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  1. cmon man, who are you to decide, its just a suggestion
  2. hi, just gonna give some suggestion regarding Ground Level in PZ, it seems like, flat map is not good for PZ in long-run, perhaps, adding more ground level on each maps like a hill, step, cliff, will increase PZ lifetime in market..
  3. Hi, i just play my daily game, doing some activity, when suddenly my game crash (never happen before) then the game become unresponsive, i restart the game, i load in, i get back 2 days before the crash happen, also i lost most of my good gear (padded jacket, padded pants, hammer) no i kindda lost interest in resuming my journey since everything lost with no good reason
  4. Hi Dev, i found out that while we sit near a lit campfire, player hand is finding heat source, and while doing that, we cannot do anything while we sit near a lit campfire. Please check, Regards
  5. So my player is thirsty so i planning to drink like a normal human because I have an empty mug and a kettle full of water (already cooked) So I grab the empty mug, and i am trying to pour a water from Kettle to the empty Mug, guess what happened? I drink from the Kettle automatically while holding an empty mug, it is a very unpleasant thing to do in Zombie apocalypse, especially when you have an empty mug and just want to be a polite person, 🤣 "So, I guess, automatic drink is not really necessary boss..."
  6. Hi, so i try to use some duffel bag on my secondary hand, it work, the animation is appear, but when i drop the bag on the ground, it was above my player, kindly check this video drop secondary bag.m4v
  7. Turns out this because i use bag attachment mod, so when i disable all mod, vanilla is work fine 🤣
  8. Hi, i've play some custom game recently, and i found this while i try to equip my bag on my secondary arm, then i got 2 school bag XD kindly check the footage, Regards Action 5-1-2020 4-12-58 Pm-1.m4v
  9. So im tyring to cut down a tree, i pick the small tree which provide 1 log, when im cutting it, then i suddenly stop on last hack, kindly check the video Cut Down Stop-1.m4v
  10. Hi, found this when im i build 41.35, While I reloading while sit on the ground the reload is takes forever (kindly check it on attached video) before this update, i reload while sit so many times to practice my reloading skill, and the animation kindly jagged, but when I stand, reload works fine, kindly check devs, Regards reloading issue.m4v
  11. I'm here to say thank you to all the guys behind Project Zomboid developments, and I always amaze with Project Zomboid since the first i say this game, and im not here to ask "when MP, when MP", that's a bit annoying, keep up the good work devs, and thank you again everything takes time. hey, check out my suggestions here https://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php?/profile/36279-rattletrap/
  12. Hi, been thinking this for a while, how about; our basic need in defecate (poop) and Urinate (piss) to eliminate fecal material, which consists of undigested food. this is basic human needs, after eat, and drink Think about it.
  13. I've been thinking about one of these, we need to poop or urinate, to be more human
  14. We all want Project Zomboid to be the most realistic Zombie Survival game of all time. here is some suggestion. Campfire system expansion. It is the basic things to do in Survival situation, here is we can find current PZ Campfire system https://pzwiki.net/wiki/Campfire not so much for start a fire for surviving the zombie apocalypse, at first we only need a Match, when all Matches gone? next we can use a stick and notched wooden plank, only that's it but come on, its realistic Zombie Apocalypse, we need more more ways, because it is so much ways to start a fire, especially using household appliances, like; 1. Ash Cotton ball roll: (this will add ash in a Campfire after it burn out) *more realistic stuff here Cotton ball + Ash + 2 Plank Rub together, wait until smoke comes out and wait the ember to grow 2. Dissecting Battery: (this will add more a simple use to battery) Battery + Hammer/something hard to smash it + tweezer Take out the lithium and boom, you got fire the time it takes depends on player surviving skills, idk where to put it but maybe add more skill for surviving, maybe combine it with Foraging skill And so much more, this will add more realistic touch in our beloved game here is some reference that we can find on YouTube. Hopefully this suggestion will help Project Zomboid to be the most realistic Zombie Survival game of all time.
  15. Rattletrap

    Bandage Club

    Well that's player choice, at least the option is available, no matter what the cause afterwards, because that's how the Zombie Apocalypse works, like a real life, you choose. We all want Project Zomboid to be the only realistic Zombie Survival game of all time. rite?😄
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