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  1. Peeking: As the multiplayer gaming in PZ approaches I think we need more functional stealth mechanics. This would also be useful in single player when NPCs eventually drop. Maybe little less useful with zombies, but advantageous with them also. How does being able to peek from beyond closed curtains or doors sound like? I'm talking about animationless way of implementing this, right click a closed curtain or a door and get an action called a peek to choose. Choosing this action would grant you a second or two view outside, only a very narrow view mind you. Implementing thi
  2. Please make it an option to have only already crawling zombies to be able to crawl under the cars by default. I feel like any normal shambling zombie suddenly gaining enough wits to start crawling under obstacles is not very realistic. Perhaps this whole thing should be tied to the cognition options since it clearly a concious choise the zombies make. Also, player should be able to do the same, unless carrying a backpack. And we should be able to climb over the furniture and cars. I know this is much harder to implement, but it really bothers me that a simple sofa or chair is an
  3. I feel like the roleplaying aspect on PZ would benefit from adding more ways for agility based skills to manifest in gameplay. You can already fall in various situations, but not in some that would be very probable in real life. How this could be done is to make movement through various special terrains more hazardous and demanding. First that comes to mind is of course the piles of zombies you've killed, isn't it kind of obvious you'd have harder time stepping on corpses. Add a bit of a RNG and pair it with player stats to create more dynamic, challenging and realistic gameplay.
  4. Nice idea! Maybe some kind of watch and learn activity so you couldn’t gain skill points by just hanging around other players and NPCs. The player could watch others build things, use generators, take a part electronics and gain some small amount of xp through the action. That way it would require some patience and planning like reading and wouldn’t nullify the punishing aspect of not being able to read at all. Maybe even put a cap on skill advances to level 2 or 4 depending on the skill level of the character you’re learning from. Just a way to get started.
  5. I've always thought that in the game windows that won't open and eventually play the "you broke it" sound are latched shut and you just broke the mechanism trying to force it open. Rest of the windows are just slid down casually without latching them. Any time used by the PC fumbling them open might be just about trying to get a good grip on the outside parts where there are no handles. I like the idea of making later gameplay more demanding, but early gameplay don't need it that much. Maybe make doors stronger and require a crowbar to pry them open from the outside. Metal doors and espec
  6. Nice idea! I think it could be refined a bit more by giving a tool an "edge" value. "Edge = 0" means there is no edge, or the bladed item is too dull to do anything but be used as a rather useless blunt weapon. Bigger the value the sharper the tool. This would also mean the sharpness of a blade could deteriorate in use and require honing or resharpening. Accompanied with this there should be a "mass" value. For example an axe would have both high edge value and high mass value, thus making it a good tool to chop wood, whereas a kitchen knife with a low mass would be useless even
  7. I don't even suffer from motion sickness in real life or in any other game, but the rain in PZ is a bit disturbing. Haven't seen it in day time yet, but the stormy night I experienced was pretty bad. I guess it's that indoors you basically stare and concentrate at a smaller area and the rain animation on the edges of your vision cause this effect.
  8. Easy with PZ. Just make the murderer of another survivor suffer negative "karmic effect" that comes around when starting another mp character. Give the offender some amount of invisible plus modifiers which then has to be countered with negative traits. Of course this will only have any meaning when traits are properly implemented. These points could carry on to subsequent games, cumulating negative karma, until the offender starts behaving. This should lessen murderous behavior since excess negative traits could make surviving the next game pretty nasty. Given that griefers are pretty sorry
  9. How about introducing scythes to the game? Could be used both as a rather cumbersome weapon as well as of keeping weeds and grass in order. Using one would require some skill and develop your characters physique. I'd also like to see both motorized and pushable lawn mowers... also drivable ones that could work as a very slow vehicles. Coupled with a little cart they could be pretty useful, if noisy, when moving large amount of stuff. Using any motorized ones would be pretty careless and require gasoline. I figure scythes ought to be pretty rare and driveable lawn mowers rather common, after
  10. It's been 'reconsidered' time and again over the last three years. There's nothing anyone can say that adds anything new or unique to this discussion- we've seen it all. The reality is, there is no gameplay benefit for adding this. This is not the Sims. Further, we don't just add things because we're aiming for realism- there has to be a reason to spend coding time on it. For a game with accelerated time, we can just assume that you piss in the bushes every once in a while- there is no reason except "because" to add this. So, while everyone is more than welcome to discuss it, it's not going to
  11. Make tripping rare enough so players don't get into dire situations too often, but common enough to make them wary not to moonwalk all the time. I think PZ needs more mechanics that are available but not recommended. This creates atmosphere where player needs to pay attention plus weigh risks and rewards. Guns already are playing with this concept by being loud but effective. I don't know if they can jam, but that would be a very nice addition. We also have burglar alarms, seemingly locked windows that won't budge, ovens that easily burn down your safehouse, bleach we can drink and broken wi
  12. When the implementation of removing bodies from living areas to reduce infection risk is upon us, I think we at least need to be able to wash up. Think about it, you just killed several zombies and realized that the house all this happened in is perfect for your needs. So you carry the dead out and use bleach to scrub everything squeaky clean before moving in. Would you really not take a bath after all that? Would you just go on living your daily post-apocalyptic life, cooking and eating, sleeping and reading, farming and crafting with all the gore on you? No sir, I don't believe you would.
  13. Nice idea. Couple of seconds long gif-animation of characters very last moments, along with the stats, that you could perhaps post to the forum or anywhere else would compliment the whole "This is how you died" premise nicely and could be used to promote Project Zomboid.
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