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  1. Glad I'm not the only who makes that typo! My old Nitrado server never did this and I never needed to have a value set for "SaveWorldEveryMinutes". G-Portal's back end doesn't actually show what command they're using when you choose to shut down or restart the server. I'm also not the most knowledgeable on this topic, but I'm wondering if they're using ctrl-c as suggested here, which is causing the issue of it not saving? I'm not sure if that's of any use to you.
  2. I had to use "SaveWorldEveryMinutes" set at 15 on a G-Portal server because it never saved on a server restart. Instead what happened was areas previously cleared would become uncleared and safehouses never saved when I used them to test also. I've seen this problem being reported quite a while back too, nothing seems to come of it. Happened on vanilla server so no, mods can't be blamed. I read it was something to do with how the server was shutdown and restarted. Only doing it a certain way would it actually save, otherwise you get issues like this and being forced to use the "SaveWorldEveryMinutes" to get it to actually save. I've also read you can save with an admin character using the /save command but as admin characters aren't really designed to be used to play the game with, this is an awkward solution. I would rather not have to use "SaveWorldEveryMinutes" because it did lag the server. Hopefully this gets addressed.
  3. I think he means the bug that triggers the tv show (works with all shows, not just cooking) to run again after you quit to the menu and load the game up after watching it. I've never tried it at specific times, but I've had it trigger if the tv is off when I load the game back up or the tv is on a different channel and I switch it to life and living. Doesn't always trigger so you may need to do it a few times but it will trigger and it will give the xp again too.
  4. Currently gardening is simply checkerboard layouts to avoid disease spreading. The game currently has no positive for adjacency planting and there's no downside to creating a massive cabbage garden that in reality would be a huge beacon to all the pests in the area and end up devoured. As it stands, growing is way too easy and extremely bland also. Additional crops for the sake of it won't change this and other solutions such as weeding tend to end up being annoying grinds. Those solutions don't tend to go down well with players with little interest or time in the gardening aspect. There are going to be players who just want to plant and forget. Companion planting I propose adding a companion planting system instead that can add various positives (also negatives) depending on what is planted adjacently and in a tile radius around the plant also if needed. This would discourage the bland checkerboard layouts and various monocultures. It's worth noting that this is something growers actually take notice of in reality and the combinations can be taken from reality too. Additional information here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Companion_planting https://www.thompson-morgan.com/companion-planting-guide https://www.thespruce.com/companion-planting-with-chart-5025124 This of course means additional plants would need adding to the game (the produce of many already are but can't be grown) but rather than adding them for variety alone, their inclusion would serve an additional purpose in the garden with this system, giving players another reason to grow them. Certain combinations could range from reducing the chance of pest flies and mildew occurring, passively combating already occurring pest flies, increasing growth speed and yield. Bad combinations would have the opposite effect. Certain monocultures could greatly increase the chance of pest flies occurring and their potency. Disease could also have a much higher percentage to spread if grouped with identical crops. Certain crops may benefit from being grouped together, but also have the negatives also. Not all of the additional plants would need to be crops either. Certain herbs work well with certain crops also, so these could be a nice little addition too. There are also beneficial flowers that could be considered. It doesn't need to be an overly complicated system and can utilise a lot of what is currently in the game. I think it would actually add to gardening rather than adding a layer of grind which even those who aren't all that interested would be forced to participate in. To get the absolute most of out of the system, you'd need to have some planning of what is going to be planted and where. Those with no interest could still continue to plant and forget for the most part, but their harvests wouldn't be at all as effective.
  5. It definitely needs dialling back. If a horde is closely following you near buildings, many of them lose focus and start banging on doors or windows. They also become fixated on the door or window and won't stop until it drops or you step to close. It needs work for sure. I wouldn't say it's a major issue though. Right now I think that nutrition being very weak is much higher priority. You can pretty much survive on a diet of raw cabbages. You can gain weight at an alarming speed (which in turn makes both the underweight traits free points, compared to the overweight two) and there is no real negative to eating an entire tub of ice cream in one sitting. Nausea is already a moodlet and could be used to stop players doing this. For instance, your character stops eating the block of butter after a quarter of the way through it, gets nauseous and can't eat again for a period of time. As it stands, there's too many skills linked to food procurement that are seriously blunted because of it. Cooking is also blunted because there's no real reason to cook a well balanced meal. That also needs to change. Gardening could also do with a major overhaul too. I think a companion planting system could be added here (to help negate the negatives of adjacent planting and reduce the checkerboard layouts).
  6. gromit

    Lone Survivor

    - Fixed siren and light bar shutting off once you get a certain distance away from the vehicle. Now even when you go over 1000 blocks away and come back, the lights and sirens on cars are still going off. - Fixed blank VHS Home tapes spawning. They are now replaced with a random Retail VHS when spawning loot. Glad these two got sorted, always irritated me the sirens would just shut off if you went off screen a bit. Also, will the next blog post be around the features that coming much sooner? I appreciate the news on NPCs but they're so far away right now. I'd be a lot more interested in hearing about the other planned build 41 changes you have lined up, news on build 42 and what other additions you're looking to add prior to NPCs.
  7. gromit

    Milky Milky

    The breeding system sounds a similar to Wurm's system, which also sounds more complicated than it actually is. I do like the idea of plants getting the same treatment as that could emulate the different varieties of the same plant. Some could be faster growing with smaller harvests, while others could be prone to pest flies but are more frost hardy. I assume this will come if growing gets an overhaul to be a lot more interesting. Raised boxes for instance could be used to negate zombies stomping crops and for roof top growing which currently is a bit weird right now. I do feel it's a shame the zombies won't attack the animals though. Hopefully that's an option we can enable in sandbox as it gives us something to care about and design our base accordingly.
  8. gromit


    You can change the frequency in sandbox settings. It will go off the instant you break the window. I don't know if they're activated if the car is already open and you get in/smash the window. It shouldn't be active if the car is open.
  9. We may start seeing many of these cutesy mechanics get reworked or removed with the push for late game content. I always assumed these were in place to disguise the fact there's bugger all to do late game. I have noticed with this new unstable patch (perhaps it's always been this way and it's never happened to me before) that the fence lungers can knock you flying from the opposite side of the fence.
  10. This may not have been the case for you (I'm thinking it's likely though), but if it's dark and you flick the light switches in buildings, it seems to make quite a lot of noise. Here's a video explaining it. As for the rest of the topic, is this what happens when you have drag down turned off? I haven't had this happen yet, but it does sound like a miserable experience. The original solution further up the thread of a counter so you can only get hit x amount of times does sound like a fairly reasonable solution.
  11. gromit

    Patch PlanZ

    Agreed, more variation there would be nice. I think the Automated Emergency System would benefit from having its own sounds as well so it sounds less like a Bill Clinton interview and more like an actual AES.
  12. Those lights do work but they're like a lamp which looks weird. I'm using this for the bulb lifespan. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2715911680 Vanilla is ridiculous needs upping massively.
  13. The symbols you can paint on the walls are a bit limited and fairly useless though. I'd like to be able to paint lines on the ground for my car park but I think they also need to implement concrete for that as well instead of us having to use a mod to get that working.
  14. unhitch before logging out and hitching when you get back in tends to work fine for me. You can also hitch before setting off and that generally works too. It's a bit of a mess right now sadly. Unfortunately I have also found (likely by sheer coincidence) that the ambulance has a real bad tendency to just take off even with the trailer attached to it. It's done it twice now. The first time I got out and the passenger had to log out before he died. I was able to ram the ambulance out of a nearby building to get it back. The second I was alone and it killed me
  15. I'd imagine they'd use morph targets for fat and thin variants and have it scale along to suit the character's current levels of chubbiness. They could do the same with strength and height too. I wouldn't rule it out happening later down the road, so long as it doesn't hammer performance that is.
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