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  1. OnItemuse(player, item) LUA event returns the player who used the item and item that was used. So we can do stuff like make people addicted if they take too many pills a lot easier than it is now. EDIT: Some more events... OnActionStart(action) returns the action being started There is action canceled event, but no action start event? I would also like to ask for AddXP event to ether trigger even if no exp for said skill is gained, or an event that fires when you do a task related to a skill. Right now if you want to trigger something that h
  2. Oh absolutely. Anything not rippable now should be given a material, or be marked burnable. Maybe set it up so if no material is defined for a clothing item, it is then automatically rippedable into "clothing scrap". Clothing scrap can then be used as fuel.
  3. TBH I think in general doctors or nurses should be able to see more information about wounds in general.
  4. 1) please make using scissors to cut up materials give a small amount of tailoring exp 2) please make shoes rippable like other clothing. Maybe have it give like a 10% chance for some material (Cotten, Leather, or Nylon) 2a) Maybe some unique materials from shoes: like sole or inserts. these can be used along with glue to repair other shoes/boots 3) Nylon/Polyester 3a) Nylon comes from plastic clothing items; like a rare chance from jackets, surgical gloves (I know those are latex, just close enough), backpacks, medical scrubs (50/50 chance), highly visible ve
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