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  1. I think this is caused by using a save from 41.29 because I had the same thing happen to me and I have none of the same mods as you. I then re-opened the backup and the same thing happened again. Goods news - Just did a new game with the same mods I run, hopped right into a vehicle and the issue didn't happen again. So, you'll just have to start a new game.
  2. Man, this is awesome! I especially love the caliber-specific suppressors, I thought the universal-suppressor mod was a bit OP. What are the odds this mod will be updated complete with visible parts for the new build at some point? As in, do you have access to models that would be suitable for this, do you have experience with modeling, do you need a modeler etc?
  3. Hi, huge fan of the mod! Its gonna be hard playing the new build waiting for this to be updated for it (assuming it'll be incompatible). Anyway, I just wanted to pitch something and or see if its even viable. I was watching the stream of the new build and saw mark running around with the pitchfork (spear animations) and thought, what if bayonets are possible? Yes I'm aware all/most military AR's don't have bayonet lugs these days, but all the good old guns do (Garand, mosin, springfield 1903, AKM's, FAL's I think). If it worked we could use lets say a bayonet'ed M1 Garand as a mele
  4. Ah darn it you made me register. I am unreasonably excited for the update! Love the spike in difficulty, animations, the whole shebang! I'm far more excited for this than any other new releases. V41 with ORGM (when its updated for it) is going to consume all my free time!
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