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  1. tomga1

    Killer bees

    What's this!? A perfectly normal video game without any bees!? A large influx of bees ought to put a stop to this!
  2. tomga1

    "airborne" zombism

  3. tomga1

    A Threat to Project Zomboid?

    Please for the love of christ tell me this isn't serious.
  4. tomga1

    6 Word Story

    Suddenly, Gavin's bowels loudly recited Dickens'...
  5. tomga1

    Ask the User below you Anything

    That is the answer and the question.
  6. tomga1

    The Corrupt-A-Wish Thread

    Granted, you never shower again and your skin turns to woodlice instantly. I wish I could infect people with melodram pathetisism
  7. tomga1

    The lucky and unlucky traits

    The realism junkies have gone too fucking far this time. We already have a sadistic AI all powerful zombie luck controller god thing that controls the universe. Yes we can have rigged random number generators. Just earned yourself another warning point.
  8. tomga1

    Last To Post Wins

    much mess very popular
  9. tomga1

    Ask the User below you Anything

    Age of Empires What's your favourite RTS?
  10. tomga1

    The Corrupt-A-Wish Thread

    Granted. Now you do speed. I wish I did speed too.
  11. tomga1

    6 Word Story

    "In my colostomy bag." Replied Gavin.