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  1. Yeah, hunter trait unlocks all crafting recipes without needing to read hunter magazines. But you still need to have required skill levels to craft them.
  2. Something similar happened to me too. But what happened for me is that after my second fishing attempt, game completely froze. Although I'm not exactly sure it's vanilla problem, as I was using mods.
  3. I think I had the same issue. And I believe the mod that is causing your problem is "Scrap guns". After disabling it, reloading started to work again.
  4. So, there's a problem with player-built walls if set on floor 1 or higher, they're not showing up properly when standing on the same level. They're cut like the player is standing behind them, which I don't think is suppose to happen. For example, here's how it looks from ground floor: https://imgur.com/nYXwhWg And how it looks when I go up: https://imgur.com/txgjiMd (I used debug mode, to make it faster) If someone already posted something like that or if it's already known issue, then my apologize.
  5. 1054: Prevent standing zombies from scratching/biting anywhere below lower torso. With current and future animations playing it looks a bit odd. I mean, leg injuries are cool, but only crawlers should scratch/bite a leg. 1055: More crawlers. I haven't ever seen a naturally generated crawler zombie. They should spawn naturally.
  6. I agree with Thumping part. If you lock yourself somewhere and remain quiet and out of sight, zombies should give up banging on doors/windows after a while. It would make great sense.
  7. If my idea worked out, then 1 tile gap would not work, since zombies could just go through water and climb your structure (remember, 1 tile from shore should be around ankle deep, not a problem even for zombie). This type of base would be similar to high floor safe houses with broken stairs. Both are pretty much safe from zombies but players can still enter it. And speaking of placing structures on water, there could be an option of one level high requirement, so you can still build bridges and stuff. Don't forget about custom maps. They could really benefit from those additions, and open new opportunity for modders. This whole "dry yourself with a towel" thing should be a bit changed, at least for my water mechanics idea (It could stay the way it is for rain wetness). I would say that clothes would need to dry out over some time, mayby with towels speeding this process.
  8. So they could forbid placing any structure on water tiles. Problem solved. As for frozing, you're mayby right, that's why I posted it as optional.
  9. Hello everyone, I want to come up with a suggestion about water in Project Zomboid. It always bothered me, that water is only a blue carpet acting as an invisible barrier (I know, it's gonna be animated in the future, but still be an invisible barrier). And if there was a small stream, I had to walk a long way to find a dry land to cross it. So I have couple ideas on improving it: 1. Basics We should be able to enter the water. It would have course make your character wet, depending on how deep water is. There would be couple levels of deepness, from ankle deep to fully submerged. It would affect which clothes gets wet and also how fast can you move. Moving in water could also be louder. How could this work? My example is deepness level being dependant on distance between water tile and actual ground. With the exception of swimming pools. Something like: 1 tile from shore - ankle deep, 2 tiles from shore - knee deep, ect. 2. Swimming About swimming part, I have couple ideas for that: - You could swim for limited period of time, depending on your fitness level, weight you're carrying and how much tired you are. If you get exhausted, you will start drowning, losing health and eventualy die. - About zombies, they can't swim. Either can't enter deeper bodies of water or make them walk on the bottom, like TWD. This could be troublesome to do it, but I don't have any ideas for that part. - Some additional traits. Like "Can't swim" which would cause instant drowning when water is too deep. Or "Liked to swim" which would make character swim faster/longer. - Being in water could also have positive effects when the weather is hot. And of course negative when it's cold. - About the big river up north, you can just put some invisible barriers - If it's too hard to make, just skip it entirely, make invisible barriers in places too deep to walk. 3. Sewers. I've seen that sewers are planned feature in the future. If it's gonna be implemented into the game, sewer water could work the same way as normal water, but along wet, makes clothing dirty. Any wounds being submerged in the water could have very high chance of getting infected. Water high in the sewers could be dependent on raining. So sewers would become a deathtrap when it rains heavily, with chance of drowning. 4. Additional (optional) things: - Water turning into ice on winter season. You could walk on frozen bodies of water, with chance of it breaking under you. Depends on temperature, your carryweight and if you're running or not. - Simple craftable boats. It would require high carpentry level to make one. I'm open for more suggestions about it, if you have other ideas then feel free to share them.
  10. TheMitu97


    I love everything in the new build, can't wait to test it myself. Combat will be a lot harder, especially with nerfed knifes and stabbing weapons. Also love all clothing options. As I'm speaking about clothing, there's gonna be possibility of adding more clothes via modding ? I know you've added tons of new stuff, but some people may want to add some more things. If the question has been answered before, then apologise for asking again.
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