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  1. I will no longer respond to this line of discussion, as it's not relevant to the point of this topic. However, I'd moved on and addressed the topic itself (which it seems OP has gotten further involved in). If it's admission of guilt you seek, yes my comment may have been unwarranted. Is it an apology you demand, it was not my intention to cause anyone harm and I regret having said that. I'm honestly shocked that of the things that I said, you chose to ignore everything other than this one comment.
  2. Did you not read the first sentence I wrote? "It would be helpful to have a collected list of suggestions and if there are any official responses to them." This is in no way stating that it's a bad idea. You also failed to acknowledge that I pointed out the massive undertaking that it would be to compile a list of suggestions spanning several years.
  3. I like the idea of being able to adjust the settings per area. I feel like the settings would need to be regularly adjusted, as player counts change, players relocate or travel to new areas. I've avoided servers mostly due to being on the "game is too hard" side of this issue (that and excessive mods). Server settings tend to favor groups, being multiplayer this is easily understandable. Varying playstyles, skill levels, social dynamics and so on factor into the groups that form. Games with as many possibilities for places to go, things to find/craft and whatever else people can think of, often have balancing concerns for groups vs solo players. In my experience the communities that play in groups are a higher percentage of the player base than solo players. This tends to lead to balancing favoring groups, which is also understandable.
  4. Can confirm. This gives authorized people a chance to enter the code to deactivate the alarm. I can't speak to the popularity and workings of 90's alarm systems in KY though.
  5. It would be helpful to have a collected list of suggestions and if there are any official responses to them. This would take a lot of work to scour even their own forums, let alone steam, facebook or twitter. I'd like to be more sympathetic, but the fact that you chose to type "be4" invalidates everything you say. I hope you spent the time you saved on a few letters wisely.
  6. With all the other options in character creation (even in general) I'm surprised this isn't more widely used. There could be a check box stating if the primary hand is left and adjusting accordingly when equipping items. Alternatively, you could directly select which hand to equip an item to. I'm not sure how this would all work as far as the coding goes, but it's my thoughts on the idea.
  7. While it would be cool to have, it's entirely unrealistic. Not only would they be near impossible to find, it's likely that most would be replicas for display purposes. All that aside, you'd probably have to craft combat quality armor. I can't say much about their construction, but I imagine the recipe would include belts or leather for attaching the armor to the body.
  8. Depending on how complex the "minigames" were and the benefits/consequences of success/failure, would determine how on board I'd be with this idea. If it were something like quick times events or something similar to games like Among Us, where failing only meant the result took a little longer or a mildly less impressive product. Cooking could easily set houses on fire if someone doesn't figure it out in time or doesn't have a steady/fast enough hand. FPS games that have an "active" reload system, are a good example. The benefits of using and improving at the system mean reloading faster, where as failing or even ignoring the system simply means reloading at the default speed.
  9. I imagined that fitness and strength would provide a base tolerance, then trait penalties/bonuses would be applied. Professions could possibly factor in as well. A burger flipper might be a young party goer or a veteran might be a drinker for various reasons. On another end of the spectrum, there could be traits that encourage players to abstain from getting intoxicated or avoid being around things like players that are drinking/drunk.
  10. Perhaps the level of tolerance could be factored off of fitness and strength levels, with any relevant traits added in. Whatever method, be it alcohol, drugs or even things like poisonous plants or animals, could be combined into an "intoxication" stat. The details of the stat I haven't put much thought into, but I don't believe it would be difficult to work into a balanced mechanic. Multiplayer presents similar issues to sleep when intoxication reaches the point of blacking out or losing control. I do like the idea of piggy backing the npc code though.
  11. Of course this would add another stat to manage. While not an immediate concern in survival situations, it has long term effects if not addressed. Something like this wouldn't need to be done very often, even doing a hygiene task once a day wouldn't interfere with the gameplay loop. There could be several options for hygiene tasks as well. Wash your hands while refilling water, change clothes that are dirty/bloody or repair/clean them, relieve yourself while looting a bathroom. There are plenty of random opportunities to easily keep up with a stat that could be ignored for a day or two before having an impact on mood and such. After a week or so, things might start to effect stamina and possibly being a zombie attractor (not sure how this fits into zombie lore, but it's not impossible)
  12. I like the idea of players teaching others. It seems natural that in a real life survival situation, the more people that know how to do something the better. I feel like there would be a limit though. The amount of knowledge that can be passed should be limited by the completed levels the teacher has. For example, if the teacher is sharing their level 4 skills, the learning player should only receive the bonus up to level 2 or 3. As someone that has tried to teach people to play various games (not that it's really the same, but stay with me), teaching someone what you know, doesn't automatically make them equally skilled. Sure they have access to the same information, however that doesn't afford them the hands on experience and subtleties for that skill set. On the topic of books and reading, why not have the ability to read books out loud? All players would basically be reading the same book at once, while only one is basically acting as a tv. If there is a balance concern, perhaps blocking multiple players from reading out loud together to abuse the mechanic. This would simply be took much noise and distraction to actually learn any useful information anyway if we're being realistic. While it's not exactly what you're talking about, there is a journal mod that allows you to recover skill levels. The journal must be crafted and you set the percentage of xp returned.
  13. I'm fairly certain swimming is not in the game. However flooding is an interesting proposition. Intense weather could easily cause flooding. It would be interesting to see what the actual areas history is in regards to this.
  14. This is a very good thing to bring to the attention of the developers. As someone who has watched multiplayer Minecraft videos, this is something I've seen them struggle with as well. While videos can have this information easily edited out, livestreams do not have this option. The must take advanced preventative measures, as a simple mistake could lead to servers and personal information being compromised. Granted, it is not the developers responsibility to secure your information. With the growing popularity that PZ has been experiencing, this might be the time to address these concerns. Edit - My only suggestion is from watching archived twitch streams. A streamer/youtuber Northerlion, fades in a full screen overlay any time there is something that needs to be blocked out. If I'm not mistaken, I believe he uses OBS if that helps at all.
  15. My sister and I have so far enjoyed our time here. We are currently in Riverside, though we have not decided how long we will stay in this location.
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