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  1. Hallo zusammen. Da es scheinbar die deutsche Übersetzung betrifft (aber im englischen passt) der Verweis auf mein Bug-Report bezüglich goldener Armband- bzw. Digital-Uhr: Keine Ahnung warum hier zwei unterschiedliche Übersetzungen für die englische "golden wrist-watch" existieren. Vielleicht kann jemand von der deuschen Übersetzungscrew weiter helfen. Eventuell sollte man die Übersetzung als "goldene Digitaluhr" einfach aus der Übersetzungs-Datei herausnehmen - die Funktion ist bei beiden wie eine normale Armbanduhr.
  2. I changed the game to english language to test (without doing anything in game after loading): In english, both watches (on left and right wrist) have the same name: "Golden Wrist Watch" In german, equiped on left wrist is named "Goldene Digitaluhr". In german, equiped on right wrist is named "Goldene Armbanduhr". Vanilla game 41.55 steam, without any mods. [Edit:] Screenshot doesn't work, so I added photos of the screen...
  3. I don't know if it is maybe just a bug in the german translation, but I would like to report it as a bug: I have two golden digital watches in a shelve. As soon as I take equip them (from shelve or main inventory) to my right handwrist, they transform to golden analog watches. (When I equip them to my left handwrist, they stay to golden digital watches.) When I unequip the golden analog watches from my right handwrist afterwards, they stay analog watches in the main inventory or shelve. When I equip them afterwards to my left handwrist, they transform back to digital watches. But in any case, they work like analog watches, so without temperature and without alarm. So maybe it is just a translation bug. (But even then, i should not have to different named items...)
  4. Background: I have the problem (and I think maybe also a lot of other people too) that collecting all the keys that I find gets quite complicated: I sort the keys on different keyrings, depending on the area / city (or any other thinkable way). That is why my character has multiple key-rings (1x Westpoint, 1x Muldraugh, 1x Dixie, 1x Valley Station, ...). In the end I have for each keyring one icon on the side of the inventory, and all my bags, vests, and other containers are not visible any more (if the inventory list is not more than half my screen), because the keyrings are placed above the other containers. Suggestion: It would be awesome, if there would be a possibility to put keyrings together, so that there is only one Icon for the keyring that contains all other keyrings. Like if I have a tactical bag attatched to a hiking bag, or some bags inside another bag. Then the icon for the bags inside are put right beside the icon of the main bag. Right now i didn't find any solution for it, so that i have to enlarge my inventory list to very big, which is not nice, beacuse it overlaps much of the screen. I think this would be a very minor change, but would make collecting keys much more easy and comfortable. Sorry if there was already some suggestion like this or even some solution - i had some searches in the forum here, but didn't find something about putting keyrings together. If someone has some other good solution, I would be glad to get some hint in here. Thank you guys... [EDIT: corrected some spelling mistakes]
  5. I was reorganizing my stuff, so just walking from one crate to the other and as fast as possible putting the things in organized crates. So in the end it was also not a "normal behaviour", I think normally you put maybe one or two bags full of stuff in some crate and then go looting again. I am just concerned that this can destroy the fun of some players, when loosing too much when moving hundreds of things in some minutes while lags appear. I would like to test once again, but if it happens once again, I will not have enough stuff to try to repeat the situation once again. I was just thinking and hoping, that maybe you could have this issue in your mind when programming against lags. Maybe there would be the possibility for some compare between "user map-files" (where the things are inside) and the "server map-files" (where the things were not yet safed)... But no problem at all - I know quite good that you would have to get more information about it to have better chance to find the exact reason. I did write some mod some more years ago for our server, and I know how much work it is to find even small bugs... On the other side, I know that it is also important to get some feedback if something goes wrong - as programmer you need the feedback or you just don't know. That was the reason why I made this report. You can close the topic if you like, or remove it at all. No problem from my side. I know that you do a awesome job. Most developpers stop improving after some years and you still continue. - That's great. And I have to say thank you so much for it all...
  6. Quite annoying on multiplayer: After relogging a lot of crates that were reorganized in my safehouse on TheGoodOldDayz PVE Multiplayer server are empty. Yes, there are quite often lags - but it is not only one or two crates - it is more than 5 crates (1 crate lightbulbs, 1 crate batteries (40pc), 2 crates medicine, 1 crate clothes, 1 crate bags and tactical bags, and much much more.) When logging of, I didn't come to main screen, there was error message "reason= port= " (so no number), but the things in the crates should be on the server before (it was definively more than 5 minutes before logging of, so that there should be some transmision to server what I did put in the crates). When I found out and told other players in chatbox in game, they gave me feedback that this also had happened to them also before. Quite annoying, and I don't know if I want to continue when this will happen once again. So it would be nice if maybe someone of the developers could check where the problem could be or give some tips to avoid situation like this. I absolutely love the game, did buy it when it was quite new (also played the demo in knox county before where you really could only survive one day), and would like to continue in future also. But I am concerned that this bug may kill the fun of Multiplayer, which is in my eyes necessary part of the game after having survived the normal (non multiplayer) game for long time. Pigeon (admin) had a look on the serverlogs, as you see i broke the record with an amount of 37300...
  7. There are some functions which were not present to me. I never have seen getMouseXScaled(), getCore():getVersionNumber(), and the new syntax of spawnHorde(). So thanks for posting your code.
  8. Okay, checked the class-files and found the interesting line: public static IsoZombie createZombie(float x, float y, float z, SurvivorDesc desc, int palette, IsoDirections dir) Tried it and it works. I can now again spawn Zombies on single tiles on our server.
  9. Sorry i was wrong, i found it in the steps.lua: function FightStep:OpenWindow() if FightStep.window:IsOpen() then FightStep.zombie = createZombie(FightStep.zombieSpawnX, FightStep.zombieSpawnY, 0, nil, 0,IsoDirections.E); while not FightStep.zombie:getDescriptor():isFemale() do FightStep.zombie:removeFromWorld(); FightStep.zombie:removeFromSquare(); FightStep.zombie = createZombie(FightStep.zombieSpawnX, FightStep.zombieSpawnY, 0, nil, 0,IsoDirections.E); end FightStep.zombie:setUseless(true); return true; end return false;endSo it seems to be createZombie(x, y, z, nil, 0, ViewDirection); But what is the nil and the zero? I think we have to test it out. Or can any dev/modder explain a bit?
  10. I have not checked it out myself for my mod and build32. But i will have a look on it the next days. It is working in the challenge, so it should work also in our mods.
  11. The same for me, but have a look on the challenges. There are zombies spawned, with another command (which I didn't know before). Edit: createZombie();
  12. Thank you Brybry for this information. Didn't know this way or function. For all modders which have / had the same problems a short explaination of getModFileWriter getModFileWriter(String modId, String filename, boolean createIfNull, boolean append ) modId has to be the id of your mod (written as in mod.info), then the file "filename" will be written direct in your moddirectory.
  13. Some questions in first: Is is working in build 32 in general? (It works in SinglePlayer?) Did you have a look on the server-console while starting the server? (The lua-files of the Hydrocraft-mod should be loaded while starting.) No errors on both consoles (server and clients)?
  14. Yeah, an option to safe the Safehouse only when the player is OFFLINE would be awesome. Then your safehouse would be protected for a certain timespan whe you go offline. (With this option it could be enabled on our server to prevent offline robbery.)
  15. But I think there should be access to your own moddirectory. (In the version before (b31), my mod was able to create files in my moddirectory and chatlogs in "Zomboid\Multiplayer".) So if the "local path" would be changed to "Zomboid" instead of "Zomboid\Lua" then it would be also sure that no files outside would be changed.
  16. I have problems using getFileWriter() in build 32(.3): Relative paths are forebidden now, so I have to change to direct paths. Before this build, I used ".."..File.separator.."mods"..File.separator ... to write a file in my ModData-Subdirectory of my ModDirectory. But now, if I give the whole direct path with Core.getMyDocumentFolder()..File.separator .."mods"..File.separator.."KoregansServerMod"..File.separator.."ModData" I get errors, because the local path C:\Users\Andi\Zomboid\Lua\ is standing in front of my direct path. ERROR in console: java.io.FileNotFoundException: C:\Users\Andi\Zomboid\Lua\C:\Users\Andi\Zomboid\m ods\KoregansServerMod\ModData\Playerlist\11-58-58_PlayerList.txt (Die Syntax f³r den Dateinamen, Verzeichnisnamen oder die Datentrõgerbezeichnung ist falsch) Is there a way to set files in my moddirectory instead of zomboid\lua\ ?
  17. Okay, thanks. This will definitively shorten my paths. At the moment they are wider than my screen because of all the "File.separator"s...
  18. I solved it myself, but is there any direct alternative to "File.separator" ? I think this is an important part for any modder (when you want to set paths for your textfiles of the mod). Perhaps I just missed to know the alternative way. (I also tried "file.separator", but "file" is also not available.)
  19. When you install a mod on the server to get the information, then every user has to install the mod. If this is not a problem, then it is possible with a mod. So, it is a private, not public server with some friends playing on it?
  20. Koregan

    Handle a Vector2

    :D Thanks a lot, EasyPickins :D -------------------------------------------------------------------------- But how can I grab the direction D then? player:getAngle():getD() ? If someone knows, please tell me. Otherwise i will have to test and find out on my own...
  21. Thanks - solved with the new function "getUrlInputStream()".
  22. Koregan

    Handle a Vector2

    I have a problem handling the "player:getAngle()"-function, print(player:getAngle() ) shows a string like: Vector2 (X: 0,000000, Y: -1,000000) (L: 1,000000, D:3,141593) Can anyone tell me how I get D (the direction of the Vector2) ? To be honest, before build 32, I was able to get this string with player:getAngle():toString() and then just extracted the value of D out of the string. But now with build 32 this is not working any more. Seens like toString() doesn't exist in this function/method/... any more. I am stuck at this point. Some help would be nice... (Thanks)
  23. Yeah, good job done. Thanks to the devs! There are a lot of nice new things, and a lot of things I didn't have a look on yet. The tutorial should be translated soon, because it is a bit strange to read the original text and have a look on the translated rest of the game. But I am sure, that the translations will arrive soon. I just have one negative aspect of the new build: Because of some changes in the code, my mod is not working any more and we have to deinstall it on the server. Not the big deal, but it would be nice to know not only the new things, but also the changed/removed functions. Perhaps this could be a (spoilered) part in the future changelists?
  24. Hi to all. I just realized that my mod is not working correct on build 32 and I had a look on the error-messages. It seems like the "File.separator" was removed - but I managed this by just setting it with my mod again. But I have another problem: URL.new() is not working any more, so I cannot call online-information as i did all the time. Is there a way to get it back, or did just the command change? Would be nice to know, because half of my mod (and also the autoupdater) is based on this function. Thanks for any help. Koregan
  25. Thanks for the compliments. Because of the new build (32) I have to check out the exact changes and if / how they influence the mod. (For example my corpse-remove-function should be obsolete now.) There is a new function already implemented (and working bugfree) but not jet activated for all players: It is possible to frisk other players. That means, you can check their main-inventory, which will appear for some time in a new window on your screen. But now I will have a look on the new build at first... ---------------------- @ syfy: I am not sure if I understood you right, but the autoupdater of my mod compares the version on the clients with the version running on the server. Other mods or maps cannot be auto-updated (if i do not include them in my mod and host the actual version myself).
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