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  1. Engine quality may play a part, like inflated tyres but I don't think it's the entire story as I've had 100 engine quality vehicles that struggled to tow a Dart (which could tow the bigger vehicle a lot easier). It does seem that vehicles that are better at towing do tend to be harder to tow. I do hope it gets improved in the update.
  2. That one is too long and has a tendency to chain too. I hasn't got me killed yet, but I did have my character wile-e-coyote into a low fence and flop over it onto his face.
  3. I thought the running in a different direction to what you're pressing when near hordes was a bug. I really hope this isn't by design.
  4. gromit

    VHS: Home

    Can confirm this shows up and throws errors if you try and play it. It seemed to break the save also.
  5. No, I've had this happen and the character can also get stuck on vehicles and walls when it happens too. The running in the wrong direction bug used to happen before but now that they've increased the chance of characters falling over, it's gone from a mild irritating bug to a frustrating, game ending one.
  6. Can you please take another look at vehicle power in the upcoming update? Towing has become fairly miserable for the most part as vehicles have very little torque. If you go off road (which for locations such as the farm in Muldraugh you have no real choice) vehicles will come to a stop if they shift up to second gear while towing another vehicle. Reverse has far more power for some reason (possibly helped by the fact it doesn't change gear) and that currently is one work around to get vehicles to the farm. Not really ideal and not realistic. Heavy vehicles also shouldn't be struggling to tow small cars either.
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