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  1. For this week's update we finally have a monster to show you ! The Reaper himself ! Ratgibnak
  2. Hello World ! In Dolus you will be able to slide on walls ! How cool is that ? 😎💪 Ratgibnak
  3. Hi ! We made a lot of progress this week on all the animations from our main character. We just finished the Death animation ! We would love to have some feedback on what you think about this animation, let us know ! Ratgibnak
  4. Hey everyone, My name is Antoine, I am a dev and I am currently working on my first indie 2D game made with Unity ! Dolus is an introspective journey into the world of grief. You will have to find your way through the five stages of loss in this hand drawn adventure platformer. Follow us in our game development journey ! Insta Twitter Facebook Ratgibnak
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