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  1. I guess this isnt something that happens too often...
  2. I can't believe the amount of problems I keep running into... I've recently started again with making a map (because I ran into a different problem) and now I've run into a problem when trying to generate lots. When generating lots, it's giving me an error message "Errors occurred during Generate Lots - Cell 2,2: The Zombie Spawn Map doesn't cover Cell 2,2" I've checked my zombie spawn map for cell 2,2, and I can't see any problem with it. The cell is 300x300 so the spawn map is 30x30, there's no anti aliasing on or feathering or anything, so I'm at a loss, has anybody else encountered this or knows why this might be happening? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Good to know! Luckily I'm not too far into it where I don't mind starting again which also gives me a chance to plan the base maps a little more. I found that I could resize the map, giving me extra cells to work with but I stupidly started off with 1 cell which is 0,0 and the Cell I was trying to add was 0,-1 which doesn't exist when resizing the map. But exporting it at different coordinates would've solved that so thanks for that. Takes a bit of getting used to with everything but getting there slowly, and it helps to ask people who know what they're doing. Thanks for the reply!
  4. Ok so I started a new world using just 1 cell. Cell 0,0, which is coming along great, had a lot of problems but have overcome them with research and stuff n things. Only, this one I can't seem to find the answer I'm looking for. Can I add extra Cells to WorldEd after working on a project that already has a Cell? Or is this going to be another thing that makes me start again... lol? I'm hoping there's a tutorial on here but I couldn't find one... I thought it would be as easy as throwing in new cell images and selecting bmp to tmx under selected cells, but nope. I added the extra Cell image, but I can't select it, I can't delete it, I can't do anything with it, it's just a Cell that's stuck to the Cell I'm working on which does nothing... Please help?
  5. This is also something I'd like to know... I tried making rooms without walls and floors using the room id's to spawn in certain loot, which worked, a little. But unfortunately when I stood by the crate that was in the invisible room, the world goes dark which breaks immersion and looks weird, so had to abandon that idea. Would be helpful to know how it's done.
  6. Howdy! I'm working on a map that should hopefully give the veteran players a bit of a challenge, and I'm trying to make a Firewatch Tower built by the side of a Ranger Station. The map will take place on a nature reserve with a chilling backstory, which will force players to go (mostly) all out survivalist, but I'm struggling a bit with making said Firewatch Tower. Has anyone made anything similar that might be able to show an example of how they made such a building? Like a Guard Tower or something similar to a Firewatch Tower? I'm having a few issues with it. I can't seem to find railings for the type of stairs I'm trying to use. For some reason I still get walls when I don't want them there. I am still new to TileEd and WorldEd... I'd really appreciate having a chance to see someone else's work and to see how they did it. Cheers!
  7. I sure did. I've got no idea what happened to be honest so I had to start again, and it hasn't happened since then, really hoping it doesn't happen again... I'm just wondering now if it bugged out/glitched or something, and if it's happened to anyone else. If not then maybe I just got unlucky and did something wrong somewhere.
  8. Hi all, sorry to introduce myself this way (and probably seem a little stupid in doing so) but I have hit a little wall with a map I'm working on... I got as far as making the .bmp base map, then adding it to WorldEd, then adding some nice little details, been working on it all day... And then, I decided to make a little building. Which I did just fine, I added it to WorldEd and it was all fun and awesome, until I tried to edit said building. Now, for some reason that I can't work out by myself, when I double click the Cell in WorldEd, it's just blank, it doesn't load, there's no map or anything, but base map is still there in the World tab... Can anybody help me with this? I bet it's something simple it usually is... and I'm sorry if I'm just missing something obvious. Cheers!
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