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  1. I would love to be able to just take a trash can and put a garbage bag into it to collect water instead of crafting a shitty wooden crate to put a garbage bag in it to collect water.
  2. Wouldn't putting a freezer or cooler outside work? Just throw some fresh snow/ice into it if its a particular sunny day. During the night even the inside of the cooler would cool down eventhough its isolated and then during the day it would stay kinda cold.
  3. So much yes. Just putting the food in a box outside in freezing weather should be enough to make it stay "good".
  4. DiederikV

    New Big City

    AH man, that looks pretty swole. Do you plan on this being a seperate map or do you plan on adding it to the extisting world?
  5. So, not sure if this is the right place on the forums but here it goes. I plan on making a bunch of tiles sets to expand on the tile sets that are currently in game. By doing this I hope you will all get to make even more exciting places to discover in the future. It may not be going fast but I hope to keep working on it going forward. Tile set roadmap: -Bedroom sets. I want to make bunch of bedroom sets that each include a bunch of objects to better dress the bedroom -Kitchen sets. more cabinets, tables, chairs stuff like that. -Bathroom set, I made a test for this but I want to properly add a bunch. -Outside wall/floor tiles? -The Arcadian,Arcade hall tile set (Actually almost finished with the machines) -Sofa king, Sofa store tile set. Down below is a WIP shot of the template I will be using for the bedrooms, every bedroom will have a single and double bed, different cabinets, closet, shelves and a TV stand.
  6. Replying because I will also be in need of this info.
  7. Looks pretty nice, the only thing that I'd have to point out is that in general windows are placed in the same spot on every floor (or every other floor). What does the inside look like?
  8. @Agroku Any progress on your map so far?
  9. Hi DresdenBBQ, So I may make some mistakes here and its my first time actually posting on this forum. I'll post some links to stuff that I find helpfull and has helped me get started (I only recently started working on buildings/mods for this game). First tutorial I read for buildings and map making: Here one of the devs explains the entire map making (And building) process briefly: and here you can find a link to all the room definitions: If you are missing some tiles in the building editor you can find help here:
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