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  1. More progress has been made over past couple of weeks:
  2. I can confirm this, found dirty, bloody and worn boxing gloves that couldn't be washed and fixed. Even when I used a mod that lets you repair item by setting it as favourite, it still stays dirty.
  3. I can confirm same thing happening to me, even in the same place as you. Very often I came back to completely cleared out areas to find them filled with lots of zombies, even with zombie respawn turned off. I can assume it's just migration, but it definitely feels way more frequent in newest version.
  4. 41.78.3 Singleplayer With mods New save, but probably still a thing in old ones So after playing more in latest unstabe build I can definitely say there's something strange going on with either zombie spawning or their migration. It feels way more aggresive in 41.78. Before in 41.77 I was able to swiftly clear Rosewood without problems, but now in unable to do it as zombies just keep on coming and coming from nowhere. Just had a weird situation. Arrived to my base, unloaded loot, did a whole perimiter check around the base - nothing to be seen for miles away. I went inside to segregate loot when I suddenly hear zombies banging on my door. I thought that I might have missed one maybe hiding behind a tree or something. To my surprise I was greeted to a horde of 30+ zombies just casually hanging around my base. Couple more things I noticed from my play sessions: - Zombies seem to be more attracted to gun fire. Even the most quiet firearm caused hundreds of zombies to just appear. (maybe it's mods fault, but it didn't happen in 41.77) - On many occasions I found groups of 4-5 zombies standing really close to each other. Could be coincidence, but I don't recall anything like that happening so frequently in 41.77. - Also keep in mind, that I have zombie respawning disabled completely in sandbox options.
  5. Been doing some shooting yesterday with pistol at lvl 10 aiming and I agree. Was getting way more one shot kills from further away than from point blank/short range. This definitely needs to be aknowledged by developers.
  6. I can say that I felt like this was the case for me as well. One of the patch notes from earlier versions claimed that it was apparently fixed, but I'm not really sure if I feel the difference or not.
  7. Been playing recently in Muldraugh and noticed something similar myself. Although, are you sure it isn't just migration? Zombies tend to just migrate from nearby areas to populate empty ones. I gotta say it occurs way more frequently on 41.78 though, but I actually saw it happen. Dozens of zombies just coming from outta nowhere, even though there was absolutely nothing sound related that could possibly attract them.
  8. Seems like in 41.78.3, it is sort of fixed, apart from some minor clipping of bulletproof vests: Regarding other clothing related issues, there's this one happening on 41.78.3, no mods, happens only with regular Leather Jacket. Ones with logos like Wild Raccoons ect. work fine. Ponchos also cause part of the forehead to become invisible, again no mods:
  9. 41.78.3 Singleplayer No mods Old and new saves As title says, while being inside buildings, almost all exterior walls with windows become invisible. Issue does not occur on stable 41.77 version. Screenshot of the issue included (it's somewhat dependent on viewing angle):
  10. Current map progress - there's too much to showcase in a single topic, but at the same time, there's a lot more work left to do
  11. Still working on it, although slowly. Managed to do some Outbreak areas and RE3 Clock Tower and Dead Factory sketches, might post some screenshots later.
  12. • 41.73 • Singleplayer. • Host. • No. • New save • Reproduction steps: I might sound a bit technical explaining this thing, sorry in advance. According to RadioData.xml file, there are some other scripted radio transmissions that should occur after it's done with the main script, like Jonas brodacasts on LBMW frequency for example. Thing is, they never seem to initiate for me, no matter what. In fact, every single radio frequency seem to stop initiating any scripts after finishing with "main" script. Even tried testing it using debug mode, fast forwarded roughly 2 months after end of the "main" script on each frequency, and none of them ever initiated any scripts. The most notable example is Classified M1A1 frequency, which according to script file, should transmit strings of numbers during first days, but it never does, because it is tied to a "numbers" script instead of "main", which causes this frequency to stay silent forever and never broadcast anything. Of course, I might misunderstood the script thing, and they might be actually supposed to happen at random, but at the same time it doesn't make sense for some of them, like Jonas for example (he references recent McGrew message, which should place it sometime after Jackie's broadcasts end). So my final question is - are these scripts supposed to take very long time to initiate, or they're simply broken?
  13. 41.73 Both Singleplayer and Multiplayer Host Yes New save Reproduction steps: This issue only happens when engine of the car is already running when you enter it and start moving after entering immediately. Despite a sound of closing door playing, in reality, door stays open. This obviously creates danger for unaware players, as it leaves them vulnerable to zombie attacks. I'm pretty sure it didn't happen in previous builds. Happened in both singleplayer game and in multiplayer session with a friend. Also can't exclude that mods might be causing the issue, although like I said, it's something that started to happen recently.
  14. Dunno if it helps or not, but I had exactly same thing happened to me on 41.72 build. A crawler zombie spawned in my bedroom on 2nd floor, there's absolutely no way he somehow got in there. Plus I had respawns off too. Other buildings that I already looted also seemed to have zombies respawned.
  15. 41.73 Singleplayer Host Yes New save Reproduction steps: So here's how it happened. I cleared one of the buildings, killing 5 zombies in the process, after which I decided to set up a base inside, so I took the bodies of killed zombies outside and left them there. After couple of days I was surprised, when after leaving my building, one of the bodies reanimated and got up before my very eyes, which I think shouldn't happened, since I already killed it. Also happened to me few other times, notably after clearing Rosewood with a shotgun and looting corpses few days later, although it was less noticeable due to huge piles of bodies. Yes I use mods, but nothing related to zombie AI (mostly item/vehicle mods).
  16. As the title says. When I encounter a closed car, that I don't have keys to, I can normally open up the hood to check status of all parts. But I cannot uninstall the car battery without owning a car key? Why would I need a car key for a part that is just under the hood? Same goes for lights. Then at the same time, I can normally uninstall radio from a locked car. A part that shouldn't be accessible without car keys. I think it needs some tweaking. Car battery and lights should be removable without needing keys, and radio should require them.
  17. I can confirm that this happened to me too, I burnt like half of my gas towing a trailer through the dirt road, and it struggled a lot. And towing vehicles through anything that's not asphalt, even if using heavy duty vehicle is just impossible, as you start to lose speed, untill you fully stop. Can't move any further unless you disconnect towed vehicle.
  18. I am planning on mixing both, using remake locations in different spots to fill up the gaps. Right now I'm taking it a bit slow, but project is still alive.
  19. If anyone's curious, project is still ongoing, here's some more screenshots: RE3 Sales Office: Uptown WIP Substation
  20. Update: RE3 Theater and Grill 13 Restaurant: Raccoon Press building:
  21. So, I've been working for a past few weeks on recreating this huge and iconic city. I saw too many dead attempts on this, that it kinda broke my heart and gave me motivation on trying it out myself. Right now I've been focusing on Downtown area, recreating all buildings from RE3 and RE2, then I'll start filling out the gaps, and eventually start placing custom stuff, that was not seen anywhere. This might include buildings/stores from Remakes, Outbreak series and Operation Raccoon City. Current Progress (WIP): RPD and some surroundings: RPD needs some exterior detailing, and minor interior addition, maybe replacing walls texture and making better main gate. Other buildings are missing upper floors, as first I wanted to make a proper street layout. Changing everything afterwards would be tedious. Also, it is elevated like that in order to include basement floors, since basement are not a thing in PZ for now. Some other buildings: RE3 Shopping Mall: https://imgur.com/jDID3ur Arukas Building: https://imgur.com/D01ZbCM Kendo Gun Shop: https://imgur.com/vqvzaI8 RE2 Restaurants: https://imgur.com/dGN9qVV https://imgur.com/8jv9kfm RE3 Construction Site: https://imgur.com/DdEMOUV Keep in mind that most of them are still not fully finished. Since Raccoon City is a really big city, that was not showcased in it's full glory, I'll probably have to add tons of custom buildings to fill up areas not seen in any RE games, but I'm up for a challenge. I am also trying to make stuff appear a bit more realistic, this one is mostly in regard of very tiny streets, which would be really tedious to navigate and also adding custom rooms to some locations for better functionality. If anyone is willing to help, feel free to message me. I'm also open for suggestions regarding mapping, placement ect. I'm not planning on abandoning this project, unless some serious IRL stuff happens to me, which is unlikely. Custom shop signs made by GalacticDissonanta, Rusty and myself.
  22. No problem. Also, the mod that most likely causes that issue is Harry's Better Vanilla Weapons, if anyone is curious. Nothing gamebreaking though, they're just icons.
  23. It is likely caused by some mods. Don't know which ones exactly, but when I disabled all of them and restarted the game, inventory icons were working fine.
  24. Yeah, hunter trait unlocks all crafting recipes without needing to read hunter magazines. But you still need to have required skill levels to craft them.
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