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  1. Hey guys, quite some time I read about something about (little) changes to the map. Is there any indication where on the map things will change? Asking as I'm working on some stuff and I don't want to run into a conflict with upcoming content.
  2. So I added the SofaKing Store tiles and more couches, including a couch corner so you can make an angled couch.
  3. Soooo I figured this out. Ill try to explain it. 1. Draw tiles 2. Save tiles as .png file in: DRIVE:\Steam\steamapps\common\Project Zomboid Modding Tools\Tiles\2x 3. Open Tiled 4. Up top click tools -> Tilesets 5. Click the "Add Tilesets" button In this new screen it should also direct to where step 2 is pointing. 6. check the boxes for the new tilesets that you want to add to your map. (even for just adding tilesets I'd recomend adding them to a map for now) and press OK 7. Good job, they should now be in the list. If you click on them they should show you the tileset 8. close this screen Now you will need to give properties to your tile set 9. Up top click tools -> Tile properties 10. Here we are going to define what your tiles do in game. I'de recommend opening Tiled twice for the following 11. Open the .tiles file that is in your DRIVE:\Steam\steamapps\common\Project Zomboid Modding Tools\Tiles by default. Mine was called "newtiledefinitions" This will be your reference 12. In your other tiled also open the tile properties screen but now instead make a new file 13. Click the + icon on the bottom and select your tilesets. (if you want to update this later it is important that you do not delete these sets if they are being used in maps/mods/whatever, the number will be different and it will break stuff) 14. Click on the tile you want to give properties to, open the reference tiled and navigate to an object similar to the one you are adding 15. copy the settings and change them to your need, most stuff is self explenatory 16. sweet, now your tiles have properties. 17. close the tile properties screen 18. Go to tools -> .pack files -> create .pack file 19. Fill in the required steps. Now we will need to create a mod for you to be able to load your items in-game Eventhough I have the game on steam and it has its own mod folder their for some reason where it loads my mods from is: DRIVE:\Users\Username\Zomboid\mods 20. Copy the "examplemod" and name it whatever you want 21. open the folder and open the "mod" .info 22. change the name, ID, Description 23. save and close the file 24. In your media folder inside of your mod folder create a folder named "texturepacks" in here you will put the .pack file you created in step 19 (\Zomboid\mods\MODNAME\media\texturepacks) 25. back in the media folder you will put the tile definition file 26. Open up the "mod" .info file again in your main mod folder 27. add the line "pack=THENAMEOFYOURTEXTURE.PACK FILE" Awesome, now we will need to fix the container overlay. You can fix this for yourself locally OR you can add it to the mod so that others can enjoy it as well. 28. navigate to DRIVE:\Steam\steamapps\common\ProjectZomboid\media\lua\server\Items 29. Here is a worldfiller.lua file, copy it 30. past it in your mod folder in MODNAME\media\lua\server\items (the "server" and "items" folder does probably not exist yet, create those) 31. Now open the worldfiller.lua file you just pasted there (I use notepad++, its free and easy to work with) 32.Now afer opening this file there will be a bunch of lines, these are all the existing container overlays in the game. For as far as I experienced you will need to keep those in addition to what you will add. Upon loading your mod this file will be used instead of the default one. If you don't keep the existing stuff it will no longer work in your map Adding new things 33. Now for example you have the line in here location_Shop_zippee_01 is the name of the texture that its refering to. the _11 after that is the position on the texture, simply counting left to right and then continue on the next layer. there are 2 links after that, one for when its full and when for when its partially full. so "food_01_10" is when its full and "food_01_18" when it is partially full. Now what you want to do is copy-paste this line and edit it so that it will use your own overlays on your own tiles. "overlayMap["ThisIsMyNewTileSetName_11"] = {{ name = "other", tiles = {"ThisIsMyNewOverlayName_10", "ThisIsMyNewOverlayName_01_18"} }, { name = "other", tiles = {"food_02_10", "food_02_18"} }}" I hope this helps
  4. Powerline poles should be rather easy but probably a pain to put in game. (For what I know you can't make multiple height objects) Next will probably doors, just the vanilla doors though. If I get them to work I may look into different door styles. Do you have a reference image for the countertops you'd like? This would probably be an easy one. For counter tops, IF I get the container overlay working I hope to design some stuff for it. Example: if the counter if full with goodies stuff will stand on top. If not its empty. Entertainment centers would probably be cool. It won't work as one big object but as I still want to do living rooms I could definetly keep this in mind. (Probably only make it for the tiles that you are facing them. When looking at the back it will most likely only obstruct vision.
  5. Aaaand the bedrooms, some beds are just reskins of existing beds. Most stuff is redrawn though.
  6. Ill post an update of the bedroom furniture stuff, I have about 5 tile sets finished now. But first, kitchen counters. these are just recolors, I really didn't feel like redrawing everything When all I wanted was to change colors. The 2 on their own I just added a hanging cabinet, the counter is vanilla.
  7. So, second one is basically done. I really though I´d be able to finish these quicker but what can you do. Bedrooms are kinda boring to make so maybe I´ll do 1 more with different door knobs and such and then maybe a color variation *Edit, I may up the contrast a bit on this second one.
  8. Thanks I will, Here is the first set basically completed. I may just add some noise texture to it to make a bit more dirty
  9. I would love to be able to just take a trash can and put a garbage bag into it to collect water instead of crafting a shitty wooden crate to put a garbage bag in it to collect water.
  10. Wouldn't putting a freezer or cooler outside work? Just throw some fresh snow/ice into it if its a particular sunny day. During the night even the inside of the cooler would cool down eventhough its isolated and then during the day it would stay kinda cold.
  11. So much yes. Just putting the food in a box outside in freezing weather should be enough to make it stay "good".
  12. DiederikV

    Raven Creek

    AH man, that looks pretty swole. Do you plan on this being a seperate map or do you plan on adding it to the extisting world?
  13. So, not sure if this is the right place on the forums but here it goes. I plan on making a bunch of tiles sets to expand on the tile sets that are currently in game. By doing this I hope you will all get to make even more exciting places to discover in the future. It may not be going fast but I hope to keep working on it going forward. Tile set roadmap: -Bedroom sets. I want to make bunch of bedroom sets that each include a bunch of objects to better dress the bedroom. (Finished, may need to change contrast though) -Kitchen sets. more cabinets, tables, chairs stuff like that. (WIP, Counters are done -Doors (1 door sheet is done) -Bathroom set, I made a test for this but I want to properly add a bunch. -Outside wall/floor tiles? -The Arcadian,Arcade hall tile set (Actually almost finished with the machines) -Sofa king, Sofa store tile set. Down below is a WIP shot of the template I will be using for the bedrooms, every bedroom will have a single and double bed, different cabinets, closet, shelves and a TV stand.
  14. Replying because I will also be in need of this info.
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