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  1. DiederikV

    Covoid 19

    Thanks for the reply man! (Shame on me I should check the forum more often instead of just Discord and the reddit) Good to know, then ill just continue making custom tiles and stuff
  2. No problem. Tip I found out later. Name the copied file (so your custome one) different. so instead of worldfiller.lua I named it worldfiller_diederik.Lua That way you only have to add your custom lines. If you name it the exact same it will overide the vanilla file in game, which may cause issues if the devs update the file and you dont. I hope you get what I mean
  3. DiederikV

    Covoid 19

    @nasKo Bit of an old thread but question. For the 3D inventory items topic, do you also intend on replacing the other sprite sheets in game with full 3D models? I'm working on a lot of custom tiles and it would be a shame to do it all for nothing.
  4. So, I've just released my mod on the steam workshop. This mod contains a bunch of tile sets (at this point only ones made by me) and the tile definitions for those tilesets https://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/?id=2337452747 The tilesets which are included in this mod can be downloaded here on google drive https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1OCKLNmHbpBMtf0eOvN5nDoyGRtt-VfME?usp=sharing If you want to use these simply put them in you 2x tiles folder and subscribe to the mod. (everyone playing your map will also need to subscribe otherwise the tiles won't w
  5. So I redid the furniture. Now it is actually a little bit different visually. (object do face all 4 sides)
  6. and I've got some pictures/paintings/wall-decoration + kitchen backsplashes/trims
  7. Multiple layers looks a bit funky though
  8. Im slowly working on more stuff but im okey with anybody having them. Thing is that if you want to use them right now they will be delivered as is. I havent set up the in-game stuff for it yet (the tile settings). Most of them are just png's at this point. I'd prefer if you want to use some of them to send me a pm on Discord (Daddy Dirkiedirk#0338) or if you don't have discord PM me here. (I often forget to check these forums so reply is probably slower)
  9. Hey guys, quite some time I read about something about (little) changes to the map. Is there any indication where on the map things will change? Asking as I'm working on some stuff and I don't want to run into a conflict with upcoming content.
  10. So I added the SofaKing Store tiles and more couches, including a couch corner so you can make an angled couch.
  11. Soooo I figured this out. Ill try to explain it. 1. Draw tiles 2. Save tiles as .png file in: DRIVE:\Steam\steamapps\common\Project Zomboid Modding Tools\Tiles\2x 3. Open Tiled 4. Up top click tools -> Tilesets 5. Click the "Add Tilesets" button In this new screen it should also direct to where step 2 is pointing. 6. check the boxes for the new tilesets that you want to add to your map. (even for just adding tilesets I'd recomend adding them to a map for now) and press OK 7. Good job, they should now be in the list. If you click on them they should show you the tileset
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