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  1. When I last played (as said, some longer time ago) the only infinite source of water beside rain barrels were the three wells on the map. Are lakes counted toward that too now?
  2. I don't play for exp though. But yes: if I palyed it to maximize game mechanical earnings, I'd probably choose a base like yours.
  3. I'm a fan of the around-every-corner danger of West Point, and I love defending my base daily (http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=543026975), so this place would bore me. xD Although I do understand that some people really like to go off the grid and away from the zombies in their attempts to survive, so I imagine that others would find that place to be perfect. I, however, like to remain within the action. Keeps things tense. Yes I'm the complete opposite because I roleplay my survival attempt even when in single player. So I'd do what I'd to in reality too: not stay in the "action" because action can mean death. So I usually shut myself off from the rest of the world as good as possible and try to be self sustaining. Staying in the "action" would just be super unrealistic from a roleplaying perspective
  4. The farm in the north always was my favourite. Pro (in the pretty old version I last played): - next to no zombies - a well for infinite water supply - vast space to build (watchtowers, triple walls with walkways in the middle and barricades at the exterior, farming space, a middle building to build a path to as escape route) - as such: easy to defend/escape from Con: - very far from town without vehicles - have to check the perimeter of all the surrounding space every day before you go sleep - much possible work means much work My first version in February 2014 (there was no second level building back then, so no escape way and no watchtowers there yet).
  5. I played it thrice and quit after approx 3 months of surviving because it just gets repetitive then and that means immersion crumbles and it's "just a game". That's not meant negative. I always had a blast playing it.
  6. I always try to roleplay my games. Especially sandbox survival ones. So I act like I would in real life, not in a game. This means I won't "paly to maximize survival through game mechanics usage" but I'd behave like the world, and my friends and family just all died and their corpses are out to kill me too. I've only played this game for longer periods three times. EVery time I ended up using the northern farm because it's very desolate and there is much space - and wood - to craft. The looting runs into town were annoying due to vehicles being absent, so I usually modded it slightly to help out a bit. Hordes were stationary in my runs and I never met one up at the farm. I don't know if that's still the case. Would be realistic if one would pass by every few weeks or so. I'd have to try and get a second safehouse up there somewhere in that case. I plan to try it again when vehicles and NPC are in. I want to try and either survive together with a loved one (and shoot myself in the head when she dies) or a small community.
  7. If it's for single player use only, then it's not hacking, but modding. As long as it doesn't interfere with other people's gaming experience, there's no problem. It's the multiplayer part that really has to be safe.
  8. Maybe we will be able to build wooden planks on water some day? ^__^
  9. Many people on the forum say yelling would force some kind of reaction from zombies. They never reacted in my game, I could go shouting all day. o_O
  10. The source of your problem can be everything really. Try posting your PC specs here, that would make helping easier. The game uses quite some RAM (over 1GB). Depending on your hardware that could cause Windows to put more and more into your paging file, which would make everything incredibly slow over time.
  11. How do you define a horde? I guess more then 20. Something like this:
  12. I am confused. You don't get hordes in your game? I don't either. 1 Month and some days in, and 0 hordes.
  13. I don't understand. I didn't ask about when multiplayer comes. Actually I'm not really interested in multiplayer. I really like the single player aspect so far. I'm not even sure I'll use NPCs when they are in. (There was a sole survivor option for sandbox iirc). I'm looking forward to things like cattle, nutrition, migration etc.
  14. Just to make it clear. This is only out of curiosity what the people in this forum want more. It's in no way meant to influence the dev's in a way they don't want.
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