made trails. It could even have it's own skill, tracking living things would increase the skill, so finding pieces of torn clothing, blood trails or examining (new idea all together) the ground and uncover invisible trails to the location of a player or an animal. As skill levels up, players can see more distinct marks in grass or trees which make it easier to hunt their prey. Any suggestion guys? Edits: Silent spy - adds interesting ideas to jobs, e.g park rangers can see these trails easier than other classes due to their jobs. Kurruk - makes it easier for new players to find their way around and determining where they have and have not been.
  8. There is. question number 2:doens't this make this topic obsolete? It does...
  9. This makes sense to me for some - although not all- weapons that are currently in game. To kill a zombie we have to disable the brain - I doubt I could smash through a human skull wielding a baseball bat (for example) with one hand. An axe is a maybe, but holding an axe one handed would be unwieldy and muster significantly less force than two hand, so iot would probably be less ttha 50% effective at best. I'm on board with this, in principle. Then we would need to separate the melee weapons into categories because as stated, several melee weapons would be ridiculous to be impaired due to needing two hands to wield when doing so would reduce velocity of swing, inhibit the amount of damage or just look awkward in general. My suggestion is having large blunt weapons and small blunt weapons. Large blunt weapons need two hands to become most effective and small blunt weapons work better with only a single hand.
  10. This might work, but if you use a hammer as a weapon, it's much more effective as a single handed weapon than a two handed weapon. The smaller the blunt weapon, the more ridiculous the thought of needed two hands for it are...
  11. Fair enough mate but just trying to clean up what I was insinuating for the younger members here haha but still I'm excited about he game and even though those won't be in the core game, I'm sure there will be mods that will allow me to fulfil my sadistic nature. *staring blankly at you*
  12. Fair enough, read those point and robomat, would you prefer me to use vulgar language in the forums? Probably not. But I just wanted to see what you guys would think about my ideas.
  13. A little late now but there are a few things in the no section I disagree with, I do understand it's supposed to be something most people can play, but saying this, here are my arguments for several points and ways to have it morally ethical to publish. My first point is; -Zombie kids. I feel like it would be more realistic, how many people have played GTA and wondered where the fucks the kids, or at least have it in sandbox and people can choose if they want to play a more realistic and dark version of the game. -A cure. Having the ability to find a rather rare item able to cure you for a single use is something interesting, however it's less realistic but having a clan and a leader with a lot of skills being bitten, if they had a cure they could heal them or go out and find a cure, or even for yourself, it would become a very powerful, high value item. -Morality/Kama meter. Perhaps not the way you think it would be done, but killing zombies would take a toll on your mental health, as well as long durations of isolations. So perhaps not a meter counting your behaviour (although it would open up the concepts of bounty hunting) but perhaps a sanity meter, if your character goes insane, your screen blacks out anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour during which it goes on a murder spree and is aggressive to anything it sees. -Personal hygiene. Are you serious with this guys? Killing zombies all day can get you quite sweaty, which means you will start to stink, which should make this skill I kind of proposed here, http://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php/topic/6895-crafting-skill-books/, much less effective. Not too mention are we supposed to believe some guy can hold in a shit for days, weeks, months and years? Dunno about you but it got to take a crap daily. -Sex. Once again this should be something you can toggle, this may not be something to add in a while but think about the ideas of starting up a family in SP or MP and protecting them until they are old enough to protect themselves, think about the feelings people would feel and the need to protect their spouse and children. If you play a guy and get a girl pregnant you would want to protect her and make sure she is healthy and safe as well as your child. -Zombie camo. While it's a disgusting thought, it isn't a bad one, the idea of doing ANYTHING to auric should be a key point in a zombie survival game. These are my points and while I respect this is your game you did ask for the communities support and ideas and so here is mine.
  14. I shall link a video when it's uploaded of the sheer stupidity and incompetence displayed by my mate. A little extract; This is what happened in a nutshell. -Me and my mate where taking supplies from a house only 2-3 streets from our safe houses, I then head home and leave him in the house thinking he can easily find his way back... He gets lost immediately. Going to paraphrase most of this... -"Ok from where you are go south to our house and get some food then once you get there just rest around the house and heal up as well as don't strain yourself and tend to the gardens so we have plenty of food". -I then continue telling him he should be here already and what's taking him so long. He tells me he is at an old building with graffiti and questions his sense of direction. -I ask him which direction he went he tells me he forgets. -rage intensifies. -he wonders around dying of starvation, thirst, sickness and wounds on his body. -he dies with all our farming stuff, a few weapons some good loot and loses all his skills. -he try's to tell me where he is but can't give directions and accurate description of the layout of the land and I can't find him in time. -he basically walked in a circle around our house and died within 100m of our house.
  15. What version do you use?Build 25, but what confused me was he just updated it and couldn't join and I thought maybe he didn't update it, so any friend with build 25 joined and he was in the server, so I really don't know. It's maybe a client thing because my brother couldn't also join the server, so perhaps something isn't right in your modem or just the connection in general.
  16. I had that issue when joining a friends port forwarded server but when it comes to hamachi servers I'm fine to join and no issues arise.
  17. I actually like this idea too and for this idea Well maybe a new skill can be released? Perhaps communication, higher communication in SP means better chances that an NPC is friendlier to you and you can write or teach a skill book at certain levels. In MP it would work much the same except if there are NPC's in MP you can basically become better liked than others if your communication skill increases. The way to increase the skill is a little difficult to balance, but, perhaps using the text chat to talk, but put in a spam guard if the server host chooses to activate it so people can't spam and get full skill in a short time. Another possible way to increase it is the writing a book or writing a journal or read them, so that if you are write enough your books and journals and your levels increase, your work gets better and your books have higher value as they reduce more boredom and give more exp to those reading your books.
  18. I believe once you pass from beginner of a certain skill, you can craft a beginners skill book of that skill, for example someone capable of intermediate level farming can craft a farming for beginners skill book. This would make the fact that they are consumables a much less significant issue and can open the road for new bartering options.
  19. I agree with this, however with the books, I feel they should be much harder to find and/or possibly if we get up to the stage, to actually write up a skill book, and be able to produce and sell skill books. This concept I believe would be interesting for later development when there's a larger focus on bartering in multiplayer and single player game modes.
  20. sure here's a copy it's invisible but it's there if you wish hard enough I heard fairy dust speeds up the whole process, you got any?
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