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  1. The ripples of your suffering can bend the reality around you ! We added a new effect when the player takes damages ! I am creating this shock wave effect via a shader. It took me a bit of time but it was worth it ! We will add more shaders like this in the future. Should I make it a bit faster or go further ? Follow us in our game development journey ! Insta - Twitter - Facebook Ratgibnak
  2. Concentrated Power Attack ! This is what you will be able to cast in Dolus once you gather enough energy through time and defeating your demons. How could we improve this ? Does it look good to you ? We also made some progress on a new monster that will be part of the Denial level : Creepy right ? ^^ Next step is to work on the animations to kill that monster ! You will have to hit it several times to be able to get rid of it ! Follow us in our game development journey ! Insta - Twitter - Facebook Ratgibnak
  3. Now that you know how to put boundaries that protect your emotions and soul, you can use it on demand. As you can see we have some particles bursting out of the shield when it's impacted by an attack. We are thinking about adding some visual effect to the creature attack to notify the player that this specific attack was blocked. Do you think it's too much ? We already have the particles showing that a block happened. Should the player's character have an animation ? Follow us in our game development journey ! Insta - Twitter - Facebook Ra
  4. Strong emotions should not be repressed. Understand them, feel them fully and make them your shield ! Today we have a new ability to show you ! The player will be able to spawn an energy shield to prevent damages. What do you think of the shield's design ? Ratgibnak Follow us in our game development journey ! Insta Twitter Facebook
  5. New platforms are in place ! And for the first time we are proud to show you the wall jump with the wall slide ! Have you noticed the moving stars in the background ? We will soon share more on this ! Ratgibnak
  6. This is how our little fellow defeated this monstruous trap that stood between him and his redemption. But beware the several others, they may be not that easy to take down ! Ratgibnak
  7. Animation update ! The eye is now rolling and you can interact with the remains from the demons of your unconscious before it dissolves. Ratgibnak
  8. I updated the animation from our trap and added some lights. But most important of all, we now have a dangerous mystical shiny ball coming out of it ! Make sure to avoid it ! Ratgibnak
  9. We had some fun articulating these chains and animating the whole thing. Can you guess what this odd mechanism will do to our sad little fellow ?? We will improve on this trap all week long ! Ratgibnak
  10. Death Animation for the One Eye Monster This is what happen when the demons of your unconscious dare resisting your progress ! What do you think of the dissolve effect at the end with the flying particles ? Ratgibnak
  11. Saturday news ! We finalized our attack animation, added some particles emitting light coming out of the necklace and some hits particles for the monster ! And as a bonus, here is the dash animation !
  12. Try again, back to life ! In Dolus, you can actually die. But until you go through all the stages of your own grief, you will come back to face it ! This is your destiny, your only way out. Going through every daemon, every emotion. What do you think of the respawn animation ? I still have to fix a few light issues but it's already looking pretty good Ratgibnak
  13. My jump animation is done ! With some smoke particles on the ground And the light shining on the character depending on the necklace position ! Ratgibnak
  14. For this week's update we finally have a monster to show you ! The Reaper himself ! Ratgibnak
  15. Hello World ! In Dolus you will be able to slide on walls ! How cool is that ? 😎💪 Ratgibnak
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