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  1. Hello everyone , sorry for my bad english i will try to do my best to make me understand . I have a multiplayer server project and i would like to add to my website some informations to my server like a ranking to the best survivors on the server , the player position in realtime on the map some little thing like that. If its easy to make it im ok to pay u or gift u something , or if somone can tell me who should i call for do this . Thank u .
  2. Web Public Server List/Browser

    Hello , it is possible to add a banner to ur website on my website ? Exemple , i want to put my banner server like this : paint over9000 . And how to add my own server to ur list ? Thanks and sorry for my english
  3. Project Zomboid Map Project

    Ok so i will buy a new host , a last question ^^ Do you think it will be possible one day to see the position of the players on the map in real time, like minecraft Dynmap plugin ? Thank u and good job for the map .
  4. Project Zomboid Map Project

    Ye but i use a freehoster and 30 go is a bit too heavy :s
  5. Project Zomboid Map Project

    Hello , sorry for my bad english i will try to make myself understood. I want to know if its possible to add custom POI for myself and my team . I have a website for my project zomboid server , I would like to add to my website the game map , that players can add their POI when they want. I hope you understand me and again sorry .